Daily Dreams

December 9 2020: My sister and I went to the mall. We went into the Uggs store and there was this jingle playing, “Uggs, Uggs, Uggs for days, how many can I buy.” There was this person that had a whitening device for your skin. It helped you skin to look brighter and whiter. It was in this spray fumigator type contraption. I didn’t get it done but people around me was getting it done. There was a guy from elementary school named Steve that was around me and he kept touching me. Then he burped and a little bit of it got into my mouth and I was so mad and disgusted. There was a youtuber who appeared. I was in school again and didn’t graduate for another couple months. My manager in real life was my teacher in the dream and asked me a question on a year. The answer was 1928. I dreamed about Shinee and they had replaced one of the members with Cole Sprouse. Jackie and I were out driving and we went to get lunch at this potbelly. We didn’t know what we wanted, so the man said that there is a nearby Wendy’s you can go too along with a carry out nearby you can also check out. We ended up going to a Shopper’s and inside was this section of old ladies who were selling pickled goods. I got some pickled eggs and it turned out later on that my father had gotten pickled turkey legs. Now the thing was these ladies were dead people and if you didn’t eat the food you purchased in time you would switch lives with them. So I had to hurry up and eat a whole contain on pickled eggs and then make sure my father ate all his turkey legs.

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