Daily Dreams

November 14 2020: I dreamt about meat patties in Shoppers. In particular steak and cheese patties. Then I opened a smoothie place. I met a guy from the military. I was in the bathroom sitting on a toilet with a guy. I went to someone’s yard it was really big and they had cows, squirrels, and lots of the birds. Then the squirrels started to throw nuts at me and chase me. I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply and they told me that I go to a lot of Sally’s. My sister changed the furniture arrangement in the living room. Then she tested me for Covid by sending a strand of my hair to a lab and they said I have it. Then it ended with Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple and a shooter came into a classroom to kill one person in particular but we were able to wrestle the gun from him so he could not hurt anyone.

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