Chapter 1 RWABAB

“Dad, Mom, you really don’t have to send me off.” Qi Yue took the luggage and looked at his regretful parents helplessly, “Isn’t it all done? I can go to Beijing by myself. Let’s think about it; We are not far from Beijing and it will only take 6 hours by train to arrive.”

Mother Qi was still a little uneasy, “I know that, but… but you are going to college after all and with you there by yourself… It is really hard not to worry.”

Qi Yue sighed with a smile, put down his luggage, and walked over to hold Mother Qi in his arms. The boy’s body was still slightly thin, but unexpectedly strong and warm.

Qi Yue patted Mother Qi on the back and let go, “Mom, you still have to take care of Dad and I can go alone. Don’t you believe in your son? You see, I’m so strong and isn’t it just going to college. I won’t have anything special to do.”

Qi Mu chuckled and patted Qi Yue’s arm, “Hey, you don’t even have muscles but you are still strong. In fact, your father can also…”

“Mom…” Qi Yue shook his head with a disapproving expression, “Dad is not in good health, don’t make him more tired.”

At this time, Father Qi, who had not spoken yet, pretended to cough. Pushing the wheelchair, he approached the mother and son, “I think your child just hates me for being troublesome, so he doesn’t want us to go with him.”

“How can that be the case.” Qi Yue couldn’t laugh or cry, squatted down and put his hands on Father Qi’s knees, “Dad, just for my enrollment this time, it’s really unnecessary for you to run around like this. I know you and mom don’t want me to move in alone, but you often say that I am a man now, and it’s time for me to be independent.”

Father Qi sighed with relief, and touched Qi Yue’s head, “Hey, you are not completely independent yet… let’s do this, if you don’t want us to send you away, then we won’t send you away. We won’t be troublesome. It’s okay”

“Brother Cheng…” Mother Qi couldn’t help saying.

Father Qi waved his hand, “Okay, if you delay any longer, Xiao Yue will not make it to the station in time. Besides, it is too late for us to buy tickets and prepare anything.”

“Okay.” Mother Qi sighed and held Qi Yue’s hand. “You should be careful on the road by yourself. Once you have settled there, no, no, no, no, after getting out of the car, give Dad and Mom a call.”

Qi Yue nodded quickly and assured her again and again. Then he really bid farewell to his parents and embarked on the journey to Beijing.

Qi Yue’s home is in a small countryside. The conditions of the family are not very good. In particular, his father is still disabled, and his mother alone bears most of the pressure in the family. Although his father can also do odd jobs and earn a small amount of money, as for long-term work, who wants an elderly disabled person? This is the countryside and there are many limitations on jobs.

However, Qi Yue always thinks that his parents are the best people. He can stand out from the small population and go to college in the most famous school in Beijing. He has to say that his parents have done a lot for him.

Jinghua University has a long history and has the best educational resources in the country. It is a place that every student wants to enter after sharpening their heads. Therefore, it also gathers the best students from all over the world. Everyone who comes to school here is not a scholar. Surprisingly, they are people who excel in certain aspects. Of course, there is another kind of people who are also very happy to enter Jinghua University, that is, the rich.

 Of course, it does not mean that all wealthy people study well.

Graduates from Jinghua University are often the targets of competition for various companies. People with a Jinghua University Diploma can be said to be superior in society, because this represents academic qualifications. When they are just graduates without knowing the geometry of their abilities. Of course, the higher the academic qualifications, the more satisfied people are. On the other hand, it can also be said to represent how much ability they have.

Therefore, in order to let their children work and have a good diploma, rich people are willing to spend money to let their children go to study and get a diploma even when their children are not qualified enough to enter Jinghua University.

This is also the only place where Jinghua University is criticized. That when it comes to the rich they will not refuse. Although it is often controversial, it does not affect the admission rate of Jinghua University.

But these things have nothing to do with Qi Yue. Anyway, Qi Yue is definitely not a rich man and God has not given him a genius mind. His only advantage is hard work and willingness to endure hardship. Oh, if there is any difference from others, it is that he has a different sexual orientation from ordinary people.

When he found out that he liked the same sex, Qi Yue did feel hesitant and scared, but there was no way to change it. Qi Yue finally felt relieved. He always wanted to be an optimistic person. If he is always troubled by things, then he would have long been driven crazy by life.

But Qi Yue had never dared to talk to his parents about this matter. He felt that although his parents loved him, it was not a trivial matter after all. Qi Yue was not sure how much his parents would be able to bear, so he procrastinated. Even now, he dare not say anything.

Sure enough, the scenery of a big city is not comparable to that of a countryside. Qi Yue got out of the car and called his parents to report that he was safe. Then he carefully observed the scenery around him. Not to mention the crowds coming and going, there are many tall buildings,things you can’t see in the countryside.

Qi Yue’s hand holding the suitcase tightened. While he couldn’t help sighing in his heart, he also got a little nervous. But in a flash, he suppressed the emotions in his heart. Thinking about the notice in his mind that had the address to Jinghua University, he got ready to catch the bus.

Jinghua University will start in two days, and now there are senior students at the door to accept the new students. Qi Yue was taken by a sophomore to find the dorm.

Walking on the campus, Qi Yue couldn’t help being excited. He actually entered the most famous university in the country! Oh my God, this place is so big…

Qi Yue followed the senior, looking at the buildings and scenery of the school all around. Although a strong and independent person, Qi Yue is a little country bumpkin in the end and doesn’t have the resources to go out traveling and seeing the world. This time when he came to Jinghua, his curiosity inevitably arose, and his eyes were roaming along the way.

The senior who led the way couldn’t help being amused when he saw Qi Yue looking like this, but he didn’t show it. Although the young man in front of him is not very outstanding in his features, he is white and pure, giving people a very clean and beautiful feeling, which makes people easy to have a good impression.

The dormitory of Jinghua University is at the end of the campus and the school is too big. It takes a long time walk there and the two people inevitably talked.

“You are in Room 305?” The senior looked at Qi Yue in surprise, “It’s such a coincidence, I live next door to you, Room 306.”

“Oh really, what a coincidence.” Qi Yue was also very happy. He didn’t expect that when he came to university, the first person he met lives next door to him. Since I’m the junior brother next door, I should really get to know him.

“Hello, my name is Xue Chengran.”

“Oh, hello, my name is Qi Yue.”

The two shook their hands, Qi Yue thought— It was the first time that he shook hands with someone. It felt awkward.

Xue Chengran is a very cheerful guy. After exchanging names with Qi Yue, he talked more, “Now we are friends, haha, there will be a senior helping you in the future!” Qi Yue squinted and smiled as the two talked. It was pretty pleasant.

Jinghua University occupies a large area so, the dormitory is one person per room. Of course it is not too big, but although narrow the room is small and complete. When Qi Yue saw the introduction of the dormitory on the admission notice, he was a little excited. In this way, he doesn’t have to hide anything, and he doesn’t have to worry about exposing his sexuality. After all, in order to take care of his parents and save face for the family, he always stayed at home. The county town is so big and it’s not too troublesome. He has little experience with hiding his sexuality, but now he does not need to live with others, which is really thankful.

“Hey, Qi Yue, I don’t know what major you are yet.” Xue Chengran sent Qi Yue to the door of the bedroom and suddenly asked, “I am a computer professional major, do you think we have the same fate?”

Qi Yue smiled and he shook his head, “That’s really different, senior, I am reporting design major.”

“Hey, design.” Xue Chengran said, “That’s really different, but now design major graduates are very popular in companies. Come on.”

Qi Yue was a little bit dumbfounded. He had just entered school and Xue Chengran was telling him about graduation. It was really…but Qi Yue nodded his head to show that he knew.

Qi Yue’s grades were very good. When he signed up, he was entangled in choosing a major. However, he liked drawing and designing things since he was a child. His parents encouraged him to choose his favorite subject, so Qi Yue did not hesitate to chose a major in design. Maybe it’s not as easy to find a job as other majors after graduation, but Qi Yue still wants to follow his own inner thoughts. This is the only time he doesn’t want to force himself. Of course, Father and Mother Qi are also involved with this decision. A lot of effort was made.

Watching their son holding pencils and pens from a young age, drawing everywhere, he is not noisy, and he does not ask to buy painting tools. He uses limited resources to learn by himself. Both of them are very proud and of course very sad. When Qi Yue applied for the university and was choosing his major, Father and Mother Qi did not hesitate to support their son’s decision. Even if Qi Yue didn’t want to choose this major at the time, I’m afraid the two people would force Qi Yue to choose this way.

Studying at Jinghua University with good conditions, they believe that Qi Yue will be able to truly display his talents.

Father and Mother Qi are looking forward to it.

Qi Yue’s college life has officially started, but the first thing to appear is not a wonderful campus life, but a military training in the heat!

This military training made Qi Yue deeply realize the horror of women. He just doesn’t get tanned… As for every time they always ask him how did he maintain his skin…

Because Qi Yue mentioned it once he was surrounded by girls asking questions. After that Xue Chengran would come to find Qi Yue every time. He would say his name was Qi Yue to get him out of the siege. In fact, it was to strike up a conversation with those new and delicious freshmen girls.

“Hey, why did you go, Xiao Yue?” Xue Chengran asked after catching up from behind, putting his arm on Qi Yue’s shoulder.

Qi Yue looked at Xue Chengran helplessly, “Senior, if I don’t leave, when you and your freshmen girls finish discussing the problem, the cafeteria should be out of food.” 

“Hahaha, don’t worry.” Xue Chengran said with a smile, “Rest assured If they’re really out of food, I’ll to invite you to go out for dinner, because you are so useful.”

Qi Yue gave Xue Chengran an elbow, and when he glanced over the basketball court, time suddenly seemed to freeze and Qi Yue seemed to hear the sound of his heart beating.

It turns out that there are people who are as dazzling as the sun and cause you to have pain in your eyes.