Chapter 41 RWABAB

Ji Chen was so frightened by Ying Jincheng’s non-smiling eyes that he lowered his body and took a big breath, then… choked.

He straightened up hurriedly and coughed vigorously, the sound caught everyone’s attention.

Qi Yue asked, “Ji Chen? Are you okay?”

Ji Chen waved his hand while coughing, “No…cough cough, I’m okay.”

Qi Yue wanted to get up and go see when he saw Ying Jincheng walking towards him “It’s okay, let me take a look at him.”

When the warm male body approached, Ji Chen involuntarily scooted back. After a glance, Ying Jincheng stood and walked over. Looking at his abdomen, Ji Chen snorted and turned his head uncomfortably.

Ying Jincheng walked to Ji Chen’s side, stretched out his hand and patted him on the back. He bent down and said in a low voice, “What did you just do?”

Ji Chen froze and opened his mouth, “What… …What’s the matter?”

Ying Jincheng’s eyes flashed with a smile, “Oh, I’m asking you why you keep looking at me.”

Ji Chen glared at Ying Jincheng, “Bah, don’t be conceited. Who is looking at you, don’t you just have abs… uh…”

Ying Jincheng raised his eyebrows and looked down at his abs. Then went around to look at Ji Chen’s stomach and laughed with understanding.

Ji Chen hurriedly covered his stomach with his hands, but it didn’t help. He shook his body from side to side, trying to shake off Ying Jincheng’s hand on his back, “Get away from me, I’m fine.”

“You move me when you are okay.” Ying Jincheng’s hand remained motionless.

Ji Chen couldn’t bear it so he stretched out his hand and grabbed it. “Your sister’s okay, move it!”

Ying Jincheng sneered. Before Ji Chen’s hand caught his hand, he squeezed Ji Chen’s waist and then took it away. At the end, Ji Chen stared at him and he said, “It’s very soft.”

Ji Chen gritted his teeth and watched Ying Jincheng walk back, secretly vowing that he would also develop abs one day!

When the crowd finished soaking in the hot springs, on the way back, a muffled thunder rang out. Qi Yue took Qi Mingfan’s hand and looked up at the sky, “It’s so gloomy.”

Ji Chen moved to Qi Yue’s side, “It’s not going to rain heavily, right? The weather was pretty good before.”

Qi Yue shook his head, saying that he didn’t know. Qi Mingyu walked over at this time and pushed Ji Chen aside, then to Qi Yue said, “What do you want to eat tonight?”

Qi Yue glanced at Qi Mingyu strangely, “Isn’t it a barbecue at night?”

Uh…Qi Mingyu was originally looking for something to say, but ended up not picking the right topic.

Ji Chen chuckled while covering his mouth, and then was pulled away by Ying Jincheng.

Qi Mingyu touched his nose awkwardly, “Well, I think if it rains for a while, there may be no way to barbecue outside, so I want to ask you what do you want to eat?”

Qi Yue nodded, “There is nothing special I want to eat. Maybe just drink some porridge, I want to go to bed earlier.”

“Drink porridge?” Qi Mingyu’s eyes brightened, “That is simple, how about I make it for you?”

Qi Yue hooked the corner of his mouth, without letting Qi Mingyu see it. Instead he said, “Not good, I’m afraid of having an upset stomach.”

Qi Mingfan also raised his head and nodded vigorously to his brother, not giving him any face at all. Qi Mingyu pressed Qi Mingfan’s small head behind him.

At this time, Wen Wanting’s voice came from behind, “Ayu, are you going to make porridge? I haven’t tasted it yet.”

Qi Mingyu said without looking back, “I don’t plan to do it.”

Wen Wanting choked and turned to looked at Qi Yue with hatred flashed in her eyes. Shang Han stretched out her hand and patted Wen Wanting’s hand, and explained with a smile, “Sister Wen, Brother Mingyu may be afraid that it will upset your stomach. He will definitely make it for you when he practices his skills.”

This is a bit thick-skinned, even Lu Lei glanced at Shang Han. Although Wen Wanting was a little impulsive when facing Qi Mingyu, she was still clear-headed in normal times. She smiled awkwardly, feeling a little bit embarrassed, but couldn’t say anything. After all, Shang Han was really talking to her.     

Qi Yue walked unmoved while the thunder sounded louder and louder, Qi Mingfan flinched and leaned against Qi Yue’s legs. Qi Yue picked him up and walked faster and faster, hoping to return to the villa quickly, but his physical strength was not able to keep up. Qi Mingyu couldn’t help but grab Qi Mingfan, holding him with one hand with the other holding Qi Yue’s hand, “Let’s go quickly.”     

At this time, it was already raining bean sized raindrops, crackling down and hitting people on the body. The feeling is not so pleasant.     

Qi Mingyu pulled Qi Yue and ran up, and the people behind followed suit. At the door of the villa, someone was already waiting with towels. Seeing them and the group came back, he hurriedly handed them over. Qi Mingyu didn’t wipe himself but first squatted and wiped Qi Mingfan down, while urging Qi Yue, “Quickly wipe the water on your body, and then go back to take a hot bath, don’t catch a cold.”     

Qi Mingyu head was full of water droplets flowing down his firm chin. The corners of his mouth were pressed tightly, but his eyes were gentle when he looked at him. Qi Yue’s heart was moved, while wiping his hair, he took Qi Mingyu’s towel. He glanced at Wen Wanting, who was standing on the opposite side with her hand outstretched. Then he walked to Qi Mingyu’s side, put the towel on his head and rubbed it randomly. Suddenly Qi Mingyu stretched out a big hand, covering Qi Yue’s hand. He raised his head, his face was exposed from under the towel, eyes bright, “Thank you.”     

Qi Yue pursed the corner of his mouth and pulled out his hand, thinking to himself, I am not the only one who wants to wipe you off, do you also say thank you to others?  He had noticed Wen Wanting’s gaze towards him.     

Qi Yue slandered with drying his hair. Wen Wanting saw him leave Qi Mingyu and walked over by herself.

“Ayu, I’ve dried off, let me… let me wipe Mingfan for you? I, I want to make up for it.” Wen Wanting said the last sentence carefully. In front of so many people, she has already let go of her self-esteem. She used to be very proud and would have never done this before.

Qi Mingyu’s hand paused, “No, Ming Fan is not used to you getting close.” Although he said so, his tone was less harsh compared to before.

Wen Wanting’s eyes lit up. Although she was rejected, Qi Mingyu’s attitude had softened significantly. She knew that if she lowered her pride, Qi Mingyu would not harden his heart to treat her. Thinking of this, Wen Wanting looked proudly at Qi Yue, but it was a pity that Qi Yue was walking towards his room, only giving her a view of his back.

At dinner, the person in charge personally delivered the ingredients and told everyone that the rainstorm is approaching at night. If it doesn’t rain tomorrow, they should never go to the back of the mountain when exploring. The soil there is relatively loose, and it may be dangerous after heavy rain.     

Qi Yue quietly finished his meal and went back to the room. Qi Mingyu came over several times to talk to him, but he avoided him. He wanted to understand Qi Mingyu’s mentality and knew that what Wen Wanting did to him was not easy to get over, but Qi Yue can’t get past the hurdle in his own heart. Seeing that he still was a little nice to Wen Wanting made him uncomfortable. Sometimes he wonders if he is the cruel hearted one? But even so, he still wants Qi Mingyu to like himself wholeheartedly. He wants his eyes to be full of himself and not have the figure of others in his heart, even if it is hate. He doesn’t want to be humble in love.     

After Qi Yue left, Qi Mingyu felt that he had no interest in staying any longer. He ate hastily, and then hugged Mingfan, who was already full, to leave.     

Wen Wanting wanted to stop Qi Mingyu, but knew that she could not act too hastily, so she gave up. But Ying Jincheng walked up to Qi Mingyu and planned to chat with him.     

Qi Mingyu thought for a while and nodded, “Come to my room.”     

Because he was sharing his room with Qi Mingfan, it was very large. It was a separate room with a balcony. Qi Mingyu placed Qi Mingfan on the bed and let him play by himself and then walked to the balcony with Ying Jincheng. After closing the balcony door, “What do you want to say?” 

Ying Jincheng looked at Qi Mingyu for a while, then smiled and said, “You and Wen Wanting… What’s going on between you guys?”     

“What’s going on? Didn’t I already tell you before?” Qi Mingyu frowned and said.

“Not before, what I am talking about is now. You have Qi Yue so have you clearly rejected Wen Wanting? Can’t you see that she has been seeking your forgiveness and wants to be with you again?” Ying Jincheng sneered. “Or are you waiting to forgive her and be with her.”

Qi Mingyu said lightly, “It’s no longer possible for me and her.”

“Then what’s going on now? You can’t handle your feelings well and there is no way to give Qi Yue what he wants, so let go.”

Ying Jincheng’s words were a bit heavy. Qi Mingyu frowned and looked at Ying Jincheng coldly, “You don’t need to care about our affairs. I won’t let go of Qi Yue, absolutely not! As for Wen Wanting, I have already made it clear to her long ago, if she wants to have illusions and hopes, I can’t do anything about that.”

Ying Jincheng smiled, “You can’t do anything? No, but have you done enough to get rid of it, you just don’t realize it.”