My Birthday

Today was my birthday and while I couldn’t celebrate with my family like I usually do I still had a good time. I found this restaurant in Annapolis that had Italian food and it was great. There was no one there when I arrived and I sat at the bar area. The bartender was great and very attentive. I got a appetizer, soup, entrée, and desert. I ate everything and left no crumbs lol. For and appetizer I got these baked stuffed oysters with spinach, cheese and bacon. A crab bisque soup. I asked for lobster but it was definitely crab in the bowl so I don’t know really which one it was either way it was great. A seafood pasta entrée with lobster, crab, and shrimp. And then this chocolate mousse type cake with hazelnut ice cream I think( the waiter gave it to me since it was my birthday so I didn’t ask a lot of questions). All in all even though it was a different type of birthday due to COVID I am just happy and blessed to see another year. The restaurant was Osteria 177.

There was literally no one there but me and the waiters for like the first hour lolol.

Daily Dreams

November 1 2020: I dreamed about a parking lot. Other people being there along with my sister. Us being there early. I remember going to a fancy dinner where I had given a recipe to a guy who had used it and made gourmet chicken nuggets. Then Gene’s mom was there and he asked my sister to hang out with her one day my sister said yes but that I would be with her and then he said nevermind to schedule it for a different day. I had another dream that I was in this world where you go to different scenarios and me and this girl went to a hard one called DRIP. In this scenario we were in this town and we stayed at this house and were taking care of a baby girl. In the scenario we figured out that somehow this baby we were taking care of was somehow being copied into different rooms and different stages of its life in different moments so that other lifeforms could pay to take care if it in these different instances. Then the girl and I was trying to figure out how to stop this. Also I had a separate dream where it was snowing in Japan, Tokyo I think.