Chapter 8 RWABAB

Qi Mingyu read the picture book drawn by Qi Yue with great interest. He then closed it and put it next to Qi Mingfan’s pillow.

They went out to eat at noon. Qi Mingyu wanted to take Qi Mingfan to a meal alone, and wanted them to be together as a family… But in the end, instead of waiting for his parents, he waited for Qi Yue.

Lu Lei and Ying Jincheng would come to Qi Mingfan’s birthday every time, but they came together at night. In fact, at noon, after Qi Yue came over, Qi Mingyu thought about calling Lu Lei and Ying Jincheng to come directly. But later, he forgot when he was interrupted by Qi Mingfan’s smile, and the food was already served, so he didn’t call them.

When it was getting slightly late, Lu Lei and Ying Jincheng came over together. At this time, Qi Mingfan had woke up a long time ago, and kept looking at the picture book that Qi Yue had painted for him in his own room and flipped through it several times. Qi Mingyu was somewhat relieved, because Qi Mingfan was finally interested in something, and his eyes were bright for the first time.

After bringing in Ying Jincheng and Lu Lei, Qi Mingyu ignored them and entered Qi Mingfan’s room, planning to bring him out.

“Let me see what Mingfan is doing.” Lu Lei said as he walked in, and Ying Jincheng followed behind.

Qi Mingfan has seen Lu Lei and Ying Jincheng many times, so he did not reject them when they came in. He touched the book with his little hands and his eyes were sparkling. He didn’t know how many times he had looked through it.

Ying Jincheng took a curious look, and was immediately attracted. The two people inside were obviously Qi Mingyu and Qi Mingfan. The only difference from reality was that the child in the painting smiled very happily and his eyes were smart and carefree. Ying Jincheng took a look at Qi Mingyu-Qi Mingfan like this has always been what Qi Mingyu wants to see, but looking at the paintings on the album, the pages are still very new, and he saw that someone hand painted it. He doesn’t know who did it, but they painted exactly what is in Qi Mingyu’s heart.

Thinking of this, Ying Jincheng asked, “Who painted this?”

“Qi Yue.” Qi Mingyu replied.

“Qi Yue?” Ying Jincheng exclaimed in surprise-is it him?

“Wait…Who is Qi Yue? Why are you so familiar?” Lu Lei asked.

Ying Jincheng gave Lu Lei a helpless look and reminded him, “It’s the schoolboy from the art department who was sent to the planning last time.”

Lu Lei thought for a while, and suddenly realized, “Oh! That’s the little rustic bun.”

Qi Mingyu frowned, and said nothing.

Instead, Ying Jincheng slapped Lu Lei, ” Okay, there is little virtue in your mouth.” 

Lu Lei curled his lips, with a look of disapproval. He asked Qi Mingyu, “Mingyu, how can you be with that kid? Is there an intersection?”

Qi Mingyu raised his eyebrows, “He is Mingfan’s escort.” Then he talked about the previous incident.

“Oh, after Yifan left, it was Qi Yue who replaced her.” Lu Lei nodded, “Can he do it?”

Ying Jincheng glanced at the album that Qi Mingfan has been reluctant to put down until now—— Isn’t it clear at a glance whether he is doing well?

Interest flashed in his eyes and turned to ask Qi Mingyu, “Mingyu, does he often talk to you?”

“Huh?” Qi Mingyu looked at Ying Jincheng in confusion. Although he didn’t know why he asked, he still shook his head without hesitation, “He doesn’t talk to me much, he usually just answers me when I ask a question.”

“What?…” Ying Jincheng looked at Qi Mingyu in surprise, he knew Qi Mingyu said the truth, but he didn’t expect it. Ying Jincheng suddenly thought of Qi Yue’s bewilderment when he met him before, and he didn’t feel strange. He smiled and shook his head, secretly saying that he thought about people too much.

Qi Mingyu looked down at Qi Mingfan and suddenly said, “He takes care of Mingfan very well.”

Ying Jincheng nodded.

Because Qi Yue goes to cook for Qi Mingfan and Qi Mingyu every day, Xue Chengran hasn’t eaten with Qi Yue for many days. Today’s classes are tight and there are a lot of homework. Qi Yue couldn’t rush back at noon, so he stayed at school. Xue Chengran caught him immediately. He took Qi Yue to the cafeteria, and he scolds Qi Yue while walking, and called Yifan over on the way.

The three of them walked to the cafeteria together, and Xue Chengran knocked Qi Yue on the head, “Smelly boy, running everyday without a shadow.”

“Senior, Qi Yue has something to do, he has to work.” Yifan defended Qi Yue.

“Hey…” Xue Chengran pointed to Yifan, “You helped this ungrateful little bastard to bully me. If I wanted to take care of him, I can’t find him, if I want to have a meal with him… Hey, life is bitter…”

Qi Yue and Yifan couldn’t laugh or cry, Qi Yue patted Xue Chengran on the shoulder, “Senior, I’ll treat you for this meal.”

Xue Chengran immediately stopped pretending to be aggrieved, he nodded, and went up with Qi Yue. On the way he said, “It’s about the same.”

Qi Yue specially got Xue Chengran his favorite food, and then the three of them found a place to sit down and start eating.

“May I sit here, please?” a gentle voice came.

The three raised their heads together and found that it was Ying Jincheng standing in front of them.

Ying Jincheng held the dinner plate and looked at Qi Yue helplessly, “Mingyu went back to take care of Mingfan and Lu Lei did not come to school today. I am the only one here. Can I sit?”

Qi Yue had vegetables in his mouth. Before chewing, the moment he saw Ying Jincheng clearly, he reflexively swallowed the food…and choked a little. At that moment, he swears that he saw Ying Jincheng’s mouth twitch.     

Because Ying Jincheng was looking at Qi Yue when he spoke, although he did not name him, he was obviously asking Qi Yue. So Xue Chengran and Yifan did not speak either, and both looked at Qi Yue reflexively, their eyes flashing an unbelievable look-when did he know Ying Jincheng so well?

Really not—Qi Yue looked around and felt that there are definitely many people who want to sit with Ying Jincheng, as long as Ying Jincheng speaks. But he didn’t have the guts to refuse Ying Jincheng, so he nodded quickly and let Ying Jincheng sit down.

“Thank you.” Ying Jincheng smiled and said gently.

After eating, Xue Chengran and Yifan both had classes, so they left directly. Qi Yue also had classes, and he wanted to leave, but Ying Jincheng was still sitting there so he stayed.

Ying Jincheng glanced at Qi Yue, who was fidgeting and chuckled, “Shall we go for a walk?”

“Ah? Oh, good.”

Ying Jincheng thoughtfully chose a road for Qi Yue to attend class, but on this one there are not many people present.

“Why don’t you speak?” Ying Jincheng asked.

Qi Yue scratched his head awkwardly, “I don’t know what to say.”

Ying Jincheng looked at Qi Yue’s drooping head, and the corners of his mouth moved. He said directly, “I think you seem to be a little afraid of me?…Is it?”

Qi Yue suddenly he raised his head, his eyes were obviously surprised and showed how do you know that.

Seeing Qi Yue’s silly look, Ying Jincheng laughed suddenly, “I guessed it?”

Qi Yue can only smile awkwardly–even if he denies and says no, it doesn’t seem to work now.

“Why?” Ying Jincheng stopped, lowered his head and asked Qi Yue, with a gentle smile on his face.

At this time, they had already reached a remote corner without knowing it.

Why? ——Qi Yue couldn’t say, he hesitated, and kind of wanted to escape.

Ying Jincheng didn’t want to let him go. He approached Qi Yue, reached out his hand to support Qi Yue’s waist, and didn’t let Qi Yue back away. His mouth pressed against Qi Yue’s ear, as if to whisper a secret, “Because you know I like men. Right, because you too…” Ying Jincheng felt Qi Yue’s body freeze.

“You don’t want others to find out, do you?” Ying Jincheng raised his head and let go of the hand holding Qi Yue’s waist, but his eyes were still fixed on Qi Yue, “Why do you want to hide?”

Like a wolf keeping a close eye on its prey.

Qi Yue felt cold sweat oozing from his back.

Seeing the young man in front of him whose face became paler because of his words, Ying Jincheng squinted his eyes. He was a little puzzled. He knew that he was not such an aggressive person, but he just wanted to tear off Qi Yue’s disguise. With a pair of clear and simple eyes, without knowing how to conceal it, but carefully avoiding it, it is really ridiculous and cute. What if you admit it? Can’t look at each other carefully, what will happen to this person?

“Are you?” Ying Jincheng said again, “I can see it.”

Qi Yue took a deep breath, his eyes were not wandering, he looked at Ying Jincheng firmly, and said, “So what?


“Senior, I don’t want to conceal it, nor do I want to deceive anyone, but I am not like you. I have the confidence to tell others and I am honest and admit my own sexuality. But I am just a poor boy. I just want to finish my university quietly, and don’t want to cause anything else. I don’t know why Senior have to confront me. Well, I admit it. I like men. In this way, is Senior satisfied? Maybe I’m hiding it and Senior is uncomfortable, then please ignore me in the future? I can also show up in front of Senior as little as possible…

“I didn’t mean that!” Ying Jincheng interrupted Qi Yue a little annoyed. “I didn’t mean that… I mean, cough, I don’t hate you, and you don’t have to deliberately avoid me in the future.”

Qi Yue looked at Ying Jincheng dumbfounded, and didn’t understand what he meant. Then, why did Ying Jincheng suddenly come to talk about this topic, which in itself was somewhat inexplicable.

Ying Jincheng suddenly shrugged, “I think you are quite interesting.”

Qi Yue looked at Ying Jincheng without understanding.

Ying Jincheng smiled suddenly, Qi Yue really felt like a spring breeze this time, but what he said made Qi Yue a little at a loss.

“I mean, I seem to be very interested in you, although your type is completely inconsistent with my preferences.”

Qi Yue looked at Ying Jincheng stupidly.

Ying Jincheng rubbed Qi Yue’s hair, “Let’s make friends.”

It took me a minute to figure out that spring breeze part but just basically saying it made him more comfortable. Anyway Happy Monday!