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  • Shrimp Alfredo
    I haven’t made a post about food in a while and I thought I should change that. Tonight I made Shrimp Alfredo. I made the sauce from scratch with freshly grated parmesan cheese. Then I sautéed some shrimp with garlic and tossed in some spinach. I cooked some linguine pasta. Baked some garlic bread and that is it. Pasta night at home in the kitchen. No Olive […]
  • Reflections on Dreams in 2020
    So on this blog one of the things that I post about are my dreams. The reason I started doing this was because I have these really vivid and detailed dreams about things and I wanted to know if there was a connection to reality. The one dream which spurned this investigation was a dream I had about a celebrity Megan thee Stallion. Now while I do […]
  • Daily Dreams
    December 31 2020: I went to my manager’s home. Her sister and nephew were there. I also dreamed about a game show. It was not a real show that I am aware of. There were three contestants and it appeared to be a trivia type show. Then I dreamed about these beings called “country boys.” They were these shape shifting creatures that was reminiscent of cattle. They […]


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