Chapter 37 RWABAB

“Qi Yue…” Ying Jincheng looked at Qi Yue with a complicated expression. The expression on his face as if he had expected it, and the heartache that had finally come, was unbearable. Probably Qi Yue also could have thought of this long ago. The relationship is too fragile for the two of them, so as soon as Wen Wanting appeared, Qi Yue expected that this was a huge hurdle for the two of them, a gap that was difficult to cross.

“Since you know clearly, why did you say okay to Mingyu and get together with him in the first place?”

Qi Yue looked at his hands in a daze, “Probably unwilling. I still wanted to try it. Originally I thought nothing would come from it but there was hope and I actually got a response… I want to know, I want to see how far we can go. I will work hard to maintain this relationship, but…” Qi Yue smiled bitterly, “But today I found out that maybe in front of some people, the relationship between us may not be that strong.”

“You can try to trust Mingyu more.” Ying Jincheng said, “Mingyu’s appearance just now may be because he was too shocked. Now, he…” Ying Jincheng could not go on. Even if he makes an excuse for Qi Mingyu, maybe he is really too shocked, but the damage has already been done.

Qi Yue pursed his mouth and said nothing. His heart was in turmoil, but his mind was unexpectedly clear, “Senior, I…I want to go back first. I don’t want to face him now.”

“Go back?” Ying Jincheng frowned. “Where are you going back to? You can’t go back to school now or your home. I’m afraid you don’t want to go back to Mingyu’s place right?”

Qi Yue shook his head, “I will stay in a hotel. In any case I don’t want to see him right now. Senior please don’t tell him where I am at, let me be willful for a while.”

Ying Jincheng sighed. He could not leave or let Qi Yue stay with him, Qi Yue would definitely not agree, and he don’t want to make things even messier. So now he can only let Qi Yue go to stay in the hotel, “Well, you can stay in this hotel. You can choose any room. I will worry if you go out somewhere by yourself, but I won’t tell Mingyu which room you are in. How about having a good rest here for one night?”

Qi Yue hesitated for a while before nodding.

Ying Jincheng sent Qi Yue to a room. Before leaving, he hesitated and asked, “If Mingyu really comes to see you, what will you do next?”

Qi Yue shook his head, his eyes a little confused. “I don’t know, senior, I don’t know what they are doing now, but I am waiting for him to say that he wants to break up with me. The right to choose is not with me, and I can’t because his… old love has appeared and it hasn’t happened yet. Whatever comes, I just want to break up reasonably. I want to treat this feeling sensibly. If he still… still loves that Miss Wen, I will let him go.”

“If Mingyu doesn’t know how to choose either, will you just drag it out like this?” Ying Jincheng asked.

Qi Yue shook his head, “If he doesn’t know how to choose, I will help him make a choice. The relationship between me and him can be broken up or broken, but flaws are never allowed.”

Ying Jincheng nodded. “Then you have a good rest.”

Qi Mingyu walked to the balcony with Wen Wanting. He leaned on the balcony and looked sideways at the scenery outside. His tone was somewhat careless, “Go ahead, what do you want to say to me. It’s best to do it all at once and make it clear.”

Wen Wanting frowned, watching Qi Mingyu’s attitude, that little joy in her heart gradually disappeared. Wen Wanting asked in a low voice, “Are you still blaming me?”

Qi Mingyu sighed. “If you say strange things, I was allowed to blame you back then. Now I…” He turned his head to look at Wen Wanting, his eyes sharp, “I don’t have the mind to blame you. But in the end, the fact whether you went abroad or not, you gave up on us and your feelings are the freedom of your choice.”

Wen Wanting’s face turned white, and she couldn’t help taking a step back. Does Qi Mingyu’s words mean that he doesn’t care about her anymore?

“Mingyu, the opportunity I got at the beginning was rare, if I missed it, it will be gone. Do you want to watch me miss that opportunity?”

Qi Mingyu sneered, “No, didn’t I let you go? You didn’t let go of that opportunity, so you let go of our relationship.”

“Mingyu…” Wen Wanting’s eyes were painful, “I came back to save this relationship. I don’t believe you don’t have feelings for me.”

“Why don’t you believe it?” Qi Mingyu said, “You should know me. You didn’t hesitate to give up our relationship in order to study music abroad. Did you think I will be waiting for you? Waiting for you come back and continue our relationship with you? My feelings are so cheap? If you say no, don’t, if you take it back, you can take it back? I didn’t wait for you, and don’t like you anymore.”

“I don’t believe it!” Wen Wanting screamed, “I know, you haven’t had a girlfriend all these years!”

Qi Mingyu’s face completely sank, he stared at Wen Wanting, “Do you think I didn’t have a girlfriend for you? Don’t you know what happened to my brother? Speaking of this, it’s really thanks to you.” 

Wen Wanting opened her eyes wide and trembling lips, “I…I, I’m sorry, I was too anxious at the time, I didn’t expect…I didn’t mean to. Mingyu, you believe me, I was just too anxious to board the plane, so…”     

“So you directly handed over my brother to a stranger! So you gave that random person money casually and asked him to send my brother back home! Since you are leaving, why did you still pick up my brother!” Qi Mingyu’s eyes flashed with hatred.     

Wen Wanting covered her face and wept, “I just wanted you to come see me. You were avoiding me at the time, and I had to leave. You didn’t come to send me off, and didn’t want to see me. I can’t… I really can’t. …That’s why I found Mingfan. I thought you might be able to come over, but you didn’t come in the end…”

Qi Mingyu took a breath and smashed the railing bitterly. If he had gone over then instead of losing his temper and not wanting to see Wen Wanting, maybe his brother would not have suffered so much, nor would he become what he is now. Qi Mingyu hates himself and Wen Wanting. After so many years, he can’t forget it. He also knows that Wen Wanting didn’t mean it, but after his brother had something wrong, she didn’t even look back. She avoided and didn’t contact them. This makes Qi Mingyu not want to forgive her. After so many years, maybe there is not much feeling left, but Qi Mingyu never forgets Wen Wanting, she has always been a thorn in his heart, but now Wen Wanting is back. Qi Mingyu had a chance to vent. Although he was still uncomfortable, he inexplicably relaxed. The thorns in his heart slowly became soft, maybe it had already become soft…On the day Qi Yue broke into his life…Thinking of Qi Yue, Qi Mingyu felt guilty in his heart. After Wen Wanting appeared, he did not dare to look at Qi Yue, because it is undeniable that Wen Wanting’s appearance did make him feel very complicated.

Wen Wanting summoned the courage to grab Qi Mingyu’s arm and said cautiously, “Ayu…can you forgive me?”

Qi Mingyu looked at Wen Wanting indifferently, “No.”

Wen Wanting looked at Qi Mingyu in amazement. She begged him like this, “Why…”

“Why didn’t you come back? Do you know that my brother had an accident, or it was because of you, why didn’t you come back? Are you not ashamed? How did you feel comfortable staying abroad for so many years?”

“No …… I’m not, I’m just scared, I do not know how to face…… it.” Wen Wanting cried.

Qi Mingyu pulled out his arm and shook his head, “Can you just ignore it if you are afraid of facing it? Pretend that nothing has happened, and then come back and want to continue with me? Wen Wanting, why didn’t I know you are so selfish before? My brother? It’s been a whole month for my brother! Such a small child, who is alone in a closed space, what he has become now, do you know? Yes, you can say that you didn’t want month to happen, but you must not forget that the culprit that caused it is you! You remember clearly that you owe my brother, even if you run away, I will let you repay it!”

Wen Wanting looked at Qi Mingyu incredulously, “Ayu…you, how did you become like this?”

Qi Mingyu narrowed his eyes, “I have always been like this, but I still have feelings for you before, so I am gentle with you, but now, there is no such need.”

Qi Mingyu turned around and left after speaking. He has nothing left to say, and Qi Mingyu is eager to see Qi Yue, his attitude just now Qi Yue must have been hurt.

“Ayu! Where are you going?” Wen Wanting held Qi Mingyu, “Don’t go, if it’s okay to stay, I can explain…”

“But I don’t want to listen.” Qi Mingyu resolutely took Wen Wanting’s hand off his arm.

“Are you going to find that man!” Wen Wanting exclaimed angrily, regretting asking.

Sure enough, Qi Mingyu stopped and looked at Wen Wanting with a gloomy expression, “How did you know, who told you?”

Wen Wanting did not speak, her face was pale.

“Heh, needless to say, I also know that it is my parents.” Qi Mingyu’s eyes flashed mockingly, “They invited you back specially and wanted you to pull me back. They really overestimated the size of you in my heart.”