Chapter 44 RWABAB

The moment when Qi Mingyu walked in and he saw that Qi Yue was not hurt, he breathed a sigh of relief. When he saw the red marks on Qi Yue’s feet that were from being strangled and tied, rage quickly flew across Qi Mingyu’s eyes. He subconsciously wanted to walk towards Qi Yue.

Shang Han winked at the two men. The two men moved next to Qi Yue and Wen Wanting, each holding a knife in his hand, and gestured to the their necks. Successfully allowing Qi Mingyu to stop in his footsteps.

“Shang Han, say what it is you want to do.” Qi Mingyu suppressed his anger and worry, and said to Shang Han.

Shang Han smiled and pointed at Qi Yue and Wen Wanting, “I can let go one of them unharmed. Who do you want me to let go? I’ll listen to you.”

Looking at Shang Han’s affectionate expression, Qi Yue and Wen Wanting still didn’t know the cause of the matter. Wen Wanting looked at Qi Mingyu in a panic, “A Yu, save me…”

Qi Mingyu ignored Wen Wanting, but looked at Shang Han, “Why bother.”

“I can’t escape anyway, so I might as well let myself vent.” Shang Han is a little broken jar. She is a daughter of a good family, naturally she has never done these type of things. There are so many loopholes that Qi Mingyu caught the handle. There is no image in front of her beloved, so she wants to let Qi Mingyu also have a tip of her heart and taste the bitterness. As for the future, heh, she does not think that Qi Mingyu will deal with a girl. After all, she didn’t do anything to these two people. If you want to deal with the Shang family, then Qi Mingyu is even more incapable. The rights of the Qi family are controlled by Qi Mingyu’s parents. Qi Mingyu wants to control it exclusively but there is no way his parents would allow disobedient wolves to cannibalize the power in their hands.

Shang Han has no fear.

Qi Mingyu narrowed his eyes. He understood Shang Han’s thoughts and once again hated in his heart. If he could control Qi’s house earlier…but now there is no other way to solve the matter in front of him.

“What, have you figured it out?” Shang Han chuckled twice, “Who do you want to choose to leave safely?”

Before Qi Mingyu answered, he heard Wen Wanting say, “A Yu, let Qi Yue leave. I’m fine, I’m not afraid.”

Wen Wanting looked at Qi Mingyu with moist eyes, and Shang Han laughed. “Sister Wen, you are a bit interesting. There will be no harm to your life, just suffering from a bit of flesh and blood, but you also will gain Qi Mingyu’s heartache. This transaction, you did a good deal, right?”

Wen Wanting’s complexion was distorted for a moment. The little abacus she had made in her heart was pulled out in front of everyone, which was similar to being humiliated and naked. Wen Wanting glared at Shang Han, and then said to Qi Mingyu, “A Yu, don’t believe her. I don’t think like that. This is what I owe you, and I am willing to…”

“Yes, this is what you owe me.” Qi Mingyu nodded.

Wen Wanting choked, her eyes widened, and she looked at Qi Mingyu incredulously, “A Yu, you…what did you say?”

“Since you owe me, shouldn’t I choose Qi Yue?” Qi Mingyu said, looking at Wen Wanting with such indifference, even Shang Han felt a chill.

Wen Wanting looked at Qi Mingyu dumbly for a long while, and suddenly shouted, “How dare you do this to me! Qi Mingyu, are you willing to let me get hurt for a b*tch like Qi Yue?!”     

Qi Mingyu’s eyes were completely gloomy looking down, “This b*tch Qi Yue?” His cold and sharp tone, seemed to make the temperature of the whole room had drop. Wen Wanting had never seen such an expression on Qi Mingyu’s face before, and she was too scared to speak anymore.     

“Wen Wanting, what qualifications do you have to talk about Qi Yue?” Qi Mingyu looked at Wen Wanting with an indifferent expression, “You were the one to say that first. What? Seeing my reaction is not what you expected, so you want to change your mind? ”   

Wen Wanting gritted her teeth and looked at Qi Mingyu angrily, “Why do you treat me this way, do you have no feelings for me at all?”     

Qi Mingyu shook his head without hesitation, “It has been gone for a long time.” His eyes floated to Qi Yue involuntarily.

From beginning to end, Qi Yue didn’t say a word, but since Qi Mingyu came in, Qi Yue’s eyes have stayed on Qi Mingyu. When Shang Han asked the question, Qi Yue also wanted to know the answer. How would Qi Mingyu choose? The final result… Qi Yue lowered his head and covered the joy on the corner of his mouth. He still couldn’t let Qi Mingyu see it yet.

Seeing Qi Yue avoiding his gaze, Qi Mingyu’s expression was a little disappointed. He turned to Shang Han, “I have made a choice, please.”

Shang Han had no idea how to react at this time, she thought that even if Qi Mingyu likes Qi Yue more, but as a man, he should choose Wen Wanting in the end. But who is this man in front of her? He chose to let Wen Wanting stay and take any danger without mercy? Shang Han felt chills, is this the person that she likes? If she didn’t have the initiative today, what would this man do to her?

“Shang Han, you still won’t do it?”

“I…” Shang Han looked at the two men.

Wen Wanting screamed, “Shang Han! If you dare to touch me, when I go back, l will tell my family to suppress the Shang family! Your Shang family has reached the end of its rope. Do you want to recruit an additional enemy for the Shang family? Use your stupid brain!”

Shang Han looked at Wen Wanting angrily. She is also a wealthy lady. She is no worse than Wen Wanting, but since being suppressed by the Qi family, the Shang family’s ability is indeed much worse.     

“Even if I don’t touch you now and let you leave, can you let me go?” Shang Han is not stupid. Although she was impulsive this time, but she also knows that no matter what she does now, the final result will be a dilemma.     

As expected, Wen Wanting did not say anything to give a promise. Her pride did not allow her to. Since she had torn her face, then she didn’t necessarily ask Shang Han to make promises that she didn’t want to do. Shang Han actually didn’t dare to do anything to her.    

When the two were in a stalemate, Qi Mingyu flashed forward. He grabbed Shang Han’s neck, and then said to the two men, “Let them go!” He couldn’t believe Shang Han’s guarantee. The things that happened today, taught him that only by taking the initiative in his own hands can he protect the people he wants to protect.

Shang Han’s eyes widened in disbelief and looked up at Qi Mingyu. The teeth clenched and the hand strength on her neck was so obvious that she felt that she could not breathe smoothly.

“Did you hear! I said, let them go.” Qi Mingyu said in a gloomy voice.

The two men looked at each other and hesitated in their hands. They were Shang Han’s subordinates, so naturally it was impossible to abandon Shang Han’s safety.

“Let them go.” Shang Han said with difficulty.

Qi Yue and Wen Wanting were free, and quickly walked to Qi Mingyu’s side. Qi Mingyu made the two men throw away the knife, “You two, get out of here.”

He remembered the faces of the two people. This time he was letting them go, does not mean he will let them get away with what they did. Since they dare to kidnap people, they must have the courage to bear the consequences.

The two men looked at Shang Han hesitantly. Shang Han closed her eyes, and then said dejectedly, “You go, he won’t do anything to me.”

After the two men left, Qi Mingyu let go of Shang Han. Shang Han clutched her neck and coughed a few times. She smiled miserably and muttered to herself, “Now everything is over.” 

Wen Wanting looked at Qi Mingyu eagerly and asked, “A Yu, what you said just now, those were all lies, right? It was to save us?”

Qi Mingyu grabbed Qi Yue’s hand and said directly without turning his head back, “I was telling the truth.” 

“What?” Wen Wanting was stunned. She staggered while shaking her head, “I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!”

Qi Mingyu turned his head, “Believe it or not, I have no feelings for you for a long time. I understood it too late and that made Qi Yue sad. I’m sorry, can you forgive me?” Qi Mingyu turned to look at Qi Yue and said. He looked at Qi Yue with sincere and pleading eyes.

Qi Yue pursed his lips. After the series of things just now, he couldn’t say a word of rejection. But he didn’t want to forgive Qi Mingyu for this, so he opened his mouth and said, “It depends on your performance.”

Qi Mingyu grinned and great joy came. He even seemed a little silly, “Let’s quickly go back. Today was I not handsome? Single-handedly coming to save you, am I smart to be able to……”

The rambling drifted away as Qi Mingyu and Qi Yue walked away. Wen Wanting had never seen before him like that before. She choked and looked at the back of the two people…

Shang Han laughed at the side, “Still have feelings for you? Pooh, look at Qi Mingyu like this. Even when he was with you back then, he never looked like this before, hahaha, I finally know who he used his true feelings for… You still want to pinch Qi Mingyu’s previous feelings for you, I really don’t know what to do. He is such a cold-blooded person. Look at how he treats you now, how can he still have a little affection for you? No such thing! Hahaha…”