Oki Bowl

I went to a new restaurant today called Oki bowl for lunch. I order some octopus legs and a Tomyum bowl. They sold ramen and rice bowls. It was very delicious. The noodles was immaculate. It had these nice big prawns in there already and I order some pork belly on top. The broth was nice and hot and there was a lot in the bowl. I had it for lunch and was so full I didn’t eat dinner. They also packed the noodles and broth separately which was great so nothing got soggy or swollen. I have eaten calamari before and like that, but octopus is a little different I guess it was very chewy which I don’t mind but it was not a lot in the dish. I ordered it as takeout. It was very much a hole in the wall type restaurant. Also I wonder about parking(I walked there from somewhere else)

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