Chapter 4 RWABAB

It almost is October in the school year and October 1 is a big holiday. Before the holiday, Jinghua University intends to have a campus-themed event-this year is an unusual year. This event is also in response to the 65th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

All departments of the Student Union are intensively preparing.

The art department is also very busy. Qi Yue has also realized that he has not gone out to work part-time recently. However, there were a lot of gains because Qi Yue has learned a lot from the student union work and the joy and dedication of participating in it also made him satisfied and happy.

“Qi Yue, you can take this plan to the president’s office and give it to him. You have proposed most of the design in it and the president will definitely ask about the content of the design at that time. It is the most suitable for you to go.” The leader said.

Qi Yue understands the content of this plan better than others and he will explain better than others in the past.

Qi Yue took the plan and set off towards the president’s office a little nervously.

Standing outside the office, Qi Yue took a deep breath, raised his hand and knocked on the door.

“Please come in.” Qi Yue could hear a low and sweet voice like a cello. It was Qi Mingyu’s voice.

He opened the door to go in. There are three desks inside. The desk in the middle sits Qi Mingyu with Ying Jincheng and Lu Lei on both sides.

All three people are watching him.

Qi Yue’s fair complexion showed a clear flush.

Ying Jincheng caught it in his eyes, raised his brows, and found it interesting.

“Ahem, president, vice presidents, I’m a member of the art department. I’m handing over the planning of this event.”

Qi Mingyu nodded, knocked the table with the pen in his right hand and said, “Since you are here, let’s talk about the plan.” Instead of picking up the plan, he wanted Qi Yue explain it.

No wonder the leader said that he was the most suitable because he knew the content of the plan best.

At the beginning, Qi Yue was still a little nervous when talking. Later, because it was the design content he was best at, and most of the content ideas in the planning were thought of by him, it became smoother and smoother.

After Qi Yue finished speaking, Qi Mingyu nodded in satisfaction, and asked for the planning document. Then he put forward a few opinions.

As Qi Yue remembered it in his heart, he was surprised that this was a problem that a group of them hadn’t noticed, and Qi Mingyu was able to point it out.

“Do you understand everything?”

Qi Yue nodded, “I will go back and change it with the classmates in the department.”

“Well, you can leave.” Qi Mingyu finished speaking and stopped paying attention to Qi Yue.

Qi Yue lowered his head somewhat disappointed and turned around to go out.


Qi Yue turned around and found that Ying Jincheng was speaking.

“What’s your name?” Ying Jincheng leaned on the table and asked, looking at Qi Yue. For a while, Qi Mingyu and Lu Lei looked at Ying Jincheng and Qi Yue.

Qi Yue was somewhat confused but still answered Ying Jincheng’s question.

After he left, Lu Lei frowned and asked Ying Jincheng, “What? Don’t tell me that you fell in love with the little rustic bun?”

Ying Jincheng touched his chin and asked in confusion, “Is he rustic? “

“Is it not rustic?” Lu Lei asked, “Compared with those little boys you interacted with before, the grade is completely different.”

 Ying Jincheng smiled, “Who said I want to date him? I just found something funny.”

“What’s funny?” Lu Lei asked curiously.

“I won’t tell you.” Ying Jincheng curled up his lips and smiled.

“Hey! You!…”

“Okay, work quickly.” Qi Mingyu interrupted the conversation between the two.

Ying Jincheng shrugged, lowered his head and continued to correct the document no matter how Lu Lei stared at him.

The days were methodical and Qi Yue hadn’t seen Qi Mingyu much after the delivery of the plan.

“Qi Yue!”

Yifan ran over from behind Qi Yue, grabbing his arm, “Come with me to dinner.”

“Okay.” Qi Yue smiled and walked towards the cafeteria with her.

Some people can gather everyone’s attention and become the focus of everyone as soon as they appear. Qi Yue is one of the people looking stupidly at the three oncoming people.

Yifan stepped back a little and with Qi Yue, greeted the three people on the opposite side.

Qi Mingyu looked at the two people standing together, and there was a wave of fluctuations in his eyes, but they disappeared quickly. He nodded and walked past them.

Ying Jincheng stopped beside Qi Yue and Yifan, “Going to eat?”

“Yeah.” Qi Yue nodded and replied.

Ying Jincheng smiled, “The food in the cafeteria is good.” After saying this he left. But before leaving Ying Jincheng glanced at Yifan and the smile on the corner of his mouth was a little unclear.

“Huh…” After the three left, Yifan exaggeratedly let out a sigh of relief.

Qi Yue looked at her dumbfounded, “What’s the matter?”

“I’m nervous and a little scared.” Yifan mysteriously approached Qi Yue, and whispered, “I’m nervous and afraid when I see the president.”

“Why?” Qi Yue wondered, “Aren’t you still with his brother at his house? You should be able to get along with him.”

Speaking of this, Yifan sighed, “You don’t know, his brother is a little autistic. Whatever I say he doesn’t respond to anything. Even if the president was at home he was always busy and I couldn’t see the person at all. But that’s good because I am a little uncomfortable and scared of him.”

Qi Yue rubbed Yifan’s hair “You are still so shy.”

Yifan blushed suddenly and punched Qi Yue, “Who is shy!”

“Haha, okay, let’s go eat.”

On this side, when Lu Lei saw Ying Jincheng stopping to talk, he thought of the person he saw just now. He asked Ying Jincheng, “Do you think the girl just now looked like…”

“Ahem!” Ying Jincheng coughed and motioned Lu Lei to look at Qi Mingyu in front of him with his eyes.

Lu Lei was silent immediately, but still a little unwilling, so he approached Ying Jincheng again and whispered, “Like?”

 Ying Jincheng nodded.

At this moment, Qi Mingyu who was walking in front suddenly stopped. He turned his head to look at Lu Lei and Ying Jincheng and said, “That girl is the one I found to accompany Mingfan… You two… What do you want to say?”

Lu Lei and Ying Jincheng looked at each other and Lu Lei asked in doubt, “Could it be your intention…?”

“No, it’s just a coincidence.” Qi Mingyu denied.

“But you hired her, doesn’t that mean you still care about that person?” Ying Jincheng said sharply.

“If I drove Yifan away because of her looks, then that means I really didn’t let it go.” Qi Mingyu said with his eyes down. He didn’t know if he was saying that for Ying Jincheng and Lu Lei, or whether it was for himself to hear.

Ying Jincheng raised his eyebrows, “So you hired her because she was suitable? You are right.”

Qi Mingyu looked up at Ying Jincheng and turned to leave.

“Mingyu if you can’t let it go, don’t force it, otherwise you will be the one who gets tired.” Ying Jincheng said behind Qi Mingyu.

Qi Mingyu’s figure paused.

“However, A Lei and I both hope that you can really let go of the previous things, at least not to make yourself so down. If there is someone who can make you happy and let you let go of the previous things, you must catch that person.”

 “ah. “Lu Lei agreed.

Qi Mingyu turned his back to the two of them and said, “Let’s talk about it later… now I just want to take care of Mingfan.”

After Qi Mingyu left Lu Lei sighed, “Uncle and Auntie Qi still…hey, forget it. It’s useless to say this.”

Ying Jincheng patted Lu Lei on the shoulder, “Ming Yu’s parents have not changed for so many years, are you still expecting anything?”

Lu Lei pouted, “Pity the parents of the world, this sentence there is no way that theses words apply to his parents.”

“Yes.” Ying Jincheng sighed, ” But Mingyu still has us.”

Lu Lei shivered and looked at Ying Jincheng with squinted eyes.

“Why do you look at me like that?”

“What you said just now was so cringey. You must say that to other little boys too often.” Lu Lei pinched his throat, “You still have me, baby.”

Ying Jincheng glanced at Lu Lei disgustingly “Insane.”

Lu Lei shrugged his shoulders, “I’m just curious, what kind of words do you usually say, that all the little boys you coaxed are all heartbroken.”

“Are you interested? Do you want to come with me…”

“Hey, forget it, act like I didn’t ask.” Lu Lei waved his hand quickly.

“What do you think I’m going to say?” Ying Jincheng looked up and down at Lu Lei like he was disgusting.

Lu Lei grinds his teeth-he was tricked again!

The theme event was very successful. The October holiday finally came. Qi Yue called home. Because of the short holiday, he didn’t plan to go home but work and earn money in Beijing. This is a good opportunity to make money.

Yifan still has to spend two hours with Qi Mingfan every day, but she also often goes to visit Qi Yue’s workplace.

Qi Yue is helping the cook in a small restaurant, where they’re short staffed and there is a lot of traffic during the holidays. He can help with some dishes.

When there were many people at noon, Yifan went into the kitchen and found Qi Yue.

“Why come at this time today? Have you eaten?” Qi Yue asked.

Yifan shook her head, “Not yet.”

Looking at Yifan, seeing she was a little bit hesitant. Qi Yue put down the things in his hand and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Qi Yue, I want to ask you for help.” Yifan bit her lip and said, “Can you help me take over today to accompany Qi Mingfan?”

“Huh?” Qi Yue asked in surprise, “What’s wrong? What happened?”

“I… …” Yifan’s eyes were red, “Something happened in my house. I really don’t have the mood to go… Will you help me? I’ll talk to the president and I will also pay…”

“Nothing. It’s okay.” Qi Yue said quickly, “Isn’t it just helping you for a day? No problem.”

“Great, thank you.”

“Do you need my help with your family affairs?” Qi Yue patted Yifan on the shoulder .

She shook her head, “No.”

“Well, if there is anything that can’t be solved, you must tell me.” Qi Yue sighed and touched Yifan’s head.

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