Chapter 42 RWABAB

After listening to Ying Jincheng’s words, Qi Mingyu’s expression was extremely bad.

Ying Jincheng smiled and continued, “Didn’t you discover it yourself? The main reason why Wen Wanting has not given up on you, lies in your attitude. You are leaving a little bit of leeway so that she can’t give up and learn to die.”

Qi Mingyu dropped his head without saying anything, he fell into deep contemplation. After a while, he exhaled and said, “I hate her very much, but apart from the hatred, I don’t know if the previous feelings are still there.”

“What about Qi Yue? “Ying Jincheng asked, “So you are so confused now because of your previous feelings that you completely put Qi Yue out of your mind?”

Qi Mingyu frowned, “I didn’t.”

“Yes, you really didn’t.” Ying Jincheng leaned close to Qi Mingyu and said, “You are in love with him, you fell.” The voice was certain and his eyes looked at Qi Mingyu with intense concentration.

Qi Mingyu was startled, as if he had forgotten how to speak, “You…”

“Mingyu, didn’t you notice it yourself? You said that it is not possible with Wen Wanting, so why bother to struggle with your previous feelings for her. If you hate her, you hate her. If you really still have those feelings you wouldn’t treat her like this. You’ve turned a blind eye to her, but you hesitate because of the vague feelings you used bringing trouble on yourself. There is really no need for this.”

Ying Jincheng’s words were like a hit to the head and Qi Mingyu’s heart was shaken. He suddenly realized that all of his own confusion was just the resentment left over from being abandoned when he was younger. His feelings for Wen Wanting have long been eroded by time along with the hatred. He knew in his heart that it was impossible to be with Wen Wanting. In fact, the thing is he has no feelings left for her it just took him to long to recognize it.

Qi Mingyu smiled bitterly, “This is the first time I’ve been so…so wretched. I was confused by the past. What should I do now. Qi Yue, he will not forgive me easily.”

Ying Jincheng took a deep look at Qi Mingyu, “Qi Yue’s heart is right, you and him were still unclear on certain feelings. It is impossible for him to have no grudges in his heart. He used to treat you well without asking for anything in return. What you should do, think for yourself, but I feel that you have already walked towards the road of being whipped. Now cheer up and fight hard.” After speaking, he patted Qi Mingyu’s shoulder fervently.

Qi Mingyu slapped Ying Jincheng in a bad mood, and finally said thank you seriously.

Ying Jincheng shook his head, “As a brother, you don’t need to say this, let alone I only said a few words. You figured it out by yourself. Fortunately, the child can be taught.”

Qi Mingyu glanced at Ying Jincheng speechlessly. Ying Jincheng beckoned to go back.

After Ying Jincheng left, Qi Mingyu stayed on the balcony for a long time and went out by himself. He stood in front of Qi Yue’s room and wanted to knock on the door. Then he remembered that Qi Yue said that he would finish eating and sleep. Putting down his hand and pressing on the door, as if feeling the breath of Qi Yue inside, Qi Mingyu smirked. It turned out that people who were in love did not know it. Now in hindsight, if he could realize it clearly earlier, it will definitely be better off ten thousand times more than when he wasn’t conscious of it.

Sure enough, it rained heavily in the evening, but early the next morning, it was a sunny day. Because of the rain yesterday, the weather was very refreshing, so everyone decided to go hiking.

Early in the morning, Qi Mingyu relied on Qi Mingfan to circle around Qi Yue. Qi Yue glanced at Qi Mingyu in wonder, feeling as if he had seen a large dog. He couldn’t help asking, “Are you okay?”

“I’m okay, I just miss you.” Qi Mingyu replied with a smile, eyes full of tenderness.

Qi Yue blushed, and turned his head to wipe Qi Mingfan’s mouth while he was eating. He really felt that Qi Mingyu had a problem with his brain.

Qi Mingyu sighed in frustration, and chased Qi Yue again. He just figured it out clearly and broke through the fog and walked out. Naturally, he would no longer be confused and unaware of what he wanted. Before he would follow the instinct in his heart to be with Qi Yue. There were still some shortcomings. Now that he understands the importance of Qi Yue to him, of course, he must make it up to Qi Yue. He knows that he made Qi Yue uneasy and he also knows that because of his hesitation, Qi Yue was hurt. Qi Mingyu looked at Qi Yue reproachfully, thinking that he was like a fool before.

Ying Jincheng approached Qi Yue and teased Qi Mingfan together. Now Qi Yue has been guiding Qi Mingfan to speak, Ying Jincheng also leaned in, guiding without a trace, while asking Qi Yue, “What are you going to do about Mingyu?”     

“Let’s go with the flow.” Qi Yue said lightly, then turned his head and asked, “What’s wrong with him?” Qi Yue felt strange when he watched Qi Mingyu standing by and staring at him.     

“Oh, he just recognized his own heart, but is also making up for his previous mistakes.” 

Qi Yue moved in his heart and asked in surprise, “You said he…”     

“What? He hasn’t talked to you about his feelings yet?” Ying Jincheng laughed and sold Qi Mingyu out.     

Qi Yue shook his head, somewhat unable to react. How did he wake up the next day and everything changed.

Ying Jincheng patted Qi Yue on the shoulder, “You have to thank me very much. Without me, who knows when Mingyu would have realized it.”     

Qi Yue smiled embarrassedly, and Qi Mingyu walked over and pulled Ying Jincheng’s hand off. Then asked Qi Yue, “What do you want to eat at lunch, I…” 

“You keep asking the same thing over and over.” Ying Jincheng looked at Qi Mingyu contemptuously next to him.     

Qi Mingyu’s words managed to get choked in his throat.     

At this moment, Wen Wanting and Shang Han walked over. Wen Wanting smiled and said to Qi Mingyu, “Ayu, how about we go to taste the specialties here at noon? I heard it was very good.”

The corners of Qi Mingyu’s mouth twitched, only to remember that he still had a problem that had not been solved.

Ying Jincheng was watching a good show, looking at Qi Mingyu and the several people around him. Qi Yue held Qi Mingfan as if it had nothing to do with him. Although Ying Jincheng knew Qi Mingyu’s intentions, Qi Yue didn’t. To forgive him would not be so easy. Although it is impossible to say who is right and who is wrong, everyone is a victim, but Qi Yue does not want to be in an unequal position again. He knows that from the beginning, in this relationship, he was putting himself in the wrong position, he was too humble. If this relationship continues like this, it will not last, but… Qi Yue glanced at Qi Mingyu. He still cares about Qi Mingyu. He likes him, this love, this care, and the previous dedication, he will not deny it, and will continue, so he can no longer put himself in such a position. Except for his family and appearance, his knowledge is not bad, enough to support himself and his family, and live a good life, so he has enough confidence to be with Qi Mingyu. Why bother to belittle himself, since Qi Mingyu has feelings for himself, why not, why give up. He is not a girl, he can’t be hypocritical and say he don’t forgive but in fact still wants to be with each other in his heart. But Qi Yue will definitely not wrong himself. For Qi Mingyu he is determined to win, who said that they cannot be punished for being together. Isn’t Qi Mingyu holding on to the other side and not letting him go? Why can’t he.

Qi Yue smiled secretly, and Ji Chen just happened to see it when he walked over. He couldn’t help rubbing his arms. He felt that Qi Yue’s smile was a little bit creepy.

Over there, Qi Mingyu did not answer Wen Wanting’s words. He turned to look at Qi Yue. Who knew that Qi Yue didn’t look at him at all. He sighed in frustration. He turned around and said, “I will ask everyone for their opinion later.” Then he headed back to find Qi Yue. Qi Mingyu wanted to find some time to make a thorough explanation with Wen Wanting, but it is probably not a good time now.

Wen Wanting pulled at the corners of her mouth, her expression a little ugly. Shang Han looked on from the side, her eyes flashed darkly. She came to Wen Wanting and smiled, “Sister Wen, let me ask everyone’s opinions for you, you are also tired. Rest for a while.” 

Shang Han pulled Wen Wanting aside and sat down, and then asked everyone what they wanted to eat. She strongly recommended the specialties here. Everyone had no opinion, and the group went to dinner under the leadership of Shang Han.

On the way, Lu Lei asked, “Shang Han, you seem to be familiar with this place, come here often?”

Shang Han stiffened for a moment and smiled, nodding, “Yes.”

Lu Lei didn’t notice at all Shang Han’s strange behavior. He shrugged and went on chatting with Jincheng.

The most famous specialty restaurant here is in the small alley near the back mountain. It was very busy but after they got there, they discovered that Shang Han had already set a reservation.

The food here is really fresh and the group of people are very happy to eat. After eating, Shang Han said, “Let’s take a rest here. There is an inn here and I already booked a room. In the afternoon, we can go pick Acacia flowers.”

“Acacia flowers? “Lu Lei was interested and asked,” What is that?”

“It is a unique kind of flower here. As the name suggests, is a flower of love. If a person picks it and gives it to someone, it means that I am pleased with you and miss you very much. If the other person accepts it, it means that they feel the same. Moreover, there is a legend about the acacia flower that if two people who already love each other can also pick it and give it to each other as gifts. They will never be separated.”

After listening, Lu Lei sneered, “Only you little girls are looking forward to this.”

Qi Mingyu’s body stiffened after hearing this. He originally wanted to pick it and give it to Qi Yue.