Chapter 33 RWABAB

Qi Mingyu had already taken a bath before Qi Yue, so now Qi Yue is in the bathroom, surrounded by the same humid environment from after Qi Mingyu took a bath. He felt as if the whole space was filled with Qi Mingyu’s smell. Qi Yue blushed as he rinsed in the water, his mind was in turmoil, and the whole person was a little absent-minded. After taking a bath in a daze, he picked up his pajamas and prepared to put them on.

The pajamas are made out of silk, and the quality is very good. But when Qi Yue put on his pants, he obviously feels that the pants Qi Mingyu gave him are too big, because the pajamas are originally loose, plus they are more than one size bigger, so they will fall without holding them. Qi Yue stood awkwardly in the bathroom with his pants in his hands. He didn’t know what to do. Later, he stretched his pants by himself and made a knot that was not tight at all. Then he carefully put on his shirt. The shirt was quite large and the collar was opened a lot. Qi Yue looked in the mirror and felt a little ashamed.

Obviously the clothes he wore last time he spent the night were quite suitable.

Qi Yue came out of the bathroom while holding his pants in his hand. Qi Mingyu was still sitting on the sofa and reading a book. When Qi Yue came out, he raised his head and looked closely at Qi Yue, his eyes flashing with unknown brilliance.

Qi Yue coughed, rather uncomfortable.

“Mingfan went to bed.” Qi Mingyu looked at the clock in the living room, “It’s still early, do you want to come over and watch TV together.”

“Ah, okay, okay.” Qi Yue picked up his pants and squeezed himself against the corner of the sofa, sitting down. Under the quiet night, Qi Yue’s eyes drifted around, and he did not dare to look at Qi Mingyu.

He could vaguely hear Qi Mingyu chuckle a bit. Before Qi Yue could think about it more carefully, he felt someone sitting next to him.

Qi Mingyu put one hand on the back of the sofa behind Qi Yue, as if encircling him. He stretched out his other hand and handed to Qi Yue the remote control, “Here, you can watch whatever you like.”

The TV in Qi Mingyu’s home can show on-demand programs without any restrictions. Qi Yue took the remote control, and in the embrace of Qi Mingyu, he blushed, trying to keep his sight on the TV as much as possible.

Qi Mingyu watched the person in front of him blush to the point where his ears and neck were red, but still pretended to be calm and composed. In fact, his eyelashes were trembling with nervousness, and he felt that he was inexplicably cute. Qi Mingyu’s eyes were deep, he placed the hand that was on the sofa, gradually went around stroking Qi Yue’s hair, aligning the earlobe on the other side. The heat was just right, and the soft touch made Qi Mingyu reluctant to let go.

Qi Yue was taken aback for a moment. He didn’t dare to look at Qi Mingyu, and involuntarily shrank his neck, but Qi Yue didn’t want to turn his head away when he was treated with such affection.

Perhaps it was Qi Yue’s unspoken agreement that encouraged Qi Mingyu becuase, his actions became more and more reckless. His hands were not limited to Qi Yue’s earlobes, but he stroked downwards more and more. He touched Qi Yue on his shoulders, but because it was around Qi Yue’s neck Qi Mingyu’s hands couldn’t reach as far. He stroked Qi Yue’s neck, which forced Qi Yue to involuntarily raise his head slightly. The delicate skin was under his palm and Qi Mingyu’s eyes grew deeper and deeper, he involuntarily approached Qi Yue and pecked him on his cheek. The boy had just taken a bath, and his body still had the fragrance from bathing, with moisture, which was very attractive. Qi Mingyu kept kissing, and his other hand hugged Qi Yue’s waist and drew him towards him.

Qi Yue didn’t know what was playing on TV. He was in a panic and at a loss. He was held in Qi Mingyu ‘s arms. Qi Yue could only breathe quickly and was forced to accept all the views that Qi Mingyu brought him. After being in the car today, Qi Mingyu seemed to have turned on a switch, and became more intimate with his actions and behavior. Qi Yue was not unhappy, but uncomfortable, as if he was a child who suddenly got a lot of candy. He got too much candy and wasn’t happy but became even more uneasy. After all, he had never received so much before.

“Qi Yue…” Qi Mingyu’s low voice sounded in Qi Yue’s ears, with hoarse restraint. He held Qi Yue’s hands very hard, his eyes were deep, as if he wanted to eat Qi Yue.

Qi Mingyu closed his eyes fiercely, he took a deep breath and said, “I really didn’t expect…”

Qi Yue looked at Qi Mingyu incomprehensibly, his eyes were innocent, but he was full of him. Qi Mingyu didn’t want to be patient anymore. He pressed Qi Yue on the armrest of the sofa, kissing him fiercely. His hands were also groping on Qi Yue’s body. Qi Mingyu’s ragged breathing was right in his ears. The touch on his lips was clear, and he wouldn’t allow him to run away from him. As if Qi Mingyu wanted to pull him down together with him, but Qi Yue had fell long ago. He fell into Qi Mingyu’s abyss, and he couldn’t climb out at all.

The buttons on the pants didn’t need to be pulled at all, they opened all at once. Qi Mingyu stroked and rubbed Qi Yue’s upper body and slowly moved his hands down…

Qi Yue woke up all at once, his body as a man… with anxiety and fear of his own, Qi Yue immediately held Qi Mingyu’s hand, his eyes reflected anxiety and vague expectations. Maybe Qi Mingyu didn’t care…

But Qi Mingyu as if he was awakened by Qi Yue’s move, did not continue. His brow frowned and Qi Mingyu took a deep breath, “I’m sorry, I was too impatient.” After speaking, he pulled Qi Yue up, stretching out his hand to tidy up Qi Yue’s clothes, and then said, “Go rest.”     

Qi Yue lowered his head to cover up the hurt in his eyes. He nodded and told himself in his heart that he should be considerate of Qi Mingyu. It was still too early for everything now. Qi Yue stood up, held his pants and walked into Qi Mingfan’s room.     

Qi Mingyu watched Qi Yue disappear out of the living room, and then relaxed himself out on the sofa. He looked at his pants, where there was a tent… Qi Mingyu breathed out slowly. He really didn’t think that he would actually get such a big reaction. He completely lost his sense of proportion in front of Qi Yue. Even the self-control he had always been proud of was out of control. The taste of Qi Yue was too good. After he tasted it, he couldn’t help but want more. But everything is developing too fast today, Qi Mingyu doesn’t want to let his heart follow the instinct of the body, which is unfair to anyone.

He likes Qi Yue and wants to continue to associate with Qi Yue, but Qi Mingyu doesn’t know how much assurance there is in this relationship and how much his heart has given. Qi Mingyu is not clear, he obeys his heart, but he also can’t see his own heart. He likes Qi Yue, but he dare not say how far he can persist in this relationship. He knows Qi Yue’s heart for himself, and it is even more impossible for him to follow his body’s instinct to treat Qi Yue unfairly. In fact, Qi Mingyu did not realize that he did this because he felt sorry for Qi Yue, and this suppressed his own lust, but Qi Mingyu still can’t clearly recognize it.

The next day, the two of them acted as if nothing had happened. Although Qi Yue was still a little shy and uncomfortable, he was still a man after all. He wouldn’t squirm when he was able to let go. The shyness was just because it was the face of the person he really likes.

Qi Yue and Qi Mingyu are in a steady relationship. After a while, one semester is about to pass. The student union members only work in the student union for a full year. It is their own choice whether to promote or leave next year. But Qi Yue in The Fine Arts Department has always been very serious and has good abilities. The Leader of the Fine Arts Department wants Qi Yue to stay and run in the election as the new leader, but Qi Yue does not intend to stay in the Student Union anymore. He originally wanted an experience, or he wanted to go to the Student Union to see Qi Mingyu. Also because he is closer to Qi Mingyu, he himself is not a person who pursues this kind of thing. The quiet design is most suitable for him, especially if he doesn’t have to wander around for a day, don’t need to work, don’t need to do anything else, and focus on one thing is the most stable day for Qi Yue. Although he is now running around for Qi Mingfan, Qi Yue is also very happy when he can be with Qi Mingyu. He does not want to divide his energy to more places, so he didn’t plan to run for it.

Qi Mingyu did not comment on this, because he also planned to leave the student union, although with Qi Mingyu’s ability, he is perfectly capable of being re-elected.

In this way, summer vacation arrived in a hurry, and counting the time, Qi Yue is already in his sophomore year, and Qi Mingyu is also in his junior year.

“Qi Yue, you must come over on my birthday.” Ying Jincheng came over to find Qi Yue, because his birthday was in August and was during the holiday, so he came to tell Qi Yue specifically.

Although Qi Yue chose to be with Qi Mingyu in the end, Ying Jincheng did not intend to ignore Qi Yue. He liked Qi Yue, but it was not to the point where he was indispensable, especially since Qi Yue’s heart was not on himself. Ying Jincheng did not want to force things. It’s best if you love me, but since Qi Yue has never put his heart on him, he also said clearly that he didn’t like him, Ying Jincheng also no longer insisted. But for Ying Jincheng, Qi Yue is still special. This specialness will not change until his feelings disappear completely. Maybe one day Ying Jincheng can simply regard Qi Yue as a good friend.

Qi Yue nodded and said to Jincheng, “Don’t worry, senior, I will come on your birthday.”

Ying Jincheng smiled and patted Qi Yue’s shoulder, “I will pick you up then.”

“No need, senior, you tell me the place and I’ll just go by myself.”

Ying Jincheng smiled and shook his head and blinked, “You can’t go in without invitations at that time. My parents said they would have a birthday party for me, but unfortunately I can’t give an invitation to you now. I have to pick you up at that time.”

Qi Yue nodded. When Ying Jincheng came to find him, Qi Yue was studying with Ji Chen, so Ji Chen also heard what happened. Hearing Ying Jincheng say this, Ji Chen sneered, “Qi Yue has Qi Mingyu with him, does he still need you to pick him up?”

Qi Yue awkwardly slammed Ji Chen. He found out that Ji Chen and the senior seemed to be in a bad relationship. Every time they met they tried to choke the other party. It’s a pity that every time the senior has a good temper, it’s like punching cotton, which is not good at all.