Chapter 9 RWABAB

Qi Yue was packing up things in the classroom and was about to go back to his room when Qi Mingyu called.

“Hello?” Qi Yue answered the phone and asked, “President, what’s the matter?” His noon accompaniment has been completed. So when Qi Mingyu called him at this time, he didn’t know what was going on.

“Qi Yue, Aunt Liu has something at home today and has to go early. I also have something here and can’t rush back. Go to my house and take care of Mingfan.” Qi Mingyu said on the phone.

Aunt Liu is the nanny of Qi Mingyu and Qi Mingfan. She took care of Qi Mingyu when he grew up and now she is taking care of Qi Mingfan. Qi Mingyu trusts Aunt Liu, so she can take care of Qi Mingfan. Not to mention that when Qi Mingfan was younger Aunt Liu took care of him so he is very familiar with her.

When Qi Yue heard Qi Mingyu say this, he could only nod his head and agree. There was no class anyway so he packed up and went to Qi Mingyu’s house.

When Aunt Liu saw him coming, she was about to leave. The two of them have met many times and talked together about how to take care of Qi Mingfan. In order to make Qi Mingfan more cheerful, each time Qi Yue comes over, Aunt Liu will leave quietly and let Qi Mingfan get in touch with him. Aunt Liu has a good impression of this handsome young man. Coupled with the obvious effect of Qi Yue’s care for Qi Mingfan, Aunt Liu is more satisfied with the boy, so when Qi Yue came over and she could leave with confidence.

Qi Mingfan was sitting on the carpet and was drawing with a paintbrush. When Qi Yue came in, he immediately put down the paintbrush and looked at Qi Yue and then at his own painting.

Aunt Liu smiled when she saw it, “Xiao Qi, Fanfan loves painting, maybe because he has seen the paintings you painted, he has been painting with the brushes and sketchbook he found himself in the past two days.” Here, Aunt Liu smiled and leaned close to Qi Yue, “This kid doesn’t know how to draw, so you can teach him if you have time.”

Qi Yue smiled and nodded, “I see, Aunt Liu.”

“OK, then. I’m leaving now.” After Aunt Liu finished speaking, she said her goodbyes to the two of them and left.

Qi Yue walked to Qi Mingfan’s side and looked down at his paintings. Qi Mingfan raised his head and looked at Qi Yue with a ignorant expression.

Qi Yue chuckled, then squatted down and lowered his height. Qi Mingfan looked at Qi Yue from a normal angle, moved his small butt, and rubbed against Qi Yue.

The lines on the picture are simple and immature, but it can be seen that the person holding the pen is very serious, at least the outline is there-the shape of a person.

Qi Yue rubbed Qi Mingfan’s small head, picked up the brush and taught Qi Mingfan how to draw stroke by stroke. Qi Mingfan leaned against Qi Yue and listened very carefully.

Before he knew it, it was getting late. At this time, there was a sound of the door opening. Qi Yue thought it was Qi Mingyu who was back, but saw a pair of middle-aged men and women come in.

The two are very proper and well-dressed, but they don’t have any expressions on their faces. Both of them looked very good though whether it was the man or woman.

Qi Yue and the two people locked eyes and they didn’t speak for a while.

The woman frowned and glanced at Qi Yue, her expression a little dissatisfied, “Who are you?”

Qi Yue quickly stood up and explained the matter.

The woman’s face eased. At this time, the man had already sat on the sofa and said, “Call and ask Mingyu to come back.” He looked down at the messy papers on the floor, and then looked at Qi Mingfan, “What are you learning?”

Qi Mingfan shrank, leaning against Qi Yue’s leg. He lowered his head and started playing with his hands.

Qi Yue could guess that these two people may be Qi Mingyu and Qi Mingfan’s parents, but their attitude…

But he is also just a part-time worker. Although he feels sorry for Qi Mingfan, he can’t say anything. He watched the woman wave and beckon Qi Mingfan come. Qi Yue sighed in his heart, picked up the phone and called Qi Mingyu.

Then he was about to leave. It is not appropriate to stay here, but Qi Mingfan, who has not listened to a woman walked over, suddenly grabbed Qi Yue’s trousers and looked up at Qi Yue with a poor small face. Qi Yue’s heart suddenly felt soft. No matter what, if they don’t tell him to leave, then he won’t go.

The woman called Qi Mingfan twice and found that he did not respond, so she stopped calling, and sat on the sofa with the man, waiting for Qi Mingyu to return.

The atmosphere was silent for a while.

Until Qi Mingyu opened the door and walked in, he called “Dad, Mom.”

Qi Yue was said silently in his heart-it turned out to be their parents.

Qi Mingyu frowned and looked at the two, “Why did you come over here so suddenly?”

Mother Qi collected her hair from her ears and said, “Of course I have something to do with you.”

Father Qi looked at Qi Mingyu and said suddenly. “I asked you to take Mingfan to see a psychiatrist and give him to a professional to take care of , so that he will be better soon. Look at him now, he is still like this!”

Qi Yue reflexively covered Qi Mingfan’s ears. He raised his head to look at Qi Mingyu, for a moment, he was a little surprised-he had never seen Qi Mingyu look like this, his face showed obvious anger.

However, Qi Mingyu suppressed his anger, and ordered Qi Yue, “Bring Mingfan to his room.”

“Yeah.” Qi Yue nodded, and immediately embraced Qi Mingfan and entered his room. After the door closed, Qi Yue can still hear the voices outside, and didn’t let go of his hand covering Qi Mingfan’s ears.

Listening to Qi Mingyu’s words, Qi’s Father frowned, “What do you mean that?”

Qi Mingyu endured the anger and said, “Dad, Mingfan is afraid of that treatment, have we not tried it before?”

“Isn’t he being treated because he’s afraid? How long do you want Mingfan to be this way?!” Qi’s Father was dissatisfied, “In the future, if he is older, he should go to school so that outsiders can see him like this. What will others say? He is like this…”

“Why did Mingfan become like this!!!” Qi Mingyu interrupted Qi’s Father, “He was kidnapped because of your enemy, for more than a month. He was only three years old at that time! But where were you? You directly handed it over to the police to deal with this matter. Obviously there is a better way to get Mingfan back as soon as possible, but you guys…”


Qi Mingyu’s face tilted to one side, Qi’s Father retracted his hand, and his face sank, “Who taught you to talk to your parents like this!”

Qi Mingyu sneered, licked the corner of his mouth, and looked at him without fear. Qi’s Father saw the things flickering in his eyes and made him go into a trance for a moment.

“Okay, do what Mingyu wants to do. He won’t harm his brother.” At this time, Qi’s Mother spoke flatly, and she pulled Qi’s Father back and spoke to Qi Mingyu. “We came here today because there is something to tell you.”

Qi Mingyu did not respond and Qi’s Mother did not care. She only thought that he was uncomfortable because of Qi’s Father’s beating.

“Do you still remember Shang Han, the sister who used to play with you when she was young? The one who said she was going to marry you? She went abroad when she was a child. She came back these two days and she wants to go to your school. You take good care of her. I asked her and she has not forgotten you, you…”

“What do you mean.” Qi Mingyu said coldly, “Let me take care of her? For no reason? Oh, or it would be her family and you again. There are interests involved, so you want me to…”     

“Mingyu.” Qi’s Mother said with a flat face, “Although the Shang family is not as good as ours, their development momentum is very strong, and their daughter is worthy of you. You and Shang Han together, it will be a powerful and strong marriage.”     

Qi Mingyu looked at the family in front of him indifferently, and the corner of his mouth twitched. He has heard this many times, and he shouldn’t have any more hope, right?     

Qi Mingyu’s hands were tightly clasped. He wanted to ridicule and refute, but what effect could it play? Now in his life, he is still not able to make decisions by himself.     

When Qi’s Father and Mother saw that Qi Mingyu did not refute them, they left with satisfaction. Before leaving, they did not ask to see Qi Mingfan.     

The door opened.     

Qi Yue walked out with Qi Mingfan and saw Qi Mingyu standing stiffly on the spot. He was clenching his fists, staring at the ground, not knowing what he was thinking, only when he found Qi Yue came out did he raise his head.     

Qi Mingyu actually smiled at Qi Yue, “Thank you.”

Qi Yue’s heart skipped a beat-he felt a little distressed when he saw Qi Mingyu like this for the first time.

Qi Mingyu seemed to suddenly lose strength in his body, lying on the sofa, covering his eyes and saying, “Will you stay here tonight and take care of Mingfan for me? I really have no strength.”

Qi Yue heard himself, the voice of weakness.

Qi Yue picked up Mingfan and took him to Qi Mingyu’s side, turned on the TV to play his favorite cartoons, and then prepared to cook. Qi Yue paused, then turned back and hesitatingly said to Qi Mingyu, “Today Mingfan has a picture of you, do you want to see it?”

Qi Mingyu let go of his hands on his eyes and looked quietly Qi Yue.

“Uh…what’s wrong?” Qi Yue scratched his head.

“No, nothing.” Qi Mingyu got up, “Where are the paintings?”

Qi Yue hurriedly found the paintings, and then handed them to Qi Mingyu. He ran into the kitchen to cook by himself.

Qi Mingyu looked at them one by one. At this time, a small body was placed on his arm. Qi Mingyu turned his head and saw Qi Mingfan next to him and looking at the picture album with him. He smiled, holding the picture album lower and they looked at it together.

In the beginning, the front is full of immature and messy lines, and the human form can barely be seen. Qi Mingyu knows it clearly. This is what his brother painted by himself. When looking at the later ones, Qi Yue guided and taught his brother. The strokes are very serious. Qi Mingyu can imagine that two people, one large and one small, are lying on the carpet, one is teaching and the other is learning.

Qi Mingyu’s eyes softened, and Qi Yue’s cooking sound came from the kitchen. I don’t know why. Such a sound made him relax a lot. The irritability gradually faded. Qi Mingyu was relieved. He sighed and touched his brother’s soft hair and suddenly felt very lucky that he was able to find Qi Yue to accompany Mingfan.

So now we figure out what happened to Mingfan to make him autistic.