Daily Dreams

November 22 2020: I dreamt about these creatures again. This time I was one. I am not sure exactly what these creatures are but I compare them to vampires only because blood is always involved. There was a man who was trying to capture us. The way he was trying to get us was that he had experimented on his blood and was running around cutting his wrist and throwing the blood at us. When it hit us it was like acid and caused a sizzling sound. There was also a girl who I went to school with and she was involved with a mentally and emotionally abusive guy. He was very controlling but provided everything to her financially. He was older than her and had kids from other women. He was doing some kind of illegal work and liked racing a lot. There was a secret agent that met her while he was working another case and he ended up helping her escape from him and she also got pregnant with the secret agent’s child. Her name is Dominique.