Chapter 48 RWABAB

Qi Yue covered Qi Mingyu’s mouth with one hand, “Stop talking.” 

Qi Mingyu pulled Qi Yue’s hand down and said with a smile,” Okay, no more words, I will show it with actions.” 

After saying that, Qi Mingyu stopped the car. He couldn’t wait to pull Qi Yue out and open the door and enter the house. Every day there was a housekeeper who came, so it was very clean. Qi Mingyu kissed Qi Yue as soon as he entered the door all the way to the bedroom. Qi Yue was panting when he asking, “You…can you do it?”

“Hmm? You doubt my ability?” Qi Mingyu kissed Qi Yue’s neck, moving both hands up and down irregularly.

“No, no, I mean… man… can you?” Qi Yue looked at Qi Mingyu embarrassedly, with some hesitation and worry in his heart.

Qi Mingyu smiled and hugged Qi Yue, “Don’t worry about that baby.”

The two people fell on the big sky-blue bed, and didn’t rest until the early morning dew.

In the afternoon, Qi Yue opened his eyes and felt that his whole body was sore. His waist was tightly circled by an arm, his back pressed against a warm embrace. Qi Yue hooked the corner of his mouth. He stretched out his hand to follow the arm around his waist, down along the strong arm, hooked the little finger and squeezed tightly.

Then Qi Mingyu’s deep voice came from behind him, “Awake?”

Qi Yue was startled, and whispered back, “Yeah.” Slowly he let go of Qi Mingyu’s little finger.

Qi Mingyu chuckled, “Why don’t you continue playing? Are you shy?” He lifted his body up, then leaned on Qi Yue’s body and looked at him with a smile.

“You’re heavy, get up.” Qi Yue didn’t look at Qi Mingyu, and stretched out his hand to push him hard.

“I didn’t even press down that hard.” Qi Mingyu looked at Qi Yue’s shy look, and couldn’t help feeling itchy.

Qi Yue felt the changes behind him, and couldn’t help but widen his eyes and looked back at Qi Mingyu, “Are you… a beast?” 

“That’s because Yue Yue is too cute.” Qi Mingyu lowered his head and kissed Qi Yue.

“Hey, wait.” Qi Yue grabbed Qi Mingyu’s face, as if pulling beside him, “I didn’t ask you yesterday, when did you change my name to Yue Yue? Good mother, please don’t call me that.”

“No, that’s how I am calling you from now on and you must only let me call you that. This is my exclusive name.” Qi Mingyu hugged Qi Yue dissatisfied, “This makes us look intimate.”

Qi Yue snorted, “Then I will also call you like that from now on?”

“Uh… forget it, my name is so ugly.”

“Why? Yu Yu, Ming Ming, and Qi Qi, all of them are very nice, you choose one.” Qi Yue looked at Qi Mingyu’s face that was reluctant but not daring to refuse, and he felt soft in his heart.

“Then…then Qi Qi.” Qi Mingyu reluctantly chose one.

“Huh? Why Qi Qi?”

“Because it sounds a little more mature.”


After playing for a while, Qi Yue called his family back and told them that Qi Mingyu was here and he was staying with him. Now, even though Qi Yue’s parents thought it was strange on why Qi Mingyu had come over during the Chinese New Year, but remembering the last time how the two brothers had no where to celebrate the Chinese New Year, they stopped asking.

After Qi Yue hung up the phone, he gave a sigh of relief with a guilty conscience. He thought to himself he needed to find the time to tell his parents the truth.

Qi Mingyu walked in with a bowl of porridge, “Come on and taste it. I finally made the porridge.”

Qi Yue smiled softly and sniffed, “There is no smell at all.”

Qi Mingyu glared at Qi Yue, “You should be grateful you have something to eat but you still want to be picky?”

“Hahaha…” Qi Yue reached out and took the porridge from Qi Mingyu’s hand. He leaned over and kissed Qi Mingyu, “Thank you, I’m very happy.”

“Hmph, that’s more like it.” Qi Mingyu said. He smiled and sat next to Qi Yue, “Let’s share it since I also have not eaten yet.”

“No. Go and make yourself a new bowl. This is the porridge you made specially for me.” Qi Yue guarded the bowl, deliberately not giving it to Qi Mingyu.

“Hey, that’s not the point, right?” Qi Mingyu hugged Qi Yue, “I made it with my own hands so let’s share it.”

“Call me my husband, and I’ll give it to you.” Qi Yue got shameless and tried to take advantage of the situation.

Qi Mingyu was shocked, “Wow, I give you an inch and you take a mile.” He laughed. He looked at Qi Yue’s small look of satisfaction, and kissed him a few times. “Cute, I like it… But I’ll let you know who is real husband is in a moment.”

Qi Yue gave in, “Okay, here you go, let’s eat together.”

Qi Mingyu raised his eyebrows, “No need. I’ll eat something else in a while.”

Qi Yue retracted into Qi Mingyu’s arms, pretending to be pitiful, “My back hurts.” 

“Your butt hurts too.” Qi Mingyu reached down and rubbed Qi Yue’s butt. “But you are still playing with me. I think you have a lot energy.”

Pop. Qi Yue slapped Qi Mingyu’s hand and glared at him, “Are you going to eat or not?”

“What are you worried about? I love you, how can I have the heart to continue to destroy you, haha…”

“I can talk about people!…”

The two people played around recklessly, saying things that are both annoying and heart-warming. Ironing out their hearts so that they melt together. Never before have they felt this way. This feeling they want to engraved it into their bones so that they never forget it.

After Qi Yue felt better, Qi Mingyu accompanied Qi Yue back home. Mingyu was going to visit his parents-in-law and bought a lot of gifts. He had stayed for that long period before and had already met them, he was still nervous. They didn’t know about their relationship and he still bought a new outfit especially for the occasion. The clothes were somewhat formal and he asked Qi Yue, “Do I look okay?”

Qi Yue smiled and nodded, “Yes, you are the most handsome.”

Qi Mingyu smiled. He lowered his head and kissed Qi Yue, “You flatterer.”

Qi Yue patted Qi Mingyu, ” It’s okay, you are just going to see my parents.”

“That’s not true. I have to be more formal to leave a good impression on Uncle and Aunt” Qi Mingyu curled his lips, “I have been thinking, did I do anything bad last time when I came to your house? After Mingfan and I left, did Uncle and Aunt say anything? Was there any dissatisfaction with me?”

Qi Yue looked at Qi Mingyu speechlessly, “There were no complaints, but the two of them miss you, especially Mingfan.”

“I thought I was missed me the most.” Qi Mingyu straightened his clothes, “It’s okay?”

“Let’s go, young master.” Qi Yue took Qi Mingyu’s arm, “You are fine anyway.”

“I know.” Qi Mingyu embraced Qi Yue’s waist, “Otherwise I wouldn’t attract so many people.”

Qi Yue cast a glance at Qi Mingyu, “Why didn’t I know that you were such a person Qi Mingyu.”


“What happened to your coldness? Or your aloofness.”

Qi Mingyu sneered, “What is that? Can I eat it?”

“Oh, I’m scared that your admirers will have their hearts smashed to pieces when they find out.”

Qi Mingyu raised the corners of his mouth, lowered his head and kissed Qi Yue’s forehead, “Don’t worry. I don’t care if they know or not. The only thing I care about is you. As long as your heart is with me, nothing else matters.”

Qi Yue pinched Qi Mingyu’s face, “Now you are getting better and better at sweet talking.”

“Well, I have to.”

“When we get to the house, keep your hands to yourself and watch what you say.” Qi Yue said, “I don’t know when I am going to have a showdown with them, so don’t scare my parents to early.”

“Hey, this is an important job. That is going to be real difficult for me.” Qi Mingyu pretended to be distressed. “Then you can compensate me now for later.”

Qi Yue smiled and pushed away Qi Mingyu’s face, “I noticed that you are getting more and more shameless now…”

“You like it.”

“Go! Who said I like it?”

“I am only shameless with you, don’t you like it?”

It was noisy all along the road to Qi Yue’s house. When they arrived Qi Mingyu had a serious face, he seemed to be really nervous. He was carrying a lot of gifts, and he didn’t let Qi Yue help with them. His hands were full, just to show off his performance.

When Father and Mother Qi came out, Mother Qi blamed Qi Yue, “Why didn’t you help Mingyu carry that stuff? This kid.”

“Auntie, don’t blame Yue…cough, Qi Yue, I don’t give up… cough, I’ll take it myself.”

“You have a cold. The weather has been too cold recently. Come in quickly.” Father Qi said hurriedly, turning his wheelchair to make way for Qi Mingyu.

Qi Mingyu hurried over and pushed Father Qi into the room.

Qi Yue wanted to laugh behind him, and was slapped by Mother Qi, “Are you still laughing? Don’t bully Xiaoqi like that just because he is your friend.”

“I didn’t.” Qi Yue muttered, “I wanted to help him.”

“Go, go in.” Mother Qi looked at Qi Yue’s open neck. She suddenly saw a touch of red and glanced suspiciously at Qi Yue. Qi Yue’s eyebrows were funny, and the doubts in her heart became even greater.

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