Chapter 43 RWABAB

In the afternoon, everyone came to the back mountain to explore and have fun. Even though it had rained last night, many people gathered at the bottom of the mountain, and many people even climbed the mountain to see the flowers.

The acacia flowers are a unique species native to the area that bloom in autumn. Therefore many young couples come here to enjoy the flowers and pluck them for their lovers.

The group of people scattered freely at the base of the mountain. Qi Mingyu looked at Qi Yue and then the acacia flower and decided to pick one.

Qi Yue didn’t notice but as they were gradually scattered, he finally realized that there were no more friends around him.

Qi Yue was startled and instinctively felt something was wrong. He looked around, and there were not many people around. Qi Yue raised his foot and wanted to walk back when suddenly he felt a pain in the back of his head, and he fell into the dark in front of him.

When he woke up, Qi Yue found that his hands and feet were tied up, his mouth was taped. He had been kidnapped!

Qi Yue leaned against the wall. Before he could observe the surroundings, he saw Wen Wanting who was tied up next to him, and his eyes flashed with surprise. At first, after discovering that he was kidnapped, he thought that someone was targeting him, but in these days, Qi Yue knew he had not offended anyone. Except for Wen Wanting and others, who he was not pleasing to the eye to, but Qi Yue doubted it. He didn’t think because of Qi Mingyu’s affairs he deserved to be kidnapped. But now that Wen Wanting is here and both of them have been kidnapped, the only common factor is Qi Mingyu. Qi Yue couldn’t think of anything else connecting them. Otherwise, how can there be so many coincidences. Him and Wen Wanting, apart from Qi Mingyu, there is no other connection. But if it’s not Wen Wanting, then who is behind it?

Qi Mingyu picked up the acacia flowers and the others appeared one after another, but he did not see Wen Wanting and Qi Yue. Qi Mingyu’s face gradually became gloomy with the passage of time.

“What’s going on? Where is Qi Yue?!” Qi Mingyu pulled Qi Mingfan over, “Mingfan, where is Qi Yue? Shouldn’t he be with you?”

Qi Mingfan’s eyes flashed with confusion and panic. He stood awkwardly with both hands together. It was the first time that he saw his brother’s expression so serious or even this terrifying. Then because he didn’t see Qi Yue, tears quickly accumulated in his big eyes.

Ying Jincheng couldn’t stand to see it, walked over and hugged Qi Mingfan, “Mingyu, don’t ask him. When I found him, he was surrounded by a group of people and couldn’t get out.”

“A group of people?” Qi Mingyu narrowed his eyes.

Ying Jincheng nodded, “When they saw me walk over the group of people dispersed. I was worried that Mingfan didn’t pay much attention at the time, but now that I think about it is strange. Those people left in a blink of an eye. Maybe when we got separated it was all premediated to begin with.”

Qi Mingyu’s face was very ugly, as if a storm was about to come.

Shang Han stepped forward with worry on her face, “Brother Mingyu, Sister Wen is also gone, let’s hurry up and look for them.”

Qi Mingyu ignored Shang Han, but immediately turned and left. It would be pointless to go look right now. Qi Yue and Wen Wanting must have encountered some type of danger. It is better if he just goes to find someone to investigate. With just them alone, they would be passive. Qi Mingyu clenched his fist. He must take the initiative to prevent Qi Yue from being hurt.

After seeing Qi Mingyu leave, Ying Jincheng also said, “We should also hurry back to find someone to come over. Too much time has passed and it won’t help to go looking now.”

Qi Mingyu contacted someone to investigate. Right now there is no way to call the police. He can only find someone who can use other methods.

Wen Wanting woke up after a short while. She looked around in panic, trying to make a sound with her mouth, instead of staying quietly like Qi Yue, but struggling.

When the people outside heard the movement, they opened the door and walked in cursing. After finding that both of them were awake, they tore off the tape on their mouths. Qi Yue frowned, his mouth must be bruised. He knew it was best not to anger these kidnappers now, so he didn’t say anything, but Wen Wanting didn’t care. She looked at the two people fiercely, “Who are you?! Where are we? Quickly let me go?”

The two men laughed, and one said to the other, “This woman is stupid. Does she think we will let her go just because she says so?” The man walked over and patted Wanting’s face, “If you behave, you may get to leave. But don’t be high and mighty with us!”

Wen Wanting flinched, and still stubbornly said, “How much money do you want? Name a price and I will get it.”

The two looked at each other. The other man rubbed his chin unkindly, his eyes looked Wen Wanting up and down, “Let’s not talk about money, if you make these two brothers happy…maybe we can consider it.”

“You dare!” Wen Wanting cursed.

The two laughed and didn’t pay them anymore attention as they walked out. Qi Yue frowned. He had a feeling that their purpose is not about money, is it really what he thinks?

Two days later, the two people did not reveal anything else only delivering food but, Qi Yue discovered that they must have been instructed by someone else. He just didn’t know who that person was. They didn’t hurt them and didn’t ask for money. What is the purpose?     

Qi Mingyu was very anxious for the past two days. The things that day seemed to be planned in advance. All the clues were hidden and disappeared completely. The person who had the most chance to plan everything was definitely the person who was with them. To understand their movements, to know their next actions, after Qi Mingyu’s silent observation, the most likely person is Shang Han. The only thing is Shang Han behaves normally. She has been helping for the past two days. Qi Yue and Wen Wanting did not move so Qi Mingyu did not dare to act rashly, but he could not lead the other out if the other party did not move.    

Qi Mingyu left a timed text message and sent it to Ying Jincheng, and then looked at the news he found, and went out silently.     

There are several abandoned places in the Hot Spring Villa. If they don’t move far, the most likely places to go are these places. However, Qi Mingyu left the villa and did not go far. He sent a text message to Shang Han, waiting quietly, it didn’t take long before Shang Han walked out in a panic.     

A dim light flashed in Qi Mingyu’s eyes. He followed behind Shang Han to leave. He saw Shang Han making a call, then got in the car and drove in one direction.     

When Shang Han arrived at the warehouse, the two men in front saw Shang Han coming, and their eyes flashed with surprise.

“Why didn’t you two answer the phone?!” Shang Han came over and cursed. Then she saw that there was no caller ID on the phones of the two people. She was shocked. She took out her mobile phone and found that she couldn’t call anyone. When that happened she immediately noticed that something was wrong and wanted to leave. When Shang Han turned around, she saw Qi Mingyu looking at her coldly behind her.

Shang Han’s face turned pale and took a step back, “It’s you…what did you do? You suspected me?!”

“It’s not a suspicion, but a certainty. You strongly recommended us to go there that day, and why it was Qi Yue and Wen Wanting who disappeared?” Qi Mingyu said coldly, “Your methods are too inferior and easy to be discovered. I just sent you a text message saying that I knew their whereabouts, and you ran out with a guilty conscience. You have a signal jammer in your pocket and you can’t make calls, so I was able to follow you over.”

Shang Han pursed his lips, “Yes, I did it, so what? Now they are both in my hands. You can’t do anything.”

“Why?” Qi Mingyu asked.

“You ask me why?” Shang Han smiled miserably, “Obviously there is nothing about Qi Yue, but you used a man to reject me?! Is it necessary! You insulted me ​​so much. After Sister Wen left, I thought I had I have a chance, trying to be like her so I could be with you, but you have never looked at me seriously, why! We are also considered a good match, but after you rejected me, you actually really got together with that man. What’s so good about him?!”

Qi Mingyu’s eyes were deep, “You kidnapped them just because of that?!”

“Of course not only that.” Shang Han gritted her teeth, “Did you know that after you rejected me, Uncle and Auntie stopped supporting the Shang family and even suppressed it instead?”

Qi Mingyu was silent. Even if he knew about it, he didn’t intend to do anything about it. He didn’t want to participate in everything his parents touched.

“My father’s company…” When Shang Han saw Qi Mingyu look like this, she knew that he must know the situation of the Shang family. She looked at Qi Mingyu with red eyes.

“Then the person you have to deal with should be me.” Qi Mingyu frowned. “Let them go. I am sorry for causing this.”

Shang Han shook her head, “I didn’t actually want to do anything at the beginning, and I didn’t dare to do it. Now looking at you Qi Yue, watching you treat me with no pretense, I am not reconciled! Even Sister Wen, you wouldn’t ignore her like you did me. Hate or not, as long as you leave traces of me in your heart.”

“What do you want in order to release them? Do you know it is illegal to do so.”

“I just want to give them a lesson. I didn’t want to do anything. If you didn’t find them, I will let them go.” Shang Han smiled, “But I don’t know if they will be unhurt by then, but now, you’ve found me. I’m even less likely to let them go. Could it be that if I don’t do anything now, can you just pretend that nothing has happened?”

Qi Mingyu took a deep breath and suppressed the violence in his heart, “What do you want?”

“Follow me.” Shang Han led Qi Mingyu into the warehouse.