Daily Dreams

December 24 2020: I going door to door with this guy and we were advertising for something that I can’t remember. We got to one house that looked dilapidated. Then when we knocked on the door and for some reason I tried the doorknob and the door open. When we looked inside there was not anything in the living it was all an empty space. There was a wall and when we looked around it there was an old woman sitting on a couch and right in front of her was a tv. When I looked at her intially she looked like my grandmother. So I called her grandma and she said she was my grandma. Then as we had a conversation I realized she wasn’t and was then figuring out how to leave. Then when I mentioned leaving to her she got upset and the door which had still been opened at this point slammed shut. Then I had to placate her to get her to calm down and then I told the guy with me that we had to figure out a way to get out of there.

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