Chapter 40 RWABAB

Qi Yue smiled bitterly, “See, even you can’t be sure.”

Qi Mingyu was quiet, and a silent atmosphere suddenly spread around the two people. Looking at Qi Yue’s thin figure, Qi Mingyu’s heart was crying, it shouldn’t be like this!

He took a step forward and held Qi Yue’s shoulders, “But doesn’t every relationship get stronger through trials of getting along? Every relationship has to go through a rough patch. You can’t just deny the relationship between us like this. You have no confidence and me too but it doesn’t mean we can’t keep going.”

Qi Yue raised his head and looked at Qi Mingyu in a daze, “You…”

“Qi Yue, trust me for once.”

Qi Yue didn’t know what to say and left. After leaving Qi Mingyu’s villa, Qi Yue couldn’t sleep. He walked alone on the quiet campus, thinking about the little things between them, and sighing at the magic of fate. Two people who originally there was no intersection, who would have thought they would get together; were they really going to give up this relationship? At this moment, Qi Yue’s heart was full of unwillingness. He is far from Qi Mingyu but that doesn’t mean that he is not worthy of him, not now, but what will happen in the future? He can always change his own destiny. Why should he give up his feelings so easily because of others’ obstructions? However, he didn’t want to forgive Qi Mingyu and Wen Wanting. He liked Qi Mingyu, but he wouldn’t accept anything. Since Qi Mingyu didn’t want to let him go, he had to make a decision.

Qi Yue thought for a long time in his heart, and he gradually did not reject meeting and communicating with Qi Mingyu, but he would not be too affectionate, and things did not have any result. He could not accept Qi Mingyu completely without complaint.

Since Wen Wanting got Qi Mingyu’s ridicule, during this period of time she didn’t show up. Then one day, Shang Han suddenly issued an invitation. As the holiday is approaching, she wants to invite Qi Mingyu, Qi Yue, Ying Jincheng and others on vacation at a hot spring villa. It was also to apologize for what she did at Ying Jincheng’s birthday party. Even Ji Chen received an invitation.     

Qi Yue didn’t want to go, but if that happened, the meaning would be subtle. Although he didn’t care about the apology, he might be misunderstood of what he meant by others, that he would not accept Shang Han’s apology. Qi Yue couldn’t do such a embarrassing thing to a girl.

Ji Chen came over to find Qi Yue, asked Qi Yue’s thoughts. He was silent for a moment, and patted Qi Yue’s shoulder, “Although I don’t want to have any contact with their group, but who makes us fellow villagers, let’s go together. “

Qi Yue nodded, “Thank you.”

On the day of departure, Qi Mingyu, Ying Jincheng, Lu Lei and others drove over. Shang Han sat in Lu Lei’s car, and surprisingly, even Wen Wanting followed, she was also sitting in Lu Lei’s car.

Qi Yue took a look and then withdrew his gaze. Since he and Ji Chen didn’t have a car, the group came to the school to pick them up.

Shang Han pulled Wen Wanting out of the car, walked to Qi Yue’s side, and said with a smile, “Qi Yue, I’m really sorry, Sister Wen is good friends with us, this time we are all going on vacation, and it is not enough to leave her at home alone, you don’t mind right?” As she said, she glanced away mockingly. Qi Mingyu was taking Qi Mingfan out of the car, and her gaze swept over there, the meaning it was self-evident.

Ji Chen curled the corners of his mouth. What does this woman mean? Trying to start trouble?

Qi Yue frowned but hid it quickly, and said lightly, “Whoever you invite is your freedom, it has nothing to do with me.”

During the conversation, Qi Mingyu took Qi Mingfan and came over. Shang Han and Wen Wanting didn’t want to say anything else. Both of them wanted to bend over to talk to Qi Mingfan, especially Wen Wanting. She hadn’t given up on Qi Mingyu yet, so she wanted to please Qi Mingfan as soon as possible.

Unexpectedly, Qi Mingfan let go of Qi Mingyu’s hand, and did not even look at the two women who came close. He ran to Qi Yue’s side, and stretched out his arms to Qi Yue for a hug. The joy and love in his eyes can’t be concealed no matter what.     

Qi Yue was the most indulgent towards Qi Mingfan, reaching out his hands to pick him up. Qi Mingfan was already six years old and his weight was not light. Qi Yue was overwhelmed and sighed in his heart.     

Qi Mingyu glanced at Shang Han and Wen Wanting, and then ignored them. In recent days, he hasn’t seen Qi Yue for a long time. He missed him so much that before he knew it, the two of them seemed to have changed positions. It was Qi Yue’s gaze chasing him and running after him, and now his gaze was chasing Qi Yue, but Qi Mingyu didn’t seem to realize this.

But subconsciously, he knew that he wanted to keep Qi Yue by his side all the time, “Qi Yue, take my car.”

Qi Yue did not speak but Qi Mingfan hooked his neck in his arms and moved his body in the direction of Qi Ming’s car was swaying, and it was obvious that he wanted to go over.

Qi Yue smiled, patted Qi Mingfan’s back comfortingly, and hurriedly agreed.

When Ji Chen saw that Qi Yue had agreed to Qi Mingyu, he did not be want to bother him. He set his sights on Ying Jincheng. There were two women in Lu Lei’s car. He didn’t want to go in with them anyway, so Ying Jincheng was left.

Ying Jincheng leaned against the car and watched the development of the situation. He knew that Ji Chen would definitely ride in his car in the end. He didn’t mind either way. However, when he saw Ji Chen’s reluctantly entangled gaze swept over, Ying Jincheng suddenly got into a teasing mood. He pretended not to see the other party’s hints, neither inviting nor looking at Ji Chen. Ying Jincheng kept watching Ji Chen, and saw him spit out a bit of resentment, and then slowly shuffling his footsteps, moving towards him step by step, he couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth, and finally waited for everyone to get in the car. Ji Chen was still there, whispering under his breath, until Lu Lei opened the window. He said, “Ji Chen, do you have hemorrhoids? Is that why you are walking so slowly?”

Ying Jincheng snorted all of a sudden. When Ji Chen saw that he was also lingering. He walked in front of Ying Jincheng and gritted his teeth. He said, “Laugh my butt!”

Ying Jincheng laughed so much that tears came out. He turned his eyes to look behind Ji Chen. Although he knew it was impossible, Lu Lei’s words were too vivid.

Ji Chen reflexively covered his butt, and only reacted when he was done. Then he said viciously, “I do not! Don’t look!”

Ying Jincheng looked at Ji Chen and found that his face was flushed, too. He didn’t know if he was angry or ashamed, it seems full of energy.

Ying Jincheng coughed a few times, finally reduced his smile, and took Ji Chen into the car.

The group of people drove toward the hot spring villa, which was in the suburbs, but not very far from the city. It took more than an hour to drive there, and the receptionist was already standing at the door ready to welcome them.

Qi Yue and the others got out of the car, and they even carried their luggage in. The villa is well decorated and may be the best hot spring villa here. They live in a villa with a kitchen, swimming pool, and hot springs. Not far ahead, just a few minutes walk away, the room they were allocated was also one for each person, which was a luxury.

In the evening, Shang Han proposed to have a barbecue beside the swimming pool. The several people had no opinion. After a nap, they went to the hot spring together.

There are separate and shared hot spring pools for men and women, but these people obviously don’t want to share a hot spring pool together. Shang Han and Wen Wanting left with their things. Lu Lei was playful and didn’t want to go to the hot spring with a group of big men, so he turned and left. So only Qi Mingyu, Qi Mingfan, Ying Jincheng, Qi Yue, and Ji Chen are left.

Qi Mingyu motioned Ying Jincheng with his eyes. Ying Jincheng pretended not to see, and even reached out to greet Qi Yue to come down. At this time, their upper bodies were all exposed. Even Qi Yue, although there was a sense of shame, but here, as if letting go, Qi Yue didn’t have much reaction, and followed into the water. The hot spring was hot and dispelled the little chill. Qi Yue sighed comfortably. Ji Chen was already in the water, and even Qi Mingfan was in a floatie, kicking his feet, thinking about going over to Qi Yue’s side. Only Qi Mingyu was left staring at the back of Qi Yue’s head with a dark complexion, but the person involved didn’t notice anything.

In the end, Qi Mingyu was helpless and got into the water. He came to Qi Yue’s side and stretched out his hand and pulled Qi Mingfan’s swimming floatie aside. Qi Mingfan glared at his brother with wide-eyed eyes, but he could only watch him while he drifts away. His small hand was splashing indiscriminately, trying to stop the movement of the swimming ring. At this time, Qi Yue stretched out his hand to grab the swimming ring, and while pulling Qi Mingfan over, he gave Qi Mingyu a look.

Qi Yue’s eyes were wet from the moisture. This stare didn’t have any power at all, and it still felt a little watery. Qi Mingyu reached out and touched his nose, feeling a little itchy.

He wanted to come close and talk to Qi Yue, but Qi Yue didn’t want to pay attention to him at all, playing with Qi Mingfan wholeheartedly. Qi Mingyu couldn’t help being a little discouraged.

Ying Jincheng saw everything in his eyes and couldn’t help but shake his head and gave a chuckle. How the mighty have fallen… He turned his head and stopped paying attention to that side. Instead, he looked at Ji Chen. This kid has not spoken to him since he came in. Now, the line of sight is still staring at me, and he doesn’t know what he is doing.

Ji Chen always felt that he was in good shape, and he was also confident about it. Qi Mingyu’s appearance broke his confidence. His figure is amazing, but Qi Mingyu is tall, with wide shoulders and long legs. Like a mature man, you know it must be very good at a glance. A mature man style. But Ji Chen is a handsome guy, with a slender body and not the same style. Ji Chen comforts himself like this, and feels much better. Although after that, he came to Beijing and saw Ying Jincheng and more of the favored sons of heaven. He had been blown away and did not have any comfort left for his heart.

However, he didn’t think he was inferior. Among the three, Ying Jincheng was about the same as himself, although he was a little bit taller… but he didn’t look as strong as Qi Mingyu and Lu Lei. But who could tell him why Ying Jincheng has abdominal muscles even after taking off his clothes?! The six-pack abs, look at the mermaid line, it’s not obvious because he looks thin when he wears clothes, and have no meat. Look at Qi Mingyu, there are two more…

Ji Chenxin looked down sadly glancing at his soft…belly, I am afraid Qi Yue and Qi Mingfan are the same here, but Ji Chen doesn’t want to compare with them… He envied Ying Jincheng’s abdominal muscles, and couldn’t help but look at him again. …! As a result, the two people’s eyes met…