Chapter 6 RWABAB

Qi Yue’s wish to avoid Qi Mingyu was not realized.

“Ah?” Qi Yue looked at Qi Mingyu dumbfounded and confirmed, “You mean, let me go to accompany your brother? Then…what about Yifan?”

Qi Mingyu folded his hands, “I think you know the situation in Yifan’s family.”

“I know, but…” Qi Yue was a little embarrassed.

“She took the initiative to resign and recommended you to me before she left.” Qi Mingyu looked at Qi Yue hesitantly and couldn’t help frowning,

“Don’t you want the job?”

“That, I have a lot of part-time jobs that need to be done…”

“Resign.” Qi Mingyu said, “The salary I pay you is worth the salary for all the part-time jobs.”

Qi Yue sighed, “In fact, you can still find someone else.”

Qi Mingyu seemed to not understand why Qi Yue would refuse such a good thing, but he still said, “I don’t want to waste time, and Mingfan doesn’t reject you… I mean, he gets along well with you. “

Qi Yue thought of the little boy who didn’t say a word. He was so cute and distressing. He couldn’t bear to refuse when thinking about him and it seemed that he had no reason left to refuse Qi Mingyu.

In this way, Qi Yue started going in and out of Qi Mingyu’s house two hours a day.

“What are you eating today?” Qi Mingyu sat on the sofa, flipping through a magazine, and asked Qi Yue who was playing with Qi Mingfan on the carpet.

Qi Yue has been taking care of Qi Mingfan for some time. During this period of time, the situation where he expected to meet Qi Mingyu often did not happen. He would see him once when he came and left. Qi Mingyu seemed to deliberately make sure that Qi Mingfan’s people and Qi Mingfan are alone together. He probably did it because he wanted Qi Mingfan to contact outsiders more smoothly.

Since the first time Qi Yue made Qi Mingfan’s egg soup, when Qi Mingyu came to Qi Yue at noon, he would ask Qi Yue to cook Qi Mingfan’s meals. At first it was just a simple snack, but Qi Mingyu felt that Qi Yue’s cooking is very good, so he talked to Qi Yue about it. He wanted Qi Yue to be responsible for Qi Mingfan’s meals in the future. Of course, in return the pay would increase and Qi Yue can also eat here.

Sometimes Qi Mingyu would join in for the meal, so now Qi Yue is already in charge of two people’s lunches.

He doesn’t know how they solved their dinner.

“Well, Mingfan let’s choose.” Qi Yue took out a few pictures. All of them were of delicious and cute food. This was specially prepared by Qi Yue for Qi Mingfan, so that Qi Mingfan could express what he wanted to eat.

Qi Mingfan pulled the pictures with two small hands, frowning, with a bitter look. After a long while, he picked up a picture and handed it to Qi Yue.

“I’m going to cook.” Qi Yue stood up, picked up Qi Mingfan and put him next to Qi Mingyu, then patted his little head, “Wait a moment.”

Qi Mingyu watched Qi Yue turn around and walk into the kitchen. He lowered his head looking at his younger brother, Qi Mingfan also looked up at Qi Mingyu at this time, with big catlike eyes.

Qi Mingyu smiled and squeezed Qi Mingfan’s small face-Mingfan was fattened up by Qi Yue during this period.

“Like this brother?” Qi Mingyu asked in a low voice.

He had just suddenly asked and didn’t expect Qi Mingfan to respond to him, but Qi Mingfan actually nodded his head.

Qi Mingfan hugged Qi Mingyu’s arm, and his small body was nestled next to Qi Mingyu, just like he used to do.

“That’s good.” Qi Mingyu sighed.

Lunch is very simple, pancakes and a few fried dishes that can be rolled up into the pancakes to eat.

“What is this?” Qi Mingyu asked, pointing to a bowl of black things.

“Ah, this is the beef sauce I made. It can be used with the pancakes.” Qi Yue scratched his head, “You can try it.”

Qi Yue walked to Qi Mingfan’s side and took a pancake to Qi Mingfan.

After carefully wrapping a pancake, Qi Yue looked up and saw Qi Mingyu’s finishing work—putting a mouthful of pancake into his mouth, and the pancake was finished like this.

So fast–Qi Yue looked at Qi Mingyu in surprise, and couldn’t help asking, “How…how does it taste?”

“Not bad.” Qi Mingyu nodded, and went to get the second cake.

When Qi Yue’s pancake was less than one third, he watched Qi Mingyu stretch out his hand to take the third cake. There was only one lone cake left on the plate.

Qi Mingyu ate quickly. He was eating the cake directly with his hands, but he ate very elegantly, with long fingers. He did not get anything on them except flour. He obviously had a good etiquette education.     

Looking at himself again-Qi Yue lowered his head, the beef sauce squeezed out on his fingers, and the vegetable soup was sprinkled on the table. For a moment, Qi Yue felt a little lost. The distance between him and Qi Mingyu was not only the same gender, the disparity in status, the appearance of personality… you can see even the usual small details-they are two completely different people of the world.     

With a disappointed sigh, Qi Yue comforted himself in his heart—it’s okay. Anyway, want anything to happen with Qi Mingyu. It’s impossible to think about it, so let’s just admire his good appearance.     

“Why sigh?” Qi Mingyu asked suddenly.     

Scared Qi Yue jumped, he quickly shook his head and asked, “It’s nothing, do you want to eat more? There is still a…er, a piece of cake…”    

Qi Mingyu frowned, and saw that he was still chewing. Qi Mingfan was still gnawing on his pancake. He looked at Qi Yue still eating one-third of his cake and spit out, “You eat more” 

Qi Yue smiled awkwardly, “I’ll be full after I eat one.”     

“Forget it, me too. I’m full.” Qi Mingyu stood up and left the dining table.

Qi Yue wanted to call Qi Mingyu. At this time, Qi Mingfan had already eaten the cake in his hand, so his little hand stretched out, pinched the only pancake left, and then handed it to Qi Yue

Qi Yue: “…”

In the end, I was afraid that Qi Mingfan would eat more than he could bear. So Qi Yue only gave Qi Mingfan half of it, and the other half he solved by himself. Fortunately, Qi Mingfan didn’t make trouble, but Qi Yue hoped that Qi Mingfan would be more emotional. It’s just that you can’t rush it.


Qi Yue came out of Qi Mingyu’s house. There was a traffic jam on the road. It was almost impossible to catch up with the afternoon class. You must know that the teacher for this afternoon class you must be present for the credits. Qi Yue had to run as hard as he could and ran into a person.

The other person was fine, but he himself fell to the ground.

“Are you okay?” a gentle voice came.

Qi Yue raised his head, the tall figure in front of him stood against the light, and stretched out a hand to him.

Although it was a bit vague, Qi Yue still recognized that this person was Ying Jincheng. He stood up a little flustered, and did not take Ying Jincheng’s hand.

Although he didn’t have much contact with Ying Jincheng, Qi Yue was quite afraid of this gentle and elegant senior. It was probably that every time Ying Jincheng saw him, his face showed that he seemed to have seen through him, which made him a little bit embarrassed-even if he had heard that this senior has the same sexuality as himself.

After standing up, Qi Yue realized that Ying Jincheng’s outstretched hand had not been retracted. His head was hot, and he stretched out his hand to hold Ying Jincheng’s hand and shook it twice.

After recovering, Qi Yue’s embarrassed face turned red.

“No…that, I didn’t mean it, senior.” Qi Yue lowered his head and looked at his toes, admitting his mistake.

“Puff…” came a chuckle.

“Haha.” Qi Yue followed with an awkward smile.

“Why are you so anxious?” Ying Jincheng asked, looking at the boy who was about to lower his head into his chest, a smile flashed in his eyes.

“Ah…Ah! Class!” Qi Yue suddenly raised his head, “I’m going to be late for class!”

He was so anxious, his face also showed urgency but he hesitated. He looked like he wanted to go but dare not to go. Ying Jincheng was a little dumbfounded.

“You’re going to be late, why don’t you go?”

Qi Yue ran away as if he had received an amnesty.

Seeing Qi Yue’s back disappearing quickly, Ying Jincheng touched his chin for a while. He didn’t seem to have done anything excessive to him? Why does he seem so afraid of himself?

Unless… Ying Jincheng shook his head and smiled. He didn’t realize that Qi Yue was quite sensitive.

A few months have passed, and this semester is coming to an end. Yifan returned to school, but she commuted to school. She had to go back to take care of her father. Her mother had to work to support the family. While her father was paralyzed in bed and couldn’t do without people. The family has no extra money to hire a caretaker, and even owes debts.

Qi Yue wanted to give Yifan the salary he received from Qi Mingyu in the past few months, because he knew that she needs money most now. But Yifan said she didn’t want to ask for anything, and Qi Yue’s family was also very difficult. She knew that Uncle Qi himself had a disability, and it was impossible for Yifan to take Qi Yue’s money.     

But Qi Yue also said that he got his job because Yifan left. Now that she has something, he can’t just sit back and watch. In the end, Yifan took half of the money and said that she would return it to Qi Yue in the future.     

Qi Yue just touched Yifan’s head, looked at her red eyes and smiled, “Silly girl, are you still so polite to me? Oh, I’m so sad to see you like that.”     

Yifan snorted, bursting into a smile, she suddenly hugged Qi Yue, “Qi Yue, you are so good.” He was really good, she had known it all along.     

Qi Yue smiled, “Okay. Didn’t I tell you that if you have a problem, just tell me? We grew up together, don’t see me as an outsider.”    

“Yeah.” Yifan said with a cry of tears. “Thank you.”

“What is there to thank… By the way, Uncle’s treatment money…”

“It’s already paid.” Ivan said, “Senior Qi lent me a sum of money.”

“What?” Qi Yue was surprised. “Are you talking about senior Qi Mingyu? President?”

“Yeah.” Yifan nodded, “When I went to resign, he asked me what happened. After learning about my father, senior lent me thousands of dollars …I never thought senior would lend me the money, and now am a little surprised. “

Qi Yue smiled,” What is surprising, senior is a good man. “

Yifan hugged Qi Yue’s arm and said, “You too, you are better.”

She knew that Qi Mingyu had money in his family, and it was nothing to give her thousands of dollars, although she didn’t understand why Qi Mingyu would lend her money for no reason. Speaking of it, their relationship is at best the relationship between the employer and the employee, or a student union members.

But Qi Yue is different. She has always known that Qi Yue is a soft-hearted person. He will give unconditionally to those who care about him without asking for any rewards. Qi Yue can still think even when his own conditions are difficult. Looking at him, Yifan felt that she would never forget such a touch in her life.