Chapter 52 RWABAB

In the end, Qi Yue contacted his advisor and asked for a leave of absence. If possible, he wanted to stay with his parents all the time and he was about to go on vacation anyway.

When he returned home, Qi Yue patted his face. This is reality. He must not be depressed, but had to be strong so that he can be a support for his parents.

In fact, he has to face it, no matter how much pain and bitterness there is, you can’t eat it. You can only devote all your energy on how to solve the problem. After running around for his mother’s condition for a few days, Qi Yue didn’t think about anything else. He didn’t have an appetite to eat but didn’t want his parents to find out. The only good news is that his mother’s condition was discovered in time and the possibility of recovery is high. For Qi Yue, this can be said to be the only ray of light.

The money in the family is flowing out faster and faster, but if it can make Mother Qi better, then father and son have no complaints.

On this day, Qi Yue received a call from Qi Mingyu’s mother.

The woman on the phone didn’t have much emotion, but the indifference in her voice makes people feel that the person she is talking to, she had no particular attitude towards them. As if they were not worth mentioning at all.

“Hello, I am Mingyu’s mother.” In her greeting, Qi Mingyu’s mother can be considered to be very polite.

Qi Yue held the phone tightly, “Hello.”

“Something happened to your mother, right?” Although it was a question, her voice was very sure of itself.

Qi Yue’s hand tightened, and he thought that Qi Mingyu’s mother was monitoring his family all the time. It was no surprise that she knew this news. Then she could be calling at this time for only one purpose.

“How can I help you?”

“As far as I know, your family is poor and now that your mother has an illness, it should cost a lot of money. If you are acting as a nurse, and your father doesn’t work, you should be low on funds, right?”

Qi Yue closed his eyes, he had anticipated what she would say next, but he didn’t want to give in to his fate, “I can make money.”

Qi Mingyu’s mother chuckled, as if mocking Qi Yue’s naivety, “You are still in college now, even if you can earn money, would you be able to make enough to support your parents? I think you understand what I am saying, as long as you leave Mingyu, I can give you as much money as you want. I will even ask someone to take care of your mother.”

Qi Yue pursed his lips, his heart bursting with defeat, “In your eyes, is it that my feelings for Qi Mingyu can it be bought off with money?”

“What things can’t be solved with money?” Qi Mingyu’s mother said slowly, “Or, do you want to ask Mingyu for money to treat your mother? If that’s the case, I will freeze all of Mingyu’s assets. Although this child is old and difficult to manage, his father and I are still able to deal with him.”

“You are his mother! Why are you treating him like this?” Qi Yue really can’t understand the parents of Qi Mingyu. He used to only hear about them through Qi Mingyu, and they have not actually made direct contact with him. But now that he has experienced Qi Mingyu’s mother himself, he knows why Qi Mingyu is so helpless and wants to escape the control of his parents so badly.

“It’s not your turn to ask about my motives.” Her voice became even colder, “I can give you time to consider my proposal. If you agree it is for the best, otherwise will you really watch your parents suffer because of you?”

After the call was hung up, Qi Yue covered his face weakly. The current situation at home was indeed not good, but he didn’t want to give in.

But can he and Qi Mingyu really go on forever? What ability do they have to resist now?

Qi Yue has not comeback and has not called. Qi Mingyu gradually felt that something was wrong. When he called Qi Yue, Qi Yue was always tired sounding, along with seeming to have a forced smile.

Summer vacation had started and Qi Yue still had not returned. Qi Mingyu could not take it anymore and left.

When Qi Yue answered Qi Mingyu’s call, he realized that Qi Mingyu had already arrived at his town.

“I am coming to your house to find you and take a look at uncle and aunt.” Qi Mingyu laughed on the phone, trying to make the atmosphere more lively. Since Qi Yue went back, when they talked to each they had not laughed at all in a long time. Qi Mingyu intuitively felt that something was wrong, but he didn’t dare to ask. He had a flustered feeling in his heart, as if in the next moment, Qi Yue would be farther and farther away from him.

On the other end of the phone, Qi Yue was obviously silent for a while, “Don’t come here, go to the place where you live. I’ll wait for you there.”

After saying that, Qi Yue hung up the phone. Qi Mingyu’s face sunk and rushed to the his house he bought without stopping. There was only one thought on his mind, and he could not run from this no more. He must ask Qi Yue what is going on.

It took some time to get to the place, and Qi Yue was already standing at the door waiting.

Qi Mingyu couldn’t wait and ran over to hug Qi Yue. After seeing him in person, he realized that the longing was deep-seated and engraved in his bones. He understood the meaning of excessive longing now.

Qi Yue also stretched out his arms to hug Qi Mingyu. He took a deep breath, and smelled the scent of Qi Mingyu, which made him feel at ease.

“Why didn’t you go in?”

After hugging for a long time, Qi Mingyu let go of Qi Yue and asked. He remembered that he had given Qi Yue a key.

Qi Yue put on a smile, “I wanted to see you when you first got here.”

Only then did Qi Mingyu take a closer look at Qi Yue and noticed that he was very haggard. His skin that was already pale, seemed to have no blood. “What have you done to get yourself to this state in such a short period of time?” 

“I miss you.” Qi Yue held Qi Mingyu’s hand touching his cheek and closed his eyes, “I’m so tired, I want to sleep. Let’s go up.”

Seeing that Qi Yue was really tired, Qi Mingyu didn’t ask any more questions. He hugged Qi Yue and half supported him up the stairs.

“Go to sleep. I’ll stay with you.” Qi Mingyu said as the two of them were lying down in bed.

After a day’s journey, Qi Mingyu was also tired, and after a while, he fell into his dreams. After Qi Mingyu fell asleep, Qi Yue, who had already fallen asleep, opened his eyes. He stared at Qi Mingyu’s sleeping face without blinking, as if he had made a decision. Qi Yue leaned over, kissed Qi Mingyu’s eyes lightly, burrowed into Qi Mingyu’s arms, and then fell asleep.

By the time the both of them woke up it was already late.

Qi Mingyu hugged Qi Yue, “Staying tonight? Hmm?”

Qi Yue nodded, “I will send a text message to my parents.”

“Are you hungry? I’ll make you some food.” Qi Mingyu smiled. “I think I can cook something edible now.”

Qi Yue raised his head to look at Qi Mingyu, and took Qi Mingyu’s hand to stop him from getting up, “I’m hungry.”

“So let go. I’m going to cook for you…”

“But I want to eat something else.” Qi Yue blushed, and put his hand on Qi Mingyu, “Only you can fill me…”

Qi Mingyu’s eyes darken. When he spoke, his voice was hoarse, “Yue Yue…”

“Yeah.” Qi Yue put his arms around Qi Mingyu’s neck, “I really missed you.”

Qi Mingyu kissed Qi Yue fiercely, as if there was a drum in his heart, constantly beating, such a Qi Yue… made him have no desire to stop.

One night of spring.

When Qi Mingyu woke up, Qi Yue had already got dressed and walked in with breakfast.

“What? Doesn’t your waist hurt?” Qi Mingyu sat up, his upper body was exposed and the thin quilt only covered the important parts. He pulled Qi Yue over and hugged him, then rubbed Qi Yue’s waist, “I still have confidence in my ability to perform.”

Qi Yue snorted, “Put on some clothes and eat breakfast.”

“Wait, let me hold you for a while.” Qi Mingyu bit Qi Yue’s ear, his hand moving deeper and deeper.

Qi Yue held Qi Mingyu’s hand, “Back pain.”

Qi Mingyu smiled, “I told you. Okay, I’ll let you go.”

Seeing Qi Mingyu put on his clothes, Qi Yue took the initiative to move forward and button Qi Mingyu’s shirt.

“By the way, you… why did you come back so suddenly, what happened?” Qi Mingyu asked Qi Yue, looking down at him.

Qi Yue’s hand paused. He patted Qi Mingyu’s chest after he finished closing the buttons, and said, “Eat breakfast first. Let’s talk about it after eating.”

Qi Mingyu looked at Qi Yue and lowered his eyes. After thinking about it, he did not ask any more. Once finished with breakfast, Qi Yue sighed and put a key on the dining table.

Qi Mingyu’s eyes sank. He recognized that it was the key to the house.

“What’s the matter?”

Qi Yue raised his head and looked at Qi Mingyu, “Let’s separate.”

Qi Mingyu was taken aback, looking at Qi Yue motionless, as if he hadn’t realized what Qi Yue had said.

After a long while, Qi Mingyu stood up all of a sudden, the stool behind him was pushed by a quick motion. He ignored it and walked straight to Qi Yue, “What do you mean?”

Qi Yue sat on the chair, not looking at Qi Mingyu. “Let’s separate.”

He said it again.

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