My Birthday

Today was my birthday and while I couldn’t celebrate with my family like I usually do I still had a good time. I found this restaurant in Annapolis that had Italian food and it was great. There was no one there when I arrived and I sat at the bar area. The bartender was great and very attentive. I got a appetizer, soup, entrée, and desert. I ate everything and left no crumbs lol. For and appetizer I got these baked stuffed oysters with spinach, cheese and bacon. A crab bisque soup. I asked for lobster but it was definitely crab in the bowl so I don’t know really which one it was either way it was great. A seafood pasta entrée with lobster, crab, and shrimp. And then this chocolate mousse type cake with hazelnut ice cream I think( the waiter gave it to me since it was my birthday so I didn’t ask a lot of questions). All in all even though it was a different type of birthday due to COVID I am just happy and blessed to see another year. The restaurant was Osteria 177.

There was literally no one there but me and the waiters for like the first hour lolol.

Mussels & Clams

Mussels & Clams

I once again remembered to take a picture of dinner tonight. My family and I love seafood and recently I have been trying my hand at cooking it myself. I went to Costco last week and I saw some clams which I love so I bought some and cooked it for MYSELF. But ended up sharing it with two others. Therefore I had to go and get some more of course and pick some mussels along the way. So I cooked some more for the THREE of us. It was once again very delicious.

I forgot to add look at this tiny baby mussel that was in the bag. I didn’t know that they could get that small. (PS. Don’t judge my nails. Lolol)

Steak and Shrimp

Steak and Shrimp

I am always cooking dinner and trying new things but I always forget to take a picture. But I actually remembered tonight. I made steak and shrimp with mushrooms and onions. The sides were whole grain rice and quinoa and fresh spinach. P.S don’t mind the paper plate I hate washing delicious. Am I the only one?(It was very delicious btw)

Daily Dreams

December 10 2020: I dreamed about a girl named Rakia. I went to high school with her and she was a teenage mom. In the dream I was in school again and we were in class together but then she transferred schools and transferred back again. I was going to school in the city and I would stop at Peet’s every morning for breakfast.

$12 Tip?

So today I was at work and I had a strong craving for some eggrolls. Now I had been wanting some for the last couple of days and I decided to Google some places around my job to get some. Now the only place I could find was a few minutes walk away and they had 6 mini shrimp egg rolls for $6.50. Now I get to this establishment and there was a takeout window, where they were not even letting you inside and and you had to stand outside in the freezing cold and pick up your order. Then I get the receipt and it was $7 some change. I use my card and there was a 15% tip box that I checked and all together it was $8 some change. Now I get back to my job and is very much disappointed in the egg rolls I see. Now I know it was mini egg rolls but this was honestly so small about the size of my pinky finger and needless to say was gone in a couples seconds. Anyway I was telling one of my customers about the experience and just chatting it up. Then at the end of the transaction he gives me $12 and is like this is for your lunch so you can get something different tomorrow. Now here where the problem comes in, I am at a bank and under no circumstances are we allowed to take cash gifts from customers (especially right in view of camera). So I try to tell him I can’t take it and he of course shakes his head and walks away. Now usually when these situations occurs (it has happened to me a few times working at the bank)I just re deposit it back into the clients account. He did not have an account and so I basically ended up having to give it to the bank in essence. Therefore this brought on a bittersweet feeling, but alas working at the bank if I don’t have my integrity, what else do I have? Moral of the story if you want to tip the bankers give them a gift card. Or buy the actual food😪😪

Oki Bowl

I went to a new restaurant today called Oki bowl for lunch. I order some octopus legs and a Tomyum bowl. They sold ramen and rice bowls. It was very delicious. The noodles was immaculate. It had these nice big prawns in there already and I order some pork belly on top. The broth was nice and hot and there was a lot in the bowl. I had it for lunch and was so full I didn’t eat dinner. They also packed the noodles and broth separately which was great so nothing got soggy or swollen. I have eaten calamari before and like that, but octopus is a little different I guess it was very chewy which I don’t mind but it was not a lot in the dish. I ordered it as takeout. It was very much a hole in the wall type restaurant. Also I wonder about parking(I walked there from somewhere else)