My Birthday

Today was my birthday and while I couldn’t celebrate with my family like I usually do I still had a good time. I found this restaurant in Annapolis that had Italian food and it was great. There was no one there when I arrived and I sat at the bar area. The bartender was great and very attentive. I got a appetizer, soup, entrée, and desert. I ate everything and left no crumbs lol. For and appetizer I got these baked stuffed oysters with spinach, cheese and bacon. A crab bisque soup. I asked for lobster but it was definitely crab in the bowl so I don’t know really which one it was either way it was great. A seafood pasta entrée with lobster, crab, and shrimp. And then this chocolate mousse type cake with hazelnut ice cream I think( the waiter gave it to me since it was my birthday so I didn’t ask a lot of questions). All in all even though it was a different type of birthday due to COVID I am just happy and blessed to see another year. The restaurant was Osteria 177.

There was literally no one there but me and the waiters for like the first hour lolol.

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