Chapter 39 RWABAB

Throughout the summer vacation, Qi Yue stayed at home and did not contact Qi Mingyu. And of course, Qi Mingyu did not take the initiative to contact Qi Yue.

Both were stuck in a situation and couldn’t get out.

Qi Yue didn’t know how to face Qi Mingyu, but when school was about to start, he still had to go back. Regardless of the fact he didn’t know what to do, Qi Yue still dragged his luggage to school.

In the villa, Qi Mingyu was hesitating on calling Qi Yue, when the doorbell rang.

Is it Qi Yue?!

Qi Mingyu put away the phone and quickly walked over to open the door.

Wen Wanting stood outside the door with luggage in her hand.

Qi Mingyu’s heart fell all of a sudden. He scanned Wen Wanting and the suitcase in her hand unhappily, “What are you doing here?”

Wen Wanting smiled embarrassedly, “Ayu, I have come back to school, but there is really no house to live in near the school. Auntie… she is not at ease with me being alone, so she asked me to come and join you…”

“Enough.” Qi Mingyu interrupted Wen Wanting, “I am can’t do it.” 

“What?” Wen Wanting looked at Qi Mingyu in astonishment, obviously she hadn’t recovered from what he said.

“Have you forgotten what I said at Jincheng’s birthday party?” Qi Mingyu stretched out his hand to block the door way, meaning to not even let Wen Wanting come in.

Wen Wanting’s face turned pale, and the hands holding the luggage tightened, “But Auntie she…”

“Don’t pressure me with my mother!” Qi Mingyu’s face grew calm, looking at Wen Wanting his gaze became sharper. “You are a girl, it’s not good to live in my house. What if others misunderstand you, just go back.”

Qi Mingyu tried to close the door after saying that but Wen Wanting stretched out her hand and pushed on the door. “I am not afraid Ayu, don’t do this to me, do you know how determined I am to come here? I put down my pride and came here and I want to live with you.”

Bang! Qi Mingyu hit the door with a fist, “Put down your pride? So what did you do a few years ago? What are you doing now? Want to win me back now? Then if there is something that catches your interest, will you abandon me again?”

“No…it’s not…I…” Wen Wanting stepped back involuntarily in fright by Qi Mingyu’s frightening appearance.

“Don’t act like some type of saint. Do you think because you are a girl, I will not say anything to you?” Qi Mingyu gritted his teeth and looked at Wen Wanting, “You may not be afraid of others talking nonsense, but I am afraid! Please leave immediately!”

“Are you afraid that Qi Yue will misunderstand you?!” Wen Wanting blurted out Qi Yue’s name, with resentment flashing in her eyes, “A Yu, do you like men because of me? If so, I apologize, right …” 

Qi Mingyu squeezed Wen Wanting’s chin with one hand, and said word by word, “Wen Wanting, don’t make me sick. Who gives you such great confidence, are you embarrassed to say that about Qi Yue? You? Compare him to you? How could you become like this after so many years of me not seeing you? Becoming…I almost don’t know you, did you pretend before? Maybe… I should have recognized things clearly when you did that a few years ago.”

“Ayu!” Wen Wanting looked at Qi Mingyu in pain, “I am serious about my love for you.”

Qi Mingyu suddenly felt a little sick, just like a few years ago when she was leaving, she said that she loved him, and she wanted to leave to pursue her dreams, and begged him for forgiveness, but she was able to leave without looking back. After his brother’s accident, she was able to escape for so many years even after all his letters. Such a person… How did he fall in love with her in the first place? Qi Mingyu was a little puzzled. He could no longer remember the time when he fell in love with Wen Wanting. It was vague and indistinguishable, leaving only a cloud of dream-like memories.

When Wen Wanting saw Qi Mingyu not speaking, she embraced Qi Mingyu boldly and snuggled into his arms, “Ayu…Ayu…”

Qi Mingyu returned to his senses, he frowned and wanted to push her away. When he looked up and he saw Qi Yue standing not far away, looking at them blankly. Qi Mingyu stiffened and subconsciously forgot to move, only Qi Yue was left in his eyes.

Qi Yue laughed at himself, “It seems that you have made a choice.”

The voice awakened the two people. Qi Mingyu hurriedly pushed Wen Wanting away, but in Qi Yue’s opinion, it was Wen Wanting who heard his voice and moved from Qi Mingyu’s arms herself.

Qi Yue carried a bag and approached Qi Mingyu step by step. Without waiting for Qi Mingyu to speak, he said directly, “This is the snack my parents asked me to bring you. I’m afraid it will spoil so I brought it to you in advance.” Qi Yue raised his head and glanced at the two people. Wen Wanting stood beside Qi Mingyu with a shy face. They looked like the perfect couple and he was just a clown. He tried to steady his shaking hands, not wanting them to see him so downhearted, “I won’t bother.”

Qi Mingyu grabbed Qi Yue who wanted to leave with one hand, “It’s not what you think! Qi Yue, I didn’t choose her!”

Wen Wanting now stood aside and heard Qi Mingyu speak like this. Her face turned pale and the warmth that she had mistaken for a moment ago disappeared all at once.

Qi Yue looked back at Wen Wanting, and saw that she looked at Qi Mingyu angrily, then turned back and said lightly, “What happened just now? You can explain it.”

Qi Mingyu ran his hand through his hair irritably, “I didn’t react when she jumped on me and that is what you saw.”

Qi Yue said, “I see.”

“Qi Yue?” Qi Mingyu held his breath a little.

“I’m going back to school first.” Qi Yue pulled out the arm held by Qi Mingyu.

“Should I drive you?”

“No, she hasn’t unpacked her luggage yet, go and help.”

“No…it’s not what you think, I didn’t want her to go in, Qi Yue…”

“Qi Mingyu. “Qi Yue raised his head and looked at Qi Mingyu seriously, “Let’s talk about it another time, I’m really not in the mood to talk to you in this situation right now.”

Qi Mingyu was silent and could only watch Qi Yue leave. Even though this kind of thing was not what he wanted, but Qi Yue would feel uncomfortable when he saw it. It is rare that Qi Yue came over to see him, but it was messed up like this. Qi Mingyu felt very suffocated. He passed Wen Wanting, went straight into the villa, and closed the door.

Wen Wanting looked at the closed door, and the hatred in her heart grew stronger.

It has been more than a week since school started, and the two people didn’t know what to say when they met. Even though they said they would talk about it, what happened that day was stuck in Qi Yue’s heart like a thorn. Every time he saw Qi Mingyu, he would remember it and the mood of wanting to talk fades. Qi Yue realized then that he was such a petty person. Qi Mingyu’s attitude that day was clear at a glance. They were not together, but Qi Yue still couldn’t get over it.

He has never been in a relationship before, and he doesn’t know what to do when he encounters such a thing. Since he explained clearly, should he forgive him? But what is Wen Wanting’s place in Qi Mingyu’s heart, and what is he in Qi Mingyu’s heart? After all, Qi Yue still has no sense of security. Qi Mingyu did not give him the answer he wanted so, Qi Yue could only go along with his inner emotions.     

Qi Mingyu himself said that he hates Wen Wanting, so he can treat Wen Wanting like that, but if this hatred disappears, will he still have feelings for Wen Wanting? Qi Mingyu didn’t know, so how would Qi Yue know, they were stuck in a stalemate, going back and forth in this situation, unable to get out. If they could find an exit, Qi Yue felt that he might not be so physically and mentally trapped.     

In the end, it was Qi Mingyu who found Qi Yue and wanted to talk. After thinking about it, Qi Yue agreed.     

“Where to?” Qi Yue asked when he got into Qi Mingyu’s car.     

“Go to my house.” Qi Mingyu said, vaguely glancing at Qi Yue’s face, and immediately added, “Mingfan must miss you too.”     

Qi Yue sighed, “Okay.”

After entering the door, when Qi Mingfan saw him coming, he really clung to Qi Yue and didn’t let him leave. Qi Mingyu breathed a sigh of relief. After putting Qi Mingfan to sleep, he pulled Qi Yue into his room.     

Qi Mingyu hugged Qi Yue, “I miss you so much, Qi Yue.”

Qi Yue stretched out his hand and pushed Qi Mingyu away, “I thought a lot when I was at home.” He looked at Qi Mingyu, and Qi Mingyu was also looking at him.

“The gap between us is too big.” Qi Yue said.

Qi Mingyu frowned, “What do you mean by that?”

“Don’t you think we have always have problems between us?”

“You mean Wen Wanting?” Qi Mingyu said.

Qi Yue shook his head, “It’s not just Wen Wanting, our respective points-of-view, because of family education, there is a big generation gap. After being with you, I have always suffered from gains and losses. I always feel that I will lose you. When Wen Wanting appeared, there is even a sense of fate that is we are finally about to break up.”

“So…you never believed that we will always be together?”

“Did you?” Qi Yue smiled, “Do you believe that we will always be together? “

“Qi Yue, I…” Qi Mingyu opened his mouth to speak, but when the words came to his lips, he really was not confident to say it.