Daily Dreams

December 25 2020: I dreamed that I was on this team with 4 people. I had superpowers again and we were carrying out these missions. Separately I dreamed about giving out Christmas gifts. There was a avalanche. Rita was hugging me to sleep.


Am I the only one that when I see an eggplant I always think of that episode with courage the cowardly dog? I kept seeing eggplants in the market and they always look good so I bought one. As soon as I ate it I got nauseous….I don’t know what happened.

Rough Start

Today my job went back to regular hours so I had to be at work an hour earlier than previously. Which I was accepting at this point(not like I have a choice but to accept) but then I am leaving the house on time at 7:30 and I spill my freshly made hot chocolate all over my scarf, WHITE blouse, jacket pants, shoes, and SOCKS. If that wasn’t enough the front door, the screen door, the floor, the rug in front the door, the WALL, and on and INSIDE MY PURSE. Needless to say I was running late at this point, but I get on the beltway and there is a freaking funeral procession out also at 8am on a Monday morning.