Chapter 2 RWABAB

There are many people on the basketball court, a lot of them screaming girls. Unfortunately, all of these people disappeared in Qi Yue’s eyes. To put it bluntly, Qi Yue’s vision has been fixed on the person jumping on the court.

He was a very handsome and attractive man. He said that he was a man because his appearance was too sharp and mature. Even playing basketball there was no smile on his face and the corners of his mouth were pressed. The sharp eyes, tall and slender figure, and perfect proportions are beyond the majority of students in this school. No wonder there are so many girls around.

Qi Yue knew for the first time that he was also a person attracted to faces.

Xue Chengran saw Qi Yue stop and stare at a place, so he followed Qi Yue’s gaze, suddenly sighed, patted Qi Yue’s shoulder and said, “It’s useless even if you are jealous.”

“Huh?” Qi Yue was taken aback and quickly returned to his senses.

“That person.” Xue Chengran raised his chin. “He is so popular and it’s useless for you to be jealous. He is a different breed. Not only is his family rich along with being handsome and athletic, but even his studies are top-notch. Oh and he is the president of our student union.”

 “Oh…” Qi Yue touched his nose awkwardly and the little flame that sprang up in his heart was extinguished. Forget it, he didn’t expect anything anyway, but everyone has the love of beauty.

But… Qi Yue glanced at the man opposite him again, “Well, what is the name of that senior?”

“Qi Mingyu.”

Qi Mingyu…Qi Yue muttered the name silently in his heart and suddenly slapped his face.

“What are you doing?” Xue Chengran looked at Qi Yue in surprise.

“Hey, Trying to wake myself up.” Qi Yue smiled unnaturally, “The military training is too tiring, I am a little out of it.”

“Come on.” Xue Chengran continued to hook Qi Yue’s shoulder, “Let’s go, you are not moving. Do you want to eat? It’s really going to be too late if you don’t move it.”


“Mingyu, stop playing!” Lu Lei tossed the basketball aside and said angrily, “You and Ying Jincheng should be together on the outside!”

Qi Mingyu shrugged and walked aside to avoid the water the girl handed over. Instead he opened another bottle of water and drank it.

Ying Jincheng smiled and stood beside Lu Lei, “What are you angry about, didn’t you say that you can deal with the two of us alone?”

“I…I did not mean for the two of you to unite to bully me!” Lu Lei gritted his teeth and said, “Don’t think I didn’t notice it.”

Ying Jincheng blinked, “Really? Haha, it is just your illusion.” Patting Lu Lei’s shoulder, Ying Jincheng also left. He went to the side and planned to rest for a while.

“Excuse me… Senior, do you want a bottle of water?” A girl walked up to Ying Jincheng and asked. Among the three, Ying Jincheng looked the most gentle.

Ying Jincheng blinked his peachy eyes and suddenly asked, “Are you a freshman?”

“Ah…Yes.” The girl replied embarrassingly.

“Oh, then you may not know some things about me.” Ying Jincheng smiled gently, “I don’t take water from girls.”

“Ah? Why…”

“Because he only wants water from little boys.” Lu Lei came from behind and said lazily, “Obviously, you were born with the wrong gender.”

Then he took the bottle of water under the girl’s stunned eyes.

Ying Jincheng nodded to the girl and walked to Qi Mingyu with Lu Lei.

Ying Jincheng is gay and never tried to conceal it. His family specializes in medicine. They haven’t seen anything more terrible than death. So Ying’s family is very open to compared to others. Plus Ying Jincheng has an married older brother who even has a child. So, there is no need for the family to persecute him.

Lu Lei, Ying Jincheng, and Qi Mingyu have known each other since they were young because their family backgrounds are similar,and they have also developed into good friends. Therefore, they know everything about Ying Jincheng. Even though they are two straight men this does not prevent them from being friends with Ying Jincheng.

However, this man was too free, on the surface he was gentle and reasonable, but they actually didn’t know how many little boys he had been with.

“Jincheng, did you break up with that kid? I think you seem to want to start at a new target again.” Lu Lei asked.

“Yeah, he is uninteresting.” Ying Jincheng replied, “Don’t talk about it. Mingyu, do you still need me to see Mingfan today?”

Qi Mingyu shook his head, “No need. The psychological counseling is almost over. Although Mingfan is still not very talkative, he is not as bad as he used to be. I want to find a tutor for him to talk to or something.”

Ying Jincheng nodded, “You’d better find a younger one. What Mingfan needs now is vitality and slow guidance. Young people are perfect for him, but this person must also be very patient.”

“Yeah.” Qi Mingyu frowned. Nodding, obviously a little worried about this.

Lu Lei patted Qi Mingyu on the shoulder, “Okay, Mingyu with Jincheng, a future medical expert, what is there to worry about? Your brother will definitely get better. Come on, let’s go and eat. After playing for so long, I almost starved to death.”

After saying that with one hand on each person’s shoulder, he headed towards the cafeteria, “Let me say that one the best things in Jinghua University is the food in the cafeteria. The taste is really good.”

“Hey.” Qi Yue sighed sadly while holding the food. “These two dishes cost more than ten dollars. How can I live in the future? This is too expensive.”

“It is a bit more expensive, but it tastes good .” “Xue Chengran comforted.

Qi Yue pouted his lips and thought to himself that after the military training is over, he must find some part-time jobs.

Thinking of this, Qi Yue asked, “By the way, senior, do you know what part-time jobs are available in school?”

“This.” Xue Chengran said embarrassed, “Jinghua University really does not have part-time jobs, and all the jobs you can do are free. Those are only available by the school to train students.”

“Why?” Qi Yue asked in surprise, some couldn’t accept such a setting.

“Think about it, this is the best university in the country. In order to ensure that students can study hard after they go to university, the school will of course remove the things that distract them. The school even does one person per bedroom to provide students with a good environment.”

“This…this is too far-fetched, and you can’t say that part-time jobs in spare time will distract from studying.”

Xue Chengran shrugged, “Who knows, anyway, there is no part-time job that can earn money in Jinghua University. They don’t want students to waste energy on this. The school doesn’t care whether you have money or not, but whether you study well or not.” Seeing Qi Yue’s frustration, Xue Chengran laughed twice and moved closer to Qi Yue, “Stupid, the rule is dead, but people are alive.”

“Huh?” Qi Yue’s eyes lit up.

“Although the school stipulates this, but let me tell you, there are still many students who go out to find part-time jobs. You can’t find them inside the school. But of course you can find them outside the school. But it’s too hard and they have to run back and forth.”

“That’s all right.” Qi Yue gave a reassuring nod.” I am a very hardworking spirit. “

“Okay you are the best, now eat! “

The university has military training for 15 days. In the last ten days Qi Yue has fully experienced the addiction of being a soldier. Jinghua University is really amazing. They not only let you touch a gun, but also see a tank and experience an escape game. Of course, the training was exhausting, but fortunately, Qi Yue survived. This kind of experience is really enough for a lifetime.

However, what made Qi Yue most happy in the past ten days is that he can often see those basketball players on the basketball court not far from the training ground. Among them is Qi Mingyu, who is full of eyes and life every day. A great blessing.

The brilliant sunshine cast a misty golden light on him, making people even more afraid to look at such a dazzling person. Every time when this happens Qi Yue sighed secretly. Why is there such a handsome man which makes people envious and hateful.

After the military training was over and classes began, Qi Yue didn’t have to pass by the basketball court every day. But after a few days of silence, he couldn’t hold back his footsteps and wanted to run over to take a look. Although at least eight of the ten times were not at the right time and he would miss him. Qi Yue still enjoys it. He has a very fulfilling life every day, reading and studying, working after class, and passing by the basketball court to take a look. Anyway, it was a person who he could only see from a distance and he didn’t ask for anything more.

Until one day, Xue Chengran said to him, “Do you want join the student union? They are recruiting new people.”

Qi Yue suddenly thought of what Xue Chengran had said to him. The one named Qi Mingyu was the president of the student union. If you can enter the student union, maybe you can take a look at beautiful men…but…

“If you join the student union, will events happen a lot?” Qi Yue asked hesitantly.

Xue Chengran immediately understood the purpose of Qi Yue’s question, “Are you afraid of delaying your part-time job?”

“Yeah.” Qi Yue nodded, “If that’s the case, forget it, I’m short of money.”

“Tsk. How short of money are you, can’t you allocate a little time!” Xue Chengran frowned. Watching Qi Yue not give himself time to rest every day made him angry. He really regarded Qi Yue as a good brother, “Everyday a top will spin but eventually still stops. What about you, why can’t you stop working.”

“Hey.” Qi Yue smiled and squeezed Xue Chengran’s shoulder, “Senior, don’t be angry, don’t be angry, who makes me very short of money. I earn very little money outside, so I have to do a few jobs for myself.”

“I can lend…”

“Stop it.” Qi Yue stopped what Xue Chengran was about to say. “Senior, you know of course I need to have money, but I’m not in a hurry to use it. So I can earn a little money by myself and wait for when I need it. Whenever I need money in a hurry, then I will borrow money from senior.”

So I forgot to sort of do an intro about myself. I really just enjoyed this series and wanted to share it with others. I have a vast range of hobbies and I wanted to start doing something that brings joy and happiness to others. I am doing a little of self studying of Chinese but it is like I said self studying so very painstaking. I also have a full time job along with other things but I don’t want to be one of those translators that takes forever to finish a project so I hope to get this done in about a month. I also MTL but I try to edit the sentences as much as possible to get the proper feel of the story and emotions being conveyed. Of course I am always up for critiques as long as they are not malicious and just trying to be helpful. This story is mpreg and it is very realistic other than that aspect. Oh and it will be a HE. Also if you would like you could check out my podcast but I haven’t started talking about BL on there yet I talk about other things like anime, manga, and webtoons. But yeah leave a comment if you have any questions or comments.