Chapter 51 RWABAB

In the blink of an eye, the holidays passed and Qi Yue returned to school. He was surprised when he found out that Ji Chen and Ying Jincheng were together.

“When did this happen?” Qi Yue put away his surprise and asked joyfully. Although he didn’t notice when the two people started to look at each other in that way, in Qi Yue’s view, Ji Chen and Ying Jincheng did make a good couple.

“Over the holiday.” Ji Chen scratched his head embarrassedly. Just now Ying Jincheng kissed him before leaving school. Coincidently, Qi Yue happened to see it. It was really awkward.

Qi Yue patted Ji Chen on the shoulder, “You guys move fast.”

“Haha…” Ji Chen laughed awkwardly.

Qi Yue didn’t want to tease him anymore, so he changed the topic.

“By the way, when you are a junior, you have to figure out whether you will have a postgraduate entrance examination or an internship. Have you chosen which way you want to go?” Qi Yue asked.

Ji Chen sighed, “Not yet, I’m so confused. How about you, what are you going to choose?” 

“Internship, I don’t plan to continue studying. My family situation…you know already, so I want to find a job as soon as possible and make money.” Qi Yue said without hesitation. After considering this matter for a long time and weighing the pros and cons, he decided to take an internship and find a job.

“In fact, if you continue to study and take the postgraduate entrance examination, you will definitely pass the exam.” Ji Chen felt it was a pity for Qi Yue.

Qi Yue smiled, “If you take the exam, you can pass it also.”

“I have to think about it. It’s a bit complicated.” Ji Chen sighed, “But for the postgraduate entrance examination, I really want to enter this school but the threshold is too high.”

Ying Jincheng is a medical student. It is a seven-year school year, if he enters this school for postgraduate entrance examinations, he can still stay with Ying Jincheng… Wait, what is he thinking… Ji Chen awkwardly coughed. He took a look at Qi Yue and asked, “What is Qi Mingyu’s plan? Have you asked.”

“He will probably work.” Qi Yue thought of what Qi Mingyu had said to him about what he was doing now, and felt that it was highly unlikely for Qi Mingyu to continue to study.

Qi Mingyu has been very busy these days. Although the two of them are like glue now and want to stick together all the time, Qi Yue has not really seen Qi Mingyu much. He also noticed that Qi Mingyu looked very tired these days, as if something happened.

In fact, Qi Mingyu did encounter some things. Originally he had begun to gradually grasp the heart of the company, but now he discovered that his parents still had enough power to control him. This made Qi Mingyu very worried. Qi Mingyu’s mother came to find him specially.     

“Those things you did, did you think you can hide it from your father and I?” His mother’s clothes were very elegant, her face show nobleness and indifference, as if the person in front of her eyes was not her own son.     

Qi Mingyu’s heart has been indifferent for a long time now. Anyone who has been watching for ten years will have such an attitude, no matter how many expectations he had, his heart has cooled down.     

“The things that I have done, humph, haven’t you and dad been watching?”    

His mother smiled and reached up to moved her hair back, “Indeed, your father and I know what you do. If it weren’t for us having one eye closed, do you think you would have made it this far? But your ability really surprised your father and I. Well done.”     

“But I am still no match for you guys.” Qi Mingyu laughed at himself.

She shook her head and said in a serious tone, “How long have you been in business? Your father and I have been surprised by this, but, Mingyu, your purpose for doing this makes us very unhappy.”     

Then his mother’s face became cold, “Those things will be yours in the future, rights, money, and status. Why should you fight for it now? Just for that man?”     

Qi Mingyu’s expression also grew colder, “If I don’t do these things, are you willing to let me and Qi Yue be together?”     

Qi Mingyu’s mother shook her head, “Why? How can you be with a man, it’s not good for you.”     

“You don’t understand and you don’t know me. I……”

“Mingyu, everything mother does is for you. Being with a man, how do you think others are going to think of you!”

“I never cared about what others think.” Qi Mingyu said, “And actually what you really care about is your face.”

His mother looked at Qi Mingyu disappointedly, as if she was looking at a disobedient child, “You have let us down too much. You can’t be together. Later on you will know that I am only doing this for your own good.”

Qi Mingyu’s eyes narrowed, “What do you want to do?”

“Since you want to rebel and fight, then try. Whether or not your ability will allow you to get the freedom of love…. Mother didn’t want to make things difficult for those people before, but what you’re doing now disappoints your father and I. So, the final result will depend on your own efforts.”

Qi Mingyu took a deep breath, “Don’t bother them.”

“Then be obedient, marry someone I approve, have children, and break up with that man!”

“I can’t do it.”

Qi Mingyu’s mother sneered, “You are still too young. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Whatever you want to do, you must pay the corresponding price. Don’t worry, mother will not do murder and arson, only make things difficult for them. Since you can’t work here, he will always retreat when it gets to be too hard. At that time, how will he choose? You tell me, what is more important you or his family?”

Qi Mingyu clenched his fists, his heart was full of powerlessness. After his mother left, he sat on the ground in dismay. This battle it’s not over yet, but he is also like an arrow at the end of its flight…

After Qi Yue came back, he saw that Qi Mingyu’s face was a little ugly.

“What’s wrong?” Qi Yue walked to Qi Mingyu’s side.

Qi Mingyu held Qi Yue tightly in his arms. After thinking about it, he told him about everything that happened between him and his mother. Although it was humiliating, he didn’t want to hide anything from Qi Yue.

Qi Yue fell into silence after listening to everything.

Qi Mingyu felt anxious, “Qi Yue…”

Qi Yue raised his head and smiled, “I understand.”

His heart was full of bitterness, is it coming? Although he knew that Qi Mingyu and him couldn’t be together so easily, but at this moment, he realized that he couldn’t do anything. The gap was too big, and he didn’t know where to start if he wanted to resist. This feeling of powerlessness…

“Believe me, it will be okay.” Qi Mingyu was flustered and stretched out his hand to hug Qi Yue, “Don’t leave me, I won’t let others separate us. No one can separate us.”

Qi Yue silently hugged Qi Mingyu back.

Sometimes it’s the cruelest to be without a sword…

All night, Qi Yue gave into Qi Mingyu’s request for him, he was very restless. Why wouldn’t Qi Mingyu be? Only at this time can they be sure of each other’s existence through physical contact. Only with real water can you truly feel the other person by your side.

After that day, Qi Mingyu became even busier. He said that he would not let his family be affected by any storm. Qi Yue smiled, but he worked harder to devote himself to studying. There is not much he can do right now. He can only strengthen his own abilities, he is not willing for the two of them to be forced apart.

There are no big things only little things constantly. This struggle is slowly and leisurely, always inadvertently reminding you when you forget. The relationship between Qi Mingyu and Qi Yue has not been hindered and rough. On the contrary, the relationship between the two people has become deeper. They know that such time together is hard to come by. So, they cherish every minute and every second. They are more patient, they trust each other and encourage each other, but sometimes they still feel tired.

It wasn’t until the end of summer that Qi Yue’s mother had an accident.

Qi Yue’s father already has a disability. Over the years, his mother has been working hard for her family. This had taken a toll on her health. Who knew that she would be diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a routine check-up at the hospital. Father Qi had received the news when he was reading the results of the test. His whole body was dumbfounded. He was light-headed, and wanted to faint. His own body had become like this and now his wife is…… What is he supposed to say to his son?

Mother Qi tried to calm down as much as possible and accept the reality. The doctor said, fortunately the discovery was timely and there was still a possibility of it being cured. The couple calmed down a bit and asked the doctor a lot of questions for half a day before returning home in a daze. Mother Qi didn’t want to tell Qi Yue about this, but in the end Father Qi got angry and stopped her. How could they not tell Qi Yue about a serious matter such as this.

When Qi Yue found out about it, it was almost summer vacation. He was shocked, bought a ticket and left without saying anything. On his way there Qi Mingyu’s call woke him out of his daze. Qi Yue smoothed out his breathing and didn’t tell Qi Mingyu what happened at home. He just hung up after a perfunctory conversation. Qi Yue couldn’t say why he didn’t tell Qi Mingyu. He didn’t want to say that he might be too tired. He has reached a turning point. These days, Qi Mingyu’s mother, although she didn’t come looking for him, he seems to be surrounded by their watchers. His every move was under surveillance. Now that he has left Beijing, all of a sudden, he felt an unexplainable sense of relief.

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