Chapter 3 RWABAB

“Tsk.” Xue Chengran glared at Qi Yue, “But, do you want to participate in the student union?”

“This…” Qi Yue asked, “Can I think about it?”

“In fact, there are not so many things in the student union. Don’t you study design? You can report it to the Art Department. There are usually more holidays in the Art Department.” Xue Chengran suggested, “Don’t worry, if you enter the Student Union in the future, I will also cover for you.”

“Thank you, senior.” Qi Yue said with a smile. Hearing what the senior said, he was really tempted. He can exercise himself without wasting time. The key is…maybe you can have more time to appreciate beautiful men.

Thinking of this, Qi Yue didn’t know how many times he thought about him, so he hurriedly returned to his senses and chatted with Xue Chengran about other things.

Huajing Community has a quiet environment. The people who live here are not only rich. It should be said that the living environment here cannot only be owned by money.

Yifan took out her mobile phone and checked the part-time job information in it again. She didn’t know how many times she had read it-the key is that the conditions in the part-time job information were too attractive.

The salary is high and she is not overworked. The main point though is that she still has the advantage-young!

According to the address, she came to a villa with a detached house and her hands shook nervously. Yifan pumped up herself, took a deep breath, and rang the doorbell in front of the villa.

After a while, the door opened.

“Hello, I am…” Yifan looked up and saw the person who opened the door. What she wanted to say was suffocated in her mouth. She blushed and lowered her head, not daring to look at the other person, and quickly introduced herself. “Hello, I’m here to apply for a part-time job.”

When Qi Mingyu saw Yifan’s appearance after opening the door, he was startled for a moment, his eyes were a little trance, but he quickly recovered. He frowned, staring at Yifan without saying a word.

After a long while, Qi Mingyu said loosely, “Come in.”

Yifan sighed in relief behind Qi Mingyu, and followed cautiously.

The style of the living room is simple, but everywhere is exquisite. On the off-white sofa sits a little boy about five years old. The TV is on and there are cartoons playing. Yifan thought this job is probably for the little boy. But, Yifan glanced at the little boy, always feeling that the little boy’s mind was not on the TV.

Qi Mingyu sat next to the little boy and pointed at the sofa diagonally opposite, “Sit.”

Yifan sat down immediately and wiped her hands on her trouser legs nervously, “Hello, I…”

“You should have brought your resume.” Qi Mingyu interrupted Yifan, “Just show it to me.”

“Ah…oh.” Yifan quickly took out her resume and handed it over.

After reading the first line quickly, Qi Mingyu raised his head and asked in surprise, “Are you from Jinghua University?”

“Ah, yes, I am a freshman this year.”


Yifan was nervous. She glanced at Qi Mingyu. She didn’t know why she was so uncomfortable. Qi Mingyu obviously didn’t look too old, but he was so overpowering that people didn’t dare to look directly at him. So Yifan moved her gaze to the boy cuddled up next to him. Only then did she discover that the child was exquisitely like a doll-a doll with no emotion.

After reading her resume, Qi Mingyu raised his head and asked, “Although you are in college, it is not impossible to do this job. But can you guarantee that you can spare two hours a day?”

Yifan’s eyes brightened. She lit up and nodded quickly, “I can promise, really.”

“The job you have to do is to accompany my brother. What I want is not the kind of simple company, but to speak with him, play with him, and learn with him. Can you do it?” Qi Mingyu looked at Yifan’s face and said, an inexplicable emotion flashed in his eyes.

Yifan glanced at the little boy next to Qi Mingyu, and nodded again without hesitation, “I can do it, please believe me. I will accompany your brother well.”

Qi Mingyu nodded, but did not answer Yifan. Instead, he looked down at the curled up child beside him, rubbed his hair, and said softy, “Mingfan, let this sister play with you in the future, okay?” The gentleness seemed to break the oppresive momentum around him and Qi Mingyu’s whole person became gentle.

Qi Mingfan raised his head and glanced at his elder brother, then hugged Qi Mingyu’s arm, and did not speak. But Qi Mingyu knew that he had no objection.

So Qi Mingyu looked at Yifan, “Then starting tomorrow, you can come here to work. The time is up to you. Mingfan’s tutor will come here to teach him every day. If you come across this in the future, you must still stay with Mingfan.”

“Okay, I know.” Yifan nodded vigorously and couldn’t help being excited. This job simply gave her a lot of freedom, plus the high salary. She doesn’t need to find another part-time job at all.

The annual registration site of the Student Union is simply overcrowded. Xue Chengran dragged Qi Yue through the crowd. While introducing Qi Yue to various departments, he took him to find the registration location of the Art Department.     

“Hey, it’s there.” said Xue Chengran while pointing to a place with few people not far away, pulling Qi Yue and walking over. It was just one side and you fill out an application form. Qi Yue was writing on the form with his head down, and he heard a voice with doubts and hesitation next to him.     

“Are you… Are you Qi Yue?”

Qi Yue raised his head in the direction of the voice, and his eyes widened in surprise when he saw the incoming person.

“Yifan!” Yifan also saw Qi Yue’s face clearly at this time, and was immediately surprised. She called out, “Qi Yue! Qi Yue it is you indeed, so I wasn’t wrong! It’s great to see you here! It turns out that you were admitted to Jinghua University too!”     

“Yes.” Qi Yue also smiled and nodded, watching Yifan chattering beside him.

Frankly speaking, Yifan and him can be said to have grown up together. Their family has been neighbors since childhood, and Yifan loves painting as much as he does. He has treated her as a younger sister since he was a child, but in his sophomore year, Yifan’s parents were able to provide a better environment for Yifan. So they took her away from the small countryside and moved to a big city near Beijing.

“Hey, Qi Yue, you are too sneaky. You don’t want to introduce me to such a beautiful friend.” Xue Chengran joked next to him.

“Ah, sorry senior.” Qi Yue put away his memories and introduced the two to each other.

“Oh, this kid Qi Yue is not shallow. He has known such a beautiful girl since elementary school.” Xue Chengran smiled and stretched out his hand and shook Yifan’s, only to realize that the little girl in front of him was Qi Yue’s childhood sweetheart.

Yifan blushed in embarrassment, and was a little shy by Xue Chengran.

 Seeing that Yifan was uncomfortable, Qi Yue hurriedly changed the topic. So he asked, “Yi, which major do you report for?”

“Accounting major, my parents insisted that I report this major.” Yifan whispered, and then asked Qi Yue curiously, “What about you? Which major do you report?”

“I am reporting design major.”

“Good.” Yifan exclaimed, “Your childhood dream has come true.”

Qi Yue smiled even more and he patted Yifan on the shoulder.

“Hey? School girl, why don’t you ask me what major I am?” Xue Chengran said with a smile, “I am a computer major, and the school girl can go to the Computer Department to find me in the future.”

“…oh.” Yi Fan nodded sheepishly.

“Are you here to apply for the art department?” Qi Yue asked.

“Of course.” Ivan said with a smile, “Although I applied for accounting major, but my painting has not fallen behind. This chance to join with the student council, of course you have to choose something you like.”

Both of them filled out the registration form. After a series of interviews and tests, they entered this department one after another. Both of them are good painters, especially Qi Yue who is a professional designer. It is not difficult to enter this department.    

When freshmen first enter the student union the president will always go to each department to speak. This day is the meeting time for the art department. Qi Mingyu and the two vice-presidents Lu Lei and Ying Jincheng also went to the art department for the meeting.     

“God! He turned out to be the chairman of the student union!” Yifan couldn’t help screaming when he saw Qi Mingyu.     

Qi Yue, who was sitting next to Yifan, naturally heard the surprise in her tone and found that Yifan’s eyes were looking at Qi Mingyu. Qi Yue asked with some curiosity, “What’s the matter?”    

Yifan leaned closer to Qi Yue and whispered about her part-time job.     

Qi Yue blinked and smiled, “You and him are related.”     

Yifan’s smiling face suddenly stiffened, she carefully looked at Qi Yue ‘s expression, and lowered her head in disappointment.     

Qi Yue looked at Yifan in wonder, “What’s the matter?”     

Yifan shook her head and refused to answer, but she still muttered more quietly, “Who wants to have a relationship with him.”     

Qi Yue patted Yifan on the head. When Yifan was awkward, although I don’t know why, Qi Yue still apologized in a low voice, “Don’t be angry, I was wrong, okay.”     

Yifan glared at Qi Yue, “Of course you were wrong. ”  

“Right, Right.” Qi Yue responded with a good temper.     

After the meeting, Qi Yue smacked his lips secretly, feeling a little regretful. In order to coax little sister Yifan, he missed the male god.     

The longer he stayed in this school, the more Qi Yue heard about Qi Mingyu’s various deeds. This reputation of the male god, although Qi Yue is still a little jealous, does not prevent him from appreciating this person Qi Mingyu.

Although his family is very rich, he is a handsome man, a decathlon, top-notch learning and good physical fitness. He is still the captain of the basketball team. He leads the basketball team of Jinghua University and does not know how many games he has won. He has made people feel jealous and can only worship.

As for the little jealousy in Qi Yue’s heart, it was an unspeakable extravagant hope-it would be better to wish that this person became ordinary.

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