Reflections on Dreams in 2020

Reflections on Dreams in 2020

So on this blog one of the things that I post about are my dreams. The reason I started doing this was because I have these really vivid and detailed dreams about things and I wanted to know if there was a connection to reality.

The one dream which spurned this investigation was a dream I had about a celebrity Megan thee Stallion.

Now while I do enjoy some of her music I am not that much of an die hard fan to the extent where I felt like I should be dreaming of her. So imagine to my surprise where a couple days later I heard on the news about her being shot in the foot. Now the time I was having the dream about her was at the same time the incident took place.

Now in the dream mind I did not remember what happened exactly just that the dream was about her.

Now fast forward to now I have been logging my dreams for over 130 days. While I have not got an exact pattern and have figured everything out I have been able to make some connections to reality.

Although I could go back to the dates that would be a little bit tedious so I am just going to go over some connections

  1. DREAM: I dream about my cousin purchasing a new house. In the dream I was at the new house and they had a very dark basement that was locked. When I asked what was in the basement they would not tell me and said it was a secret. REALITY: About two weeks later she informed my mother that she had come into a lot of money courtesy of her husbands deceased father having a secret will where he left everything he had to him. His father has been dead for at least 2 years.
  2. DREAM: In a dream this man kept following me. He had taken my number and was trying to get my email address. There were people around me that I know in real life named D( to keep it sorta anonymous lol). When I spoke of this to them D told me that the same person had followed her too. REALITY: When I spoke of this at a bible study telling everyone to stay safe because I had a dream about people getting followed. D spoke up and said that previously a couple of days before she had left home and pulled up to a light. This man comes to her passenger’s side window knocking on the window. He shows D her mail. Apparently D’s son had put her mail on top of D’s car thinking that she knew. When she left it flew off her car and this man had apparently followed D until they pulled up at a light where he could get out the car and give it too her. The thing that sort of startled D was that it was a long way from her home to that stop light and to think this person was following her who knows how long to give her, her mail.
  3. DREAM: I dreamed about something and in the dream the year 1928 came up. REALITY: I played the numbers at my local lottery for the mid-day pick 4 numbers. They were not the correct ones. The winning numbers for the evening pick three numbers was 128. The date was Dec. 9.(I have the pictures that I will come back and upload)
  4. DREAM: I dreamed about this creatures that were a mix between humanoid figures and bats. They had light gray leathery skin. They did not have any wings. But the most distinguishing feature was that they were blind and their ears were hands. The hands came up from the back on their head and folded over top of their eyes. When the hands lifted up the would release the sonic blasts of compressed air. In this dream they were hunting these two men who were stuck on the side of the road of a cornfield at night. REALITY: While intially I thought I had just read something scary before I went to bed that night and that’s what made me imagine this creature. But this creature was implanted firmly in my mind due to the features of the creatures. Especially the hands folding over the head onto the eyes. I recently got a full body massage for birthday. It was a 90-minute massage. A part of the massage was to do a scalp massage and when she massaged my scalp and the way she reached over my head was exactly how the creatures did in my dream. Now when I had the dream it was prior to my knowledge that I would be getting a massage and especially a scalp massage.

These are the dreams that I have been able to make a connection with so far.

Daily Dreams

November 12 2020: Mama was pregnant 9 months she didn’t tell anyone. There were more songs playing in my head. We were at a karaoke. It should be a queen song. I am not sure if it was a real song. We helped build a village. A girl was trying to break up a man from his family by saying they didn’t care. Then I was at the grocery store again eating ice cream. Different flavors and then going back and getting all of them. Then I saw people from work there with me in the aisles.

Daily Dreams

November 3 2020: I dreamed about Alex dispatching checks, stores, and foster care children. I was at Shoppers and was buying lamb. Then there were these creatures there disguised as humans but were not. They had these trackers and blockers to better identify each other. I also dreamed about having a boyfriend of 8 months. I was younger in the dream like late teens maybe.