$12 Tip?

So today I was at work and I had a strong craving for some eggrolls. Now I had been wanting some for the last couple of days and I decided to Google some places around my job to get some. Now the only place I could find was a few minutes walk away and they had 6 mini shrimp egg rolls for $6.50. Now I get to this establishment and there was a takeout window, where they were not even letting you inside and and you had to stand outside in the freezing cold and pick up your order. Then I get the receipt and it was $7 some change. I use my card and there was a 15% tip box that I checked and all together it was $8 some change. Now I get back to my job and is very much disappointed in the egg rolls I see. Now I know it was mini egg rolls but this was honestly so small about the size of my pinky finger and needless to say was gone in a couples seconds. Anyway I was telling one of my customers about the experience and just chatting it up. Then at the end of the transaction he gives me $12 and is like this is for your lunch so you can get something different tomorrow. Now here where the problem comes in, I am at a bank and under no circumstances are we allowed to take cash gifts from customers (especially right in view of camera). So I try to tell him I can’t take it and he of course shakes his head and walks away. Now usually when these situations occurs (it has happened to me a few times working at the bank)I just re deposit it back into the clients account. He did not have an account and so I basically ended up having to give it to the bank in essence. Therefore this brought on a bittersweet feeling, but alas working at the bank if I don’t have my integrity, what else do I have? Moral of the story if you want to tip the bankers give them a gift card. Or buy the actual food😪😪

Rough Start

Today my job went back to regular hours so I had to be at work an hour earlier than previously. Which I was accepting at this point(not like I have a choice but to accept) but then I am leaving the house on time at 7:30 and I spill my freshly made hot chocolate all over my scarf, WHITE blouse, jacket pants, shoes, and SOCKS. If that wasn’t enough the front door, the screen door, the floor, the rug in front the door, the WALL, and on and INSIDE MY PURSE. Needless to say I was running late at this point, but I get on the beltway and there is a freaking funeral procession out also at 8am on a Monday morning.