Daily Dreams

December 15 2020: This time I was in a third person view and watching this couple and young child in a doctor’s office. It looked like it was a psychiatrists office and the daughter was around 5-7 years old. The doctor was talking to the little girl and she was describing how she could see the souls of people in their shadows. This was obviously very troubling to her parents and they were trying to figure out if this real or her imagination. Then as the doctor was going over questions with the little girl and in the process these shadows came up on him and one in particular was a very powerful and evil shadow. He had apparently been haunting the little girl for a long time. This then scared the parents a lot and then a whirlwind came in the office filling it with smoke. The shadow said that he was coming for the girl in particular.

Then I dreamed about a dancer on YouTube having a class in DC. Then I had moved to a new apartment. Justin was a neighbor on one side and my father on the other. He was dating Mariah Carey. My cousin lived downstairs.