Chapter 46 RWABAB

There is a dubious consent scene in this chapter. This is actually the side pairing of Ji Chen and Ying Jincheng so if anyone is uncomfortable with it you can skip this chapter or/and I will put a warning when the scene starts.

Ying Jincheng looked at Ji Chen’s slightly smug look. He felt a little amused, but unexpectedly not disgusted. They formed two teams with the students who were playing basketball around them. Ji Chen held the basketball and provoked Ying Jincheng with his middle finger.

Ying Jincheng chuckled. Ji Chen should have actually gone back to his school this semester, but he thought that Ji Chen was too funny and it would be a pity to let him go. So instead he found someone to facilitate the relationship and let Ji Chen stay in Beijing University. Ji Chen thought it was because he was good enough that the university opened their mouth to keep him. Therefore, since the beginning of this semester, Ji Chen was very proud, cheerful and lively. It was very interesting to watch, especially now when Ji Chen is so energetic. Ying Jincheng believes the decision he made was the correct one.

At the beginning of the game, Ying Jincheng deliberately let go of two balls. Watching Ji Chen’s face almost overflowing with pride and joy, as well as the eyes that floated to him from time to time, Ying Jincheng felt his heart move. He looked at Ji Chen’s touched look.

Originally he was very happy to win the ball, but slowly, Ji Chen felt that he was getting more and more powerless. The ball he passed would always be stolen away by Ying Jincheng. Then it became him chasing after Ying Jincheng’s ass. He would watch him jump and shoot…Damn, he was so tired that he didn’t get any good results. Ji Chen lay tired on the ground and had no face to see their scores.

Ying Jincheng walked over and stretched out his hand. Ji Chen looked up and slapped it, “You did that on purpose!”

Ying Jincheng raised his eyebrows, “You just realized it?” Rubbing the beaten hand, he suddenly stretched it out and pinched Ji Chen’s face. Swaying it left and right he said, “You dare to hit my hand, huh?”

“Go away! I’ll hit it again!”

Ji Chen stretched out his hand again, but Ying Jincheng dodged him. The two of them laughed and was joking around. A person next to them sighed, “You two have a great relationship, are you together?”

Ying Jincheng’s sexuality is known to everyone around him. Then he hasn’t been seen walking with a boy recently. So now seeing him and Ji Chen playing around, the first reaction of others is that the relationship between the two is extraordinary.

One sentence made Ji Chen jump, “Which eye are you using that shows us in a relationship?” After saying this, Ji Chen took a peek at Ying Jincheng and found that he was only smiling. He couldn’t tell what he was thinking inside.

“Hey, the basketball club is having a party tonight, do you two want to come?” The president of the basketball club walked over and asked at this time.

The atmosphere was so awkward. His coming over help to ease the embarrassment, so Ji Chen immediately agreed.

The president of the basketball club looked at Ying Jincheng, “Would you like to come, Jincheng? We are all about to graduate, and you have never been to a party. That is not good.”

Because they are in the same class and have known each other for a long time, the president started to joke with Ying Jincheng without any pressure.

Ying Jincheng glanced at Ji Chen, then nodded in agreement.

A group of people came to the bar in the evening, and the president and a person hooked up their arms, “Drink till drunk, tonight!” 

Ji Chen touched his wallet and took a breath. He remembered that the wine here was expensive. It’s over, his wallet was going to be deflated. Who knows how many jobs it will take to earn it back. He really should have kept his mouth closed.

Ying Jincheng looked at Ji Chen’s annoyed expression, and a smile flashed in his eyes. When Ji Chen wanted to leave, he grabbed the back of Ji Chen’s collar with one hand, “What’s the matter? We haven’t even got started drinking yet. Did you get scared already?”

Ji Chen couldn’t stand Ying Jincheng the most, and said forcefully, “I’m not afraid. Go, go in and drink, and watch me drink you to death!”

Ying Jincheng couldn’t help laughing. He felt that he was a bit of a prankster, and he actually liked watching Ji Chen obviously reluctant but forced to go look.

Others could tell that Ying Jincheng was also teasing Ji Chen, so when he was drinking, many people came to Ji Chen to persuade him to drink. Ji Chen ended up drinking a lot of alcohol. Ji Chen would reject it at first, but later discovered that these people were too good at persuading. They just don’t give up until their goal is reached. He simply didn’t bother to try later on and just drank it directly.

Ying Jincheng watched them drink with amusement. Although he promised the president of the basketball club to come to the party, no one dared to come and force him to drink. So the area around Ying Jincheng became the most deserted place. While almost everyone’s firepower was concentrated on Ji Chen, who seems to have a good relationship with Ying Jincheng. It was fun to watch at first, but later he came to see that Ji Chen drank more and more, and even his neck was red. Ying Jincheng couldn’t help but frown. He stepped forward to stop the person who was about to toast, and held Ji Chen’s waist. He took him into his arms and said, “He is drunk, I’ll take him away first.”

The group of people laughed ambiguously while Ying Jincheng didn’t care. He patted Ji Chen’s face, “Can you still walk? “

 “Huh? Go?…Go, hiccup, what do you go? Drink! Hiccup…” Ji Chen opened his eyes without focus, and he still reached for wine bottles on the table.

Ying Jincheng shook his head helplessly, then dragged Ji Chen away.

“The key to your dormitory, I’ll take you back.” Finally, Ying Jincheng dragged Ji Chen into the car. Seeing him like this, there is no way he could go upstairs.

“The key?…” Ji Chen said repeating Ying Jincheng’s words, “I’ll take you back…”

Ying Jincheng sighed and went to feel around his pants. When this kid came, he wore only clothes and didn’t bring his bag. The dormitory key should be in the pocket.

“Haha, you, what are you doing?! That tickles!…” Ji Chen twisted left and right. Not allowing Ying Jincheng to look for it and gasped for breath between laughs.

Ying Jincheng could not reach the pocket properly. Seeing Ji Chen’s movements, he couldn’t help but raise his head, “You give me a good time…”

The two people were surprisingly close to each other. Nose-to nose, Ji Chen’s eyes were wet and bright. His face was flushed and Ying Jincheng could even smell the aroma of wine from Ji Chen’s breath.

Alcohol is not needed for people to get intoxicated.

Ying Jincheng felt as if he was drunk. He grabbed Ji Chen’s shoulders. With deep eyes, staring at Ji Chen as if he was about to eat him, his head couldn’t help but lower.

The touch of their lips is so beautiful, it was simply moving. While observing Ji Chen’s expression, Ying Jincheng nibbled ~ biting Ji Chen’s lips, first holding his lower lip and slowly grinding ~ allowed, then tentatively try to explore Ji Chen’s mouth…

Ji Chen couldn’t help but grab Ying Jincheng’s shoulders. His heart was beating fast. He felt dazedly that something was beyond his expectation, but the feeling in front of him made him reluctant to let go and refuse. Especially when a kind of expectation emerged in his heart. Expect what? He didn’t know, he could only follow his instinct.

Warning Dubious Consent

After the kiss, Ying Jincheng raised his head and watched Ji Chen panting because of his kiss! As he gasped, his lower abdomen became more painful. He grabbed Ji Chen’s hand and asked softly, “How about going to my house tonight?”

Ji Chen looked at Ying Jincheng in confusion. Whether he understood or not, his mind was full of alcohol. He didn’t react to what Ying Jincheng was saying.

Ying Jincheng smiled, “Since you aren’t talking, I assume that means yes.”

He drove the car and took Ji Chen to his home.

One night*.

When Ji Chen woke up, the first feeling was that his whole body was sore. When the discomfort spread in his butt, he was struck by lightning. Afterwards, he realized the arm on his waist and turned his head in disbelief. Looking at the person next to the pillow, the scenes after drinking flashed. Ji Chen gritted his teeth, endured the pain, and kicked over.

With a bang, Ying Jincheng rubbed his hair and sat up from the ground. Frowning and looking at Ji Chen, with the anger that just woke up in his eyes. He lowered his voice and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“What’s the matter? You still ask what’s the matter with me? Can you explain this situation to me now!” Ji Chen looked at Ying Jincheng angrily.

“You want me.” Ying Jincheng got up and sat on the bed and stretched out his hand, “Is your waist sore? Do you want me to rub it for you?”


“I want you? I was drunk yesterday! “Ji Chen enunciated each word.

Ying Jincheng smiled. He went over to hug Ji Chen and bit his ear, “Didn’t we feel good yesterday?”

Ji Chen felt a bit bitter in his heart. He tried his best to ignore his inner feelings, knowing that it would be meaningless to continue. He smiled coldly, “Well, I’m being hypocritical. Let go. I want to go back to school.”

Ying Jincheng frowned. When Ji Chen went to move, he stretched out his hand and pulled him closer in his arms, “Don’t make a fuss, I was impulsive yesterday, okay? What kind of compensation do you want. Tell me, don’t be angry. How about your school merit rating qualifications?”

Ji Chen became more and more cold in his heart. He turned around and said calmly to Ying Jincheng, “I’m struggling to climb up, but now what? Selling my own butt in exchange for you to pave the way for me? It turns out that you always think of me like this, ah, yes, I am such a person! Then you go back and prepare me for the evaluation of excellence!”

Ying Jincheng felt a pain in his heart, “I didn’t mean that way, Ji Chen… …” Ying Jincheng wanted to reach out and touch Ji Chen’s fake smiling face.

“F*ck! Don’t touch me!” Ji Chen turned his head and looked at Ying Jincheng ferociously, defending his territory like a little beast.

Ying Jincheng sighed, “Sorry, I made a mistake, OK, I didn’t mean anything else.” He patted Ji Chen on the back as if he was coaxing a child, “It was your first time yesterday, take a good rest, I will make you make breakfast, okay?”

Ji Chen snorted, “Who said it was my first time?”

In an instant, Ying Jincheng’s face became extremely ugly.

So I actually never read about Ji Chen’s and Ying Jincheng’s relationship so I didn’t know there was this whole dubious consent scene in here sorry for anyone that may not have liked that. I would have just skipped these chapters to be honest but I felt like that would have been a little unfair to anyone who wanted to read about it or liked them. Again I am going to start posting my updates first on Kofi so please follow me on there. Have a great day.

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