Chapter 36 RWABAB

Qi Mingyu’s face was also a bit ugly, he pressed Qi Yue’s shoulder and stood silently beside him.

The others all watched the lively event. Shang Han stood by and did not give in at all. Ying Jincheng was very embarrassed with the gift. He could talk and play it off, but this would make it even more difficult for Qi Yue and the gift would not be opened. And if it was opened under the guise of others’ request, it would make people look down on Qi Yue even more. Suddenly, Ying Jincheng didn’t know what to do. He frowned and glanced at Shang Han, who was making trouble. After Qi Mingyu used Qi Yue to get rid of Shang Han, it seems that Shang Han knew of Qi Yue’s existence, and now she obviously wanted Qi Yue to be ridiculed and taunted.

Qi Mingyu looked at Qi Yue, who pursed his mouth. His eyes sank, then turned his head and smiled and said to Jincheng, “Open it.”

Ying Jincheng glanced at Qi Mingyu in surprise, and saw his face without any embarrassment. He nodded after thinking about it, and stretched out his hand to open Qi Yue’s gift.

It is a painting with simple lines and no emphasis on colors, but the outline of the character is very vivid and artistic. The background of this painting is on the beach with the setting sun. The man is wearing a white shirt and white beach pants, casually wandering by the beach. With a gentle smile on his face, the warm light reflected by the setting sun sprinkled on the man’s face, which softened the line of the man’s face and made people fascinated.

Ying Jincheng couldn’t help but smile, “This is the scene where we went out for vacation?” He looked at Qi Yue, “So I look like this in your eyes, so handsome?” Ying Jincheng asked with a smile and a wink to Qi Yue.

Qi Yue scratched his head in embarrassment.

Shang Han gritted her teeth next to them and she forced a smile, “Is this hand painted by Qi Yue? Oh, that’s great, we don’t have this ability. We usually just give gifts, except for cars or other expensive things, so vulgar.”

Her words were meant to insult Qi Yue because he has no money, so he can only give this kind of cheap goods, and despise Qi Yue condescendingly-you and us are not in the same world.

Qi Mingyu glanced at Shang Han with an unknown look, laughed, and nodded, actually following Shang Han’s words, “Yes, the gift we gave is too vulgar when compared with Qi Yue’s. If he can also give me a painting he painted himself, I will definitely be touched by this intention. Hey, Jincheng, I am a little jealous of you. Qi Yue never painted anything for me.”

Ying Jincheng he laughed and put away the painting like a treasure, “It’s useless to be jealous… Qi Yue, thank you, I like this painting very much.” He glanced at Qi Mingyu, “After I go home, I will hang it in my bedroom.”

 Qi Mingyu’s face sank suddenly.

When other people saw Qi Mingyu and Ying Jincheng speaking to Qi Yue, they also understood that Qi Yue was protected by the two people. Although they didn’t know why Shang Han had to deal with Qi Yue, everyone was smart and stopped participating. The individuals said a few words and then dispersed, only Shang Han was still unwilling to let go, but Qi Mingyu and others didn’t want to pay attention to Shang Han anymore, and tried to leave with Qi Yue.

Shang Han looked at Qi Mingyu’s back, “Brother Mingyu!”

Qi Mingyu stopped, turned his head, and said in a cold tone, “Is there anything else?”

Shang Han’s face was pale, “Brother Mingyu, you don’t care about me and treat me like this for Qi Yue, and didn’t care about my face in front of others, but if that person comes back, would you still treat her like this?”

Qi Mingyu turned around and asked with squinting eyes. “What are you talking about? What do you mean?”

The others also looked over, and Ying Jincheng gave Qi Yue an anxious look.

Qi Yue’s heart jumped, but he didn’t speak. He stood silently and watched the development of things.

Shang Han smiled miserably. She glanced at Qi Yue mockingly, then looked at Qi Mingyu again, “It seems that Sister Wen can still affect your mind like this.”

Qi Mingyu calmly said nothing.

“I heard that she was coming back, but I don’t know the exact time. Today is Brother Jincheng’s birthday. Maybe you will see her. It’s not unlikely.” Shang Han said, “Brother Jincheng, I’m not feeling well. I’ll go back first.”

Shang Han sniffled and before Ying Jincheng could respond, she turned around and left.

Ying Jincheng walked to Qi Mingyu’s side, “Did you not receive the news?”

Qi Mingyu was in deep thought, not knowing what to think about. Hearing Ying Jincheng’s question, he raised his head and sneered, then asked, “Why should I receive the news? What does it matter to me if she comes back or not?”

“Is that how you feel? A Yu.”

A gentle female voice came unexpectedly. Qi Mingyu and Ying Jincheng were shocked, like their mind didn’t react, but the body naturally looked at the person who made the noise.

Qi Yue followed along and looked at her. How should he put it in words to say, the woman in front of him was beautiful and well-shaped. There was an indescribable gentle temperament in her gestures. Her beauty was like flowing water, not sharp at all. When people looked at her they would feel at ease. If Shang Han has a kind of gentle expression on the surface, this woman has gentleness from her bones.     

But at this time, the hurt on her face and the look in her eyes looking at Qi Mingyu shocked Qi Yue. He probably guessed something. His heart was beating fast and he couldn’t help but look at Qi Mingyu.     

Qi Mingyu’s eyes never looked at him from beginning to end. After this girl appeared, it can be said that Qi Mingyu’s eyes have not moved off this woman. The look on Qi Mingyu’s face is a look Qi Yue has never seen before.     

“Wanting, you are back.” Ying Jincheng broke the silence first.     

Qi Yue was silent. Wanting(Gentle), Wen Wanting, even the name is so good. Is it true that the person is like their name?     

Wen Wanting smiled at Ying Jincheng, she nodded, stretched out her hand touched her hair, “Yes, it just happened to be Jincheng’s birthday, so I came right away, you don’t mind I came without invite, right?”     

Wen Wanting said that but Qi Yue could hear that she was not embarrassed at all. This is not arrogance, but self-confidence stemming from the relationship between her and Ying Jincheng. Come without an invitation and don’t say anything.     

Ying Jincheng smiled, “Why? I didn’t know you would come back, so I didn’t have time to send the invitation.”

Wen Wanting nodded, “I came back in a hurry, I didn’t have time to tell you.”

“It’s good to be back.” Ying Jincheng said with a smile.

Wen Wanting then looked at Qi Mingyu, “Ayu, can we…can we talk?”

“Is there anything to talk about?” Qi Mingyu said indifferently, not giving face at all, but Qi Yue saw that Qi Mingyu fist was clenched behind his back.

Wen Wanting bit her lip, her expression a little hurt, but she continued, “Yes, I have something to tell you first, let’s talk about it?”

There was a hint of prayer behind him. Qi Mingyu was silent, and turned towards a place less crowded.

A hint of joy flashed in Wen Wanting’s eyes, and she followed Qi Mingyu away.

Qi Yue stood there with a pale face, Qi Mingyu never looked at him from the beginning to the end. Qi Mingyu left. He laughed at himself. Qi Mingyu turned around, as if his love had also turned around…Love? Qi Yue was at a loss.

“Do you know who she is?”

Qi Yue turned his head to look at Lu Lei who had come over at some point.

Lu Lei ignored Jincheng’s warning gaze and continued to speak, “That’s Qi Mingyu’s former girlfriend. The only person he’s ever liked before, and the only one he’s dated. Her family’s background is worthy of Mingyu everywhere. Let alone she can still marry Mingyu and have children.”

“Lu Lei!” Ying Jincheng scolded, “Can you just talk a little less!”

Lu Lei snorted. “What’s wrong? I’m telling the truth. If Wanting didn’t insist on going abroad in person, would it be his turn to be with Mingyu?”

Ying Jincheng’s face sank, “Enough.”

“I just want him to recognize it clearly.” After Lu Lei said this sentence, he rolled his eyes and asked, “Don’t you think Wanting looks like a person? No, no, it should be the girl who looked like Wen Wanting.”

Qi Yue thought of Wen Wanting just now, except for the exquisite makeup on her face, she really resembled a girl he knew-Yifan, very similar. Although the temperaments of the two were completely different.

Seeing Qi Yue’s expression, Lu Lei smiled, “It seems that you have also discovered that the woman was able to get the job, thanks to her looks.” After Lu Lei finished speaking, he turned and left. As for how Qi Yue felt, it’s not his business anymore.

Qi Yue’s body swayed, feeling a little faint.

Ying Jincheng held Qi Yue in his arms and said anxiously, “Are you okay?”

Qi Yue nodded and touched his face. Fortunately, he didn’t cry. Why didn’t he cry? My heart hurts so much, if I can cry happily, I might feel better.

Ying Jincheng comforted, “Qi Yue, don’t listen to Lu Lei’s words. It has been so many years. The relationship between Mingyu and Wanting has long ceased. They broke up before Wanting went abroad.”

Qi Yue laughed at himself, “Senior, didn’t you see Qi Mingyu’s reaction just now? I don’t think that he doesn’t have that Wen Wanting in his heart.”

“Qi Yue, he is with you now. The the person who he likes is you, you should be more confident.” Ying Jincheng said looking at Qi Yue.

Qi Yue raised his head and looked at Ying Jincheng with serious eyes, “Senior, people say that the person who gave their feelings first lost. I think this sentence is correct. I lost at the beginning, so, in this relationship, the person with the right to choose has never been me.”