Chapter 47 RWABAB

“It’s not your first time?” Ying Jincheng asked calmly.

Ji Chen was a little frightened, but he still strained his neck and looked at Ying Jincheng, “Why do you care, it has nothing to do with you!” 

After watching Ji Chen without a word for a moment, Ying Jincheng put on his clothes and went out.

Ji Chen slumped on the bed. Rubbing his waist he cursed Ying Jincheng half to death in his heart.

Not long after, Ying Jincheng brought in a bowl of porridge and said, “Eat some congee.” Then he put the porridge next to the bed, his face still calm.

Who are you showing that face to—Ji Chen mumbled and crawled over. He wanted to have a little more backbone and not eat anything, but when he thought about Ying Jincheng still making breakfast for him in such unpleasant circumstances, he thought better of it. If you make him unhappy again, you won’t have to leave today.

It was Christmas in the blink of an eye. This year, Qi Mingyu specially asked Qi Yue to not make any plans with others. Qi Yue curled his lips. The only people around him were Yi Fan and Xue Chengran. They didn’t even think of calling him. During the festival together, there is a big light bulb around and he guessed they wanted to be alone.

Qi Yue didn’t know when, but the two people actually got together. He has to say that Xue Chengran moved fast, and Qi Yue thought he was going to wait until graduation.

Suddenly he sighed at the passage of time. These days are moving too fast. In another year, Xue Chengran will graduate, Qi Mingyu, Ying Jincheng, and them will also half-step into society.

In the evening, Qi Mingyu drove over to pick up Qi Yue from class. Qi Yue took his books and sat in Qi Mingyu’s car. Qi Mingyu was dissatisfied, “We still have classes on Christmas. Hey, we could have had a day off.”     

“A day off for what?” Qi Yue gave a funny look at Qi Mingyu. Now there is no longer any distance between the two of them. Qi Mingyu is also starting to act like a baby. A big man actually looks a little cute.     

“Dating.” Qi Mingyu leaned over and kissed Qi Yue’s lips, “Did you miss me.”     

“Its only been a day since I have seen you.” Qi Yue touched Qi Mingyu’s face. Qi Mingyu was busy with his company these days. His face is thinner.

“I know but I miss you.” Qi Mingyu encircled Qi Yue and pulled his arms closer, “Say, you miss me too or I won’t drive.”

“Okay, okay. I missed you too.” Seeing that Qi Mingyu was still dissatisfied, Qi Yue had to go over and kiss him.

“That is more like it.” Qi Mingyu squeezed Qi Yue’s face, “Let’s go.”

Qi Mingyu actually took him to the beach. When he looked at everything on the brightly lit beach, Qi Yue was surprised taking a look at Qi Mingyu, “You can actually be romantic.”

Qi Mingyu glared at Qi Yue in frustration, “At this time, shouldn’t you jump on me and scream in joy?”

Qi Yue shook his head. “I don’t want to.”

Qi Mingyu took Qi Yue’s hand, “Let’s go, there are gifts for you.”

In a sea of ​​red flowers, there are many photo frames, most of which are Qi Yue. Qi Yue’s everyday life, him laughing, and playing with Qi Mingfan. There are few pictures of the two of them, one of which is of Qi Yue falling asleep and Qi Mingyu.

“This is…” Qi Yue picked up the frame and couldn’t help asking.

“When I missed you, I snuck in to see you and took the picture. Not bad right.” Qi Mingyu hugged Qi Yue from behind, “I want to hang so many photos in our home.”

“Our… …Home?” Qi Yue muttered to himself while touching the frame.

“Yes, our home.” Qi Mingyu tightened his arms. “There is me, you, and Mingfan. After you graduate, you can stay here to work, and we can also bring over Uncle and Aunt.”

“My parents? Mingyu, you…” Qi Yue looked back at Qi Mingyu.

Qi Mingyu looked at Qi Yue deeply, “I want you to live with me all the time. Qi Yue, I love you, I won’t make the same mistakes before, I understand my heart and my feelings. I don’t want to let go of you. It’s okay to stay with me all the time, I want you to stay with me all the time.”

Qi Yue couldn’t help but have red eyes, “You’re serious.”

“Really.” At this point, Qi Mingyu was a little embarrassed, “Originally… I still had a ring ready.”

“Ring?!” Qi Yue also blushed and looked at Qi Mingyu. Did he mean what he thought he did?

“To keep you with me for the rest of your life, of course it’s a marriage proposal, little fool. Except the ring I designed hasn’t been completed in time and the time estimate is wrong, so I couldn’t get it.” Qi Mingyu smiled and looked at Qi Yue, “Although there is no ring, you promised to stay with me forever, which means you agree to marry me.”

“I didn’t say I would marry you.” Qi Yue stared, “I didn’t say anything just now.”

“I don’t care, you didn’t disagree.” Qi Mingyu held Qi Yue and didn’t let go, “That means you agreed.”

Qi Yue smiled, and punched the unreasonable Qi Mingyu twice.

The two people hugged each other on the beach by the sea and the sound of the waves crashing could not break this warmth.

That night, the two people were nestled in the car, waiting for the sunrise. When he saw the sunrise, Qi Mingyu took Qi Yue into his arms and kissed Qi Yue’s forehead tenderly. The soft halo reflected on Qi Yue’s face, Qi Mingyu’s eyes flashed with tenderness. “I will take good care of you for the rest of my life.” 

“I will too.” Qi Yue smiled, feeling extremely at ease in Qi Mingyu’s arms.

After that night, the relationship between the two people became better, sticky and greasy. It was as if there was no room for others to interfere and anyone staying around them seemed to be superfluous.

The winter vacation came in a hurry. This time, Qi Mingyu was unable to take Mingfan to accompany Qi Yue. The struggle between him and his parents was surging. In the company he strives for prestige and does not allow any slack. Even if everyone else is going home during the New Year, he still has to do the company’s work.

Qi Yue felt a little distressed, “No matter how busy you are, you must pay attention to your health.”

Qi Mingyu touches Qi Yue’s head. He must quickly take the initiative from his parents, otherwise he will be restricted everywhere. As far as the relationship between him and Qi Yue is concerned, one day his parents will take action to break them apart. He will not allow for Qi Yue or Qi Yue’s family members to be harmed because of him. He will definitely not be able to bear it.

Therefore, Qi Mingyu has to work hard for them.

Before the end of a winter vacation, they miss each other very much. Even if they have a phone call every day, it doesn’t stop the yearning for each other. Qi Yue and Qi Mingyu can’t wait to meet up again, but the time goes by so slowly.

On New Year’s Day, there was the sound of firecrackers outside. Mother and Father Qi had gone to bed, and Qi Yue sat on the sofa and called at 12 o’clock. Qi Mingyu quickly picked up the phone. Qi Yue said, “Happy New Year.”

“Happy New Year, dear.” Qi Mingyu smiled.

Qi Yue heard the sound of firecrackers from Qi Mingyu’s side, “You see the fireworks.”

“Yes, it’s beautiful.” Qi Mingyu replied gently.

Qi Yue turned his head and glanced out the window, “It is also very beautiful here.”

Qi Mingyu chuckled, “On the first day of the New Year, I want to ask for a gift.”

“What kind of gift?”

“I want to see you.”

Qi Yue squeezed the phone, “What?”

“I want to see you.” Qi Mingyu repeated, “Now, right now.”

Qi Yue was taken aback. He immediately took the phone and ran to the window, wanting to see clearly down below. When he saw the man leaning by the car, Qi Yue lowered his voice and let out an exclamation. Without saying a word, he opened the door and ran out without even wearing any clothes.

He rushed downstairs and plunged into the arms of the man in front of the car, his eyes slightly moist.

Qi Mingyu opened his coat, wrapped Qi Yue into his arms, hugging him tightly, and sighed, “I miss you so much. I really missed you.”

“Me too.” Qi Yue sniffed, raised his head, and couldn’t wait to feel Qi Mingyu’s lips against his, with their lips and tongue intertwined. Even in the cold winter, the two felt a burst of heat flowing in their body.

After the kiss, they pulled apart a silver thread still connecting them, so lustful~ lascivious. Qi Mingyu’s eyes were extremely dark, holding Qi Yue’s arm as if he wanted to rub Qi Yue into his blood, he said dumbly, “Stay with me today? “

Qi Yue nodded without hesitation.

Qi Mingyu couldn’t help asking, “Yue Yue, do you know what I mean by that?”

Qi Yue stretched out his hand and punched Qi Mingyu’s chest, “I’m not stupid. Wait for me to send a text message to Dad and Mom so they won’t worry when they can’t find me when they wake up.”

“I love you too much, baby!” Qi Mingyu kissed Qi Yue’s forehead and hugged him into the car.

After driving away, Qi Mingyu drove to the nearby community without going too far. Qi Yue asked suspiciously, “This is?…”

Qi Mingyu smiled mysteriously, “This is our new home here. I bought it very early, thinking about staying here during the Chinese New Year and staying with you. Who knows that there were so many things. Now the first use turned out to be…”

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