Chapter 32 RWABAB

As soon as he walked in, Qi Yue saw Qi Mingfan nestled on the sofa, hugging a sheep pillow, watching cartoons.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Qi Mingfan raised his head and opened his eyes extremely wide. He threw the pillow in his arms down, ran towards them, and then jumped into Qi Yue’s arms.

Qi Yue sighed and hugged Qi Mingfan in a hurry. Qi Mingfan nestled on Qi Yue’s shoulders. He hugged and kissed Qi Yue, the feeling of missing him expressed without words.

Qi Yue smiled, and kissed Qi Mingfan, “I’m sorry, I should have come to see you sooner.”

Next, Qi Mingfan took Qi Yue into his room. Sat him on the bed and then pulled out by himself a bunch of things to show Qi Yue.

Qi Yue looked at Qi Mingfan’s paintings over the past couple days. The characters in his drawings are still very immature, but it can be seen that the little man inside enthusiastically hopes that someone can see him and accompany him, and the person he is waiting for is Qi Yue.

Qi Yue hugged Qi Mingfan, kissed him on the small forehead, and apologized again, “I’m sorry.”

With big round eyes, Qi Mingfan circled Qi Yue’s neck, snuggling him with a surprisingly nostalgic feel.

Qi Mingyu had been watching them interact, and only then did he laugh, “He really missed you and looked at the door every day.”

Qi Yue smiled and rubbed Qi Mingfan’s hair, although he was very angry at Qi Mingyu, but for Qi Mingfan, he really loved him. It can be said that he treats Qi Mingfan as a younger brother.

Qi Mingyu walked to Qi Yue and Qi Mingfan and squatted down, looking at Qi Yue’s eyes, and said, “Qi Yue, will you be with me?”

With the sudden blow, Qi Yue couldn’t help but freeze. He didn’t expect that Qi Mingyu would say such things in front of Qi Mingfan. Even though Qi Mingfan didn’t speak, it didn’t mean that he couldn’t understand anything. Qi Yue involuntarily lowered his head to look at Qi Mingfan and found that he was also staring at him.

Qi Mingyu rubbed Qi Mingfan’s hair, “I think Mingfan definitely wants us to be together too, don’t you? Mingfan?”

Qi Mingfan surprisingly nodded his head a little.

Qi Yue looked at the two people speechlessly. He wanted to ask Qi Mingyu whether he liked him or not, but he wanted the two to be together, so how could he not like him? But with him not saying the words, it made him feel insecure. Qi Yue likes Qi Mingyu, and of course he wants to be with him, but this way, he is a little hesitant. Qi Yue always feels that something is wrong but he can’t figure out why.

“Are you still blaming me?” Qi Mingyu asked when Qi Yue didn’t speak, so he held Qi Yue’s hand.

“No.” Qi Yue pursed his lips, “…It’s all in the past.”

“I’m sorry for that.” Qi Mingyu said again, “I really want to try with you.”

Bitterness stroked Qi Yue’s heart. He lowered his head and held the palm of his hand. After being lost in thought for a long time, he nodded.

Even after agreeing to Qi Mingyu, the two of them didn’t seem to have changed a bit. They were doing their own things as usual, as if it were just a verbal agreement.

If it weren’t for Ying Jincheng to ask Qi Yue, then other people would not even know about the two people being together.

“Qi Yue, did you and Mingyu make-up?” Ying Jincheng found out that Qi Yue had been going to Qi Mingyu’s villa now, and couldn’t help but find Qi Yue and ask.

Qi Yue thought for a while, and said, “We are together.”

“What?” Ying Jincheng looked at Qi Yue in amazement, “You…you mean you and Mingyu are together? As in dating? “

Qi Yue nodded.

Ying Jincheng frowned and looked at Qi Yue, “Qi Yue, Mingyu has always liked girls, why would he suddenly say he wants to be with you? Does he like you?”

“I…I don’t know.” Qi Yue lowered his head.

“Don’t know?” Ying Jincheng was almost laughing in anger. “You don’t know if he likes you? Just stay with him? You are not afraid of being hurt?”

“I like him.” Qi Yue said with a pursed lips.

“Qi Yue… You let me say what is good about you.” Ying Jincheng looked at Qi Yue.

Ying Jincheng found Qi Mingyu, and Lu Lei was there also. He didn’t care, and asked Qi Mingyu directly, “Are you with Qi Yue?”

“What?!” Lu Lei exclaimed, looking at Qi Mingyu incredulously, “You’re not right? What kind of problem is it this time?”

Qi Mingyu frowned, “I didn’t have a problem.” He looked at Ying Jincheng, “This time I really want to be with Qi Yue. “

Ying Jincheng smiled, “Since when did you like men? Do you like Qi Yue? You accept him as a man?”

Qi Mingyu frowned, “I am jealous of you being with him. I am anxious when I see you two together, does that count as a liking?”

Ying Jincheng narrowed his eyes, “So what if it is liking? You have been liking girls for so many years. Just because of your emotions, you are dating Qi Yue. Have you ever thought about the future? He really likes you, and his feelings are very deep. If you no longer have feelings for him in the future, have you ever thought about what he would do?”

“That’s our business.” Qi Mingyu’s face sank, “It’s not your turn to point fingers.”

Ying Jincheng snorted, “Mingyu, even if your feelings may not change in the future, how about your family, would you be allowed to be together with a man?”

Qi Mingyu frowned. He hadn’t thought that much about it at all, he was just following his feelings.

Ying Jincheng saw that Qi Mingyu did not speak, and he continued to talk, “I hope that even if you separate in the future, don’t make Qi Yue too sad.”

Qi Mingyu clenched his fist. This uncomfortable feeling made him feel angry. However, Qi Mingyu couldn’t say anything to refute. From the bottom of his heart, he probably is also uncertain and at a loss about this feeling.

After Ying Jincheng left, Lu Lei really didn’t know what to say to Qi Mingyu. He shrugged and said, “It’s fine as long as you are happy.”

Qi Yue had no idea about the conversation between the two people before, but he found that Qi Mingyu began to look for him more frequently. Nothing more than eating together, and going back to the villa to accompany Mingfan. There was no major change in life.

Even so, Qi Yue’s heart is still somewhat happy to be able to get along with Qi Mingyu. Although he doesn’t know how much anxiety comes along with this happiness.

The school knows that Qi Yue, who majored in design, has a very good relationship with Qi Mingyu, the president of the student union. The two often appear together, so Qi Yue inevitably becomes a passer of messages.

The first time holding a love letter that he didn’t know how many times he received, Qi Yue got into Qi Mingyu’s car and handed the envelope in to Qi Mingyu.

“Didn’t I say, you don’t need to give this kind of thing to me in the future, just throw it away.” The weather is getting hotter and muggy. Qi Mingyu loosened his neckline, turned the air conditioner in the car on, and said indifferently.

Qi Yue held the envelope awkwardly and said hesitantly, “But it is a piece someone’s heart.” How can he just throw it away directly, at least it should be thrown away from Qi Mingyu’s hand.

Qi Mingyu originally wanted to drive away, but suddenly stopped when he heard Qi Yue’s words. He turned to look at Qi Yue, “Are you dating me now?”

“Huh?” Qi Yue’s face blushed.

“Then why don’t you just throw it away?” Qi Mingyu leaned close to Qi Yue and circled him into his arms. “You have the right to do this, don’t you?”

Qi Yue smiled and said nothing. Even now, the two have been with each other for more than two months, and he still doesn’t have any sense of belonging, so there is really no way to agree with Qi Mingyu’s statement.

Qi Mingyu took out the envelope in Qi Yue’s hand, threw it out the window, and then winded the window up. Anyway, the air conditioner in the car was turned on and it didn’t feel cold. He lowered his head and looked at Qi Yue, “It seems that we haven’t been intimate with each other for so long?”

Qi Yue was taken aback. He moved his body. He was a little uncomfortable and his eyes fluttered. He didn’t look at Qi Mingyu and he could feel heat on his face coming up.

Qi Mingyu looked at Qi Yue blushing, laughed, then slowly lowered his head. Holding Qi Yue’s lips, first licking the flesh of Qi Yue’s lips, slowly sucking. Then tentatively sticking out his tongue. Qi Yue closed his eyes and obediently let Qi Mingyu move, and the two people’s breathing gradually became quicker.

Qi Mingyu hugged Qi Yue tightly, holding Qi Yue’s head with one hand, pressing him against him, and holding Qi Yue’s waist with the other hand. His arm tightly hugged Qi Yue’s waist, and he completely pressed him into his embrace. Their lips and tongue intertwined, Qi Mingyu’s movements became more and more aggressive, his hands couldn’t help but reach in through the hem of Qi Yue’s shirt…

The delicate skin was under his palm, however not waiting for Qi Mingyu to feel more it carefully, Qi Yue grabbed his hand. Qi Mingyu didn’t force it any more, and kissed Qi Yue intently.     

After a long while, the two people separated, heavy breaths sprayed on Qi Yue’s face, Qi Mingyu was still pecking and kissing Qi Yue.     

When the two calmed down, Qi Mingyu smiled and said, “Still not letting go of me?” He moved the hand that Qi Yue held.     

Qi Yue’s face flushed, and immediately let go of his hand.     

Qi Mingyu squeezed the flesh on Qi Yue’s waist before pulling out his hand.     

Qi Yue nestled in the passenger seat and didn’t know what to do.     

In the evening at Qi Mingyu’s house, there was heavy rain, thunder and lightning. Even people who are not afraid of thunder will be scared to death when they hear such a loud thunder, let alone children.     

Qi Mingfan grabbed Qi Yue’s arm and didn’t want Qi Yue to leave. He trembled when he heard the thunder, obviously scared.     

“Stay tonight.” Qi Mingyu said as he bent down and put a kiss on Qi Yue’s forehead. It seems that since returning from driving, Qi Mingyu likes to take opportunities to kiss Qi Yue. Qi Yue no longer knows how many times he was kissed by Qi Mingyu. Although it was all on his cheeks and forehead, he still blushed a lot.     

He looked at Qi Mingfan, who looked at him with wide eyes and begged, and nodded.     

In the evening, Qi Mingyu gave Qi Yue a set of pajamas, “There are no new clothes, don’t mind wearing mine.”

Qi Yue blushed and shook his head. He took his clothes to take a bath. The heat on his face couldn’t be eliminated. Although it was not the first time to stay here, the feeling this time was completely different from the last time.

That phrase means sort of not having any words to describe a person’s behavior.