Chapter 35 RWABAB

Ji Chen caught up with Ying Jincheng from behind, “Hey! Stop!”

Hearing this, Ying Jincheng surprisingly stopped. He turned his head and looked at Ji Chen rushing up with an innocent expression, “Why are you here? Not accompanying Liu Qi to go eat?”

Ji Chen snorted, with a sour tone, “He didn’t want me to accompany him.” 

Ying Jincheng smiled and said nothing.

Ji Chen stared at Ying Jincheng with a bad expression, “What is the relationship between you and Liu Qi?”

Ying Jincheng curled up his lips, looked at Ji Chen inexplicably, and asked rhetorically, “What is the relationship between you and Liu Qi? What qualifications do you have to ask me?”

Ji Chen snorted, “Future boyfriend.”

“Oh, then our relationship is…ex-boyfriend.” Ying Jincheng paused, and seemed to think about it, “I don’t know how many times he was my ex.”

Ji Chen’s face turned dark, “Have you been together?”

Ying Jincheng shrugged, “Can’t I?”

Ji Chen thought Liu Qi liked Jincheng secretly because he was so reluctant to leave him. Who would have thought that the two people would have actually been together before, Liu Qi obviously still had lingering feelings! Damn, the person he wants to treasure is someone else’s trash! If it was another person, it would be okay, the point is that the other person is actually Ying Jincheng. This feeling is too shameful, and it is obvious that Ying Jincheng doesn’t want Liu Qi, but Ji Chen won’t be stupid enough to say that.

He mocked him, “Oh, it seems that you can’t satisfy him, so he broke up with you.”

Ying Jincheng laughed as if heard something funny, then he said, “Are you sure this is the case? Whether I can satisfy…or you can try it.”

Damn! —— Ji Chen clenched his fists, gritted his teeth and said, “I’m a top!”

“Oh…” Ying Jincheng nodded, looking Ji Chen up and down. If it depends on his physique and appearance maybe, but with his personality it makes people feel…

Probably because Ying Jincheng’s eyes were too explicit, Ji Chen’s face was flushed- he was angry. He glared at Ying Jincheng hard again, thinking that if he continued he would be even more furious, he turned around and wanted to leave.

Ying Jincheng called Ji Chen to stay, “By the way, I will have someone send the invitation another day, remember to attend.”

Ji Chen looked back at Ying Jincheng in surprise. He thought that Ying Jincheng was joking last time. After all, it was in front of Qi Yue, it would not be good not to invite him, but he didn’t expect that he would really give him an invitation.

Ying Jincheng looked at the surprised expression on Ji Chen’s face, and his eyes flashed with interest, “Think about it, we are considered friends right? After all, we have enjoyed the same man?”

This refers to Liu Qi.

After Ji Chen listened to this, his already dark face became even more distorted. He lowered his throat and whispered, “Your mother! I only talked to Liu Qi! It’s not as dirty as you think!”

“Oh.” Ying Jincheng smacked his lips with a disappointed expression, “So you can’t do it.”

 Ji Chen: “…you get the hell out!!!”

After teasing Ji Chen, Ying Jincheng finally left in a happy mood.

Soon it was Ying Jincheng’s birthday.

Qi Yue rushed over from home a day earlier, Qi Mingyu picked up Qi Yue and took him to his villa.

“These are…” On the morning of the birthday, Qi Yue looked at the clothes Qi Mingyu had just taken out.

“The outfits.” Qi Mingyu replied, “For the two of us.” As he said this, he passed over a set that was in his hand.

“Is it necessary to wear it?” Qi Yue took the exquisite box in his hand and glanced at the clothes inside. It was a pure white suit. The workmanship was very exquisite. Qi Yue had never worn a suit, let alone such a good one. In his heart he felt a little uncomfortable.

Qi Mingyu nodded, “At this gathering, the elders will also be there, and the requirements are very specific, so you have to wear a formal outfit to the scene. I knew you didn’t have one so I specially asked someone to prepare it for you. Go and try it on.”

Qi Mingyu’s words were a bit harsh to Qi Yue, in fact, Qi Mingyu didn’t say anything excessive. Qi Yue felt that he was a little bit hypocritical, but this widening gap still hooked Qi Yue’s low self-esteem hidden in his heart to come out. He didn’t know anything. He didn’t know that the occasion was very formal, and he had to wear formal attire. No one told him or told him to prepare. They probably knew that even if they told him, he would not be able to prepare anything good. Right, Qi Yue lowered his head and held his clothes, and entered Qi Mingfan’s room, feeling a little depressed. Qi Mingyu didn’t notice anything at all.

The white suit is supposed to be waist- slimming, but it looks a little big when Qi Yue put it on. He laughed mockingly, thinking about it, and realizing that Qi Mingyu never asked his size, and of course he would not give the right measurements for someone to make a suitable clothes.

He sighed. Fortunately, the suit did not have a tie, but a black bow tie. Otherwise, it would be embarrassing again. Qi Yue tidied up and turned around and went out.

The figure in front is tall and straight, with fair skin, and wearing a white suit to bring out the fresh and natural temperament, which makes people’s eyes bright. Qi Mingyu looked at Qi Yue for a while, his eyes darkened. He walked to Qi Yue’s side, bowed his head and kissed Qi Yue two times, he said in a deep voice, “You look good in this suit.”

Qi Yue smiled shyly.

The person in front of him is so beautiful. Qi Mingyu’s own silver-gray suit fully reveals his tall and straight figure. His two legs are straight and slender, and his appearance is handsome and exquisite. Many men should be embarrassed of themselves.

Qi Mingfan also put on a small suit. He is going to participate today. He is dressed in black, but the whole person looks very delicate and lovely.

Before leaving the house, Qi Mingyu brought out two gifts, “Have you prepared a birthday gift? I also asked someone to prepare one for you.”

Looking at the exquisite box in front of him made him think about the portrait painted by himself, and Qi Yue’s face was a bit ashamed, but he nodded, “I made the gift myself.”

Hearing this, Qi Mingyu raised his eyebrows and glanced at Qi Yue, “You still personally made gifts for Jincheng.”

“Well… it’s a painting I drew.” Qi Yue smiled embarrassedly, “Although it is not very expensive…”

Qi Mingyu walked to Qi Yue’s side and suddenly bit his ear.

Qi Yue widened his eyes and covered his ears to look at Qi Mingyu, not knowing what he suddenly thought.

“Uncomfortable.” Qi Mingyu said with a stinky expression.

“What’s wrong with you?” Qi Yue asked bewildered.

“I heard you drew a picture for Ying Jincheng by hand, and I felt uncomfortable. You never painted a picture for me by hand.” Qi Mingyu frowned and said more seriously.

Qi Yue looked at Qi Mingyu in surprise-is he… jealous?

There was joy in his heart, Qi Yue curled up the corners of his mouth uncontrollably, “Don’t be angry, I’ll definitely paint for you.”

Qi Mingyu snorted, lowered his head, and leaned his face toward him, “Then give me a kiss, as compensation.”

Qi Yue blushed and glanced at Qi Mingfan, who had been looking at them with his eyes wide open, and shoved, “Don’t…don’t do this, Mingfan is still watching.”

Qi Mingyu raised his eyebrows. Turned his head and glanced at Qi Mingfan.

Qi Mingfan stretched out two small hands and quickly covered his eyes.

Qi Yue: “…”

“Is it all right?” Qi Mingyu looked at Qi Yue, with a smile flashing in his eyes, “If you don’t kiss, we won’t leave.”

Qi Yue had no choice but to kiss in the end. The result was Qi Mingyu held him for a long time and finally Qi Yue got into the car with red lips.

Ying Jincheng’s birthday party was in a very high-end hotel. Qi Mingyu said that the entire hotel was reserved. In the evening, they could drink as much as they wanted. If they were drunk, they could just open the room and rest.

Qi Yue choked with these words. What a grand show and how much money it was. It was just a birthday. Qi Yue swallowed. In the heart of the little people-he really didn’t understand these high-powered people.

Entering the hotel with the invitation card, the waiter led them to a door. The moment the door opened, Qi Yue seemed to have come to another world—the world of the upper class.

There were already many people inside. Ying Jincheng was circling between these people. When he saw Qi Mingyu and the others come in, he smiled and said a few words to the other party before rushing over.

“Qi Yue, Mingyu.” Ying Jincheng greeted, and then slightly bent down, “and the lovely Mingfan, welcome.”

Qi Mingyu nodded, “Happy birthday.”

Qi Yue also smiled. After saying happy birthday, the two of them gave gifts. There was a person who received gifts outside, but they were usually for the elders. People who interacted with Ying Jincheng usually gave gifts to each other in person. It is convenient for the other party to open it, because it is of the same generation, it does not matter, and there is no curtesy on whether it is polite or impolite. Some even hope that the gifts they give will be opened and praised in person. Some people will compare when choosing gifts, although it may not necessarily be opened in person, but at least they should not be embarrassed. However, Qi Yue didn’t know that, and he had never thought that someone would encourage Ying Jincheng to open Qi Yue’s gift in person without giving any face.

This person is Shang Han. When Shang Han saw Qi Mingyu and the others come over, she directly followed him with a glass of wine. She was still so beautiful and decent, but what she said was a bit aggressive, not as gentle as before.

“Brother Mingyu, Brother Jincheng, you even invited Qi Yue.” Shang Han smiled and said, then pointed to the gift in Ying Jincheng’s hand, “Brother Jincheng, is this one from Qi Yue? Open it and let us take a look.”

Ying Jincheng frowned and did not speak.

At this time, a group of people also gathered around, including Lu Lei, but Lu Lei did not speak, just watching the excitement. The others were making noise and egged Ying Jincheng on to open the present.

Ji Chen also came over at this time. He arrived early, but was eating all the time. Hearing the noise, he realized that it was Qi Yue and the others. He came over to speak for Qi Yue, but he also knew that he had no position to say anything and can only stare at Ying Jincheng.

Qi Yue was a little at a loss, he felt that Shang Han seemed to be very hostile towards him.