Chapter 29 RWABAB

Ying Jincheng put the things on the table and took them out. “Come on, eat something.”

Qi Yue ate absentmindedly. Then he suddenly thought of what Lu Lei said to him, he hesitated and asked, “Senior, can… I ask you a question?”

“What’s the question?” Ying Jincheng smiled, “Ask me.”

Qi Yue pursed his lips, and then said, “Senior, why did you book… Well, I mean…” Qi Yue couldn’t go on. Did he want to ask Ying Jincheng, why did you spend so much money to get us really good rooms for no reason? If the person had good intentions, it would be to hurtful to say those words.

Ying Jincheng’s eyes flashed, “What’s the matter? Do you want to ask, why I am so nice to you guys? Spending so much money to stay in a really nice place?”

Qi Yue took a breath and nodded. He didn’t think that Ying Jincheng would have understood him. Qi Yue’s face was a little red. He pitched in, “Senior, I don’t mean anything else, just I don’t understand, you… why are you so good to us.”

Ying Jincheng laughed, “Yeah, Xue Chengran and them and I are not very close. It stands to reason that there is no need to do this, right?… What the reason is, Qi Yue, do you really feel nothing at all?” Ying Jincheng said, suddenly approaching Qi Yue.

Qi Yue looked at Ying Jincheng helplessly. How should he feel? Qi Mingyu is all in his mind and his heart is also thinking about him. Can he still look at other people? What’s more, Ying Jincheng is really good. How could Qi Yue ever think about what Ying Jincheng means? But Qi Yue is not a fool. Ying Jincheng’s actions are too unreasonable. However, Qi Yue is also too self-aware. How could Ying Jincheng like a person like himself, so…

“Senior, you…” Qi Yue looked at Ying Jincheng suspiciously.

Ying Jincheng sighed suddenly, “Qi Yue, you are too unconfident.”

Qi Yue’s fingers trembled and his head lowered.

“You are good. Qi Yue you should be more confident.” Ying Jincheng looked at Qi Yue and said as if sighing, “Qi Yue, I like men…”

Qi Yue’s body trembled suddenly. He raised his head and looked at Ying Jincheng, his eyes were a little complicated, “Senior…”

“I am interested in you.” Ying Jincheng smiled, “How about it? Want to try with me?” He leaned close to Qi Yue, trying to kiss him.

Qi Yue straightened up and leaned back in shock. He kept leaning until the chair didn’t move anymore and he had no choice but to stretch out his hand and push against Ying Jincheng’s chest.

Ying Jincheng smiled, “Is this a rejection?”

“I’m sorry, senior, I…”

“Hey, alright, alright. There is no need to say sorry.” Ying Jincheng stroked Qi Yue’s hair, “Actually I didn’t want to tell you, after all, I’m too afraid to scare you.”

Ying Jincheng sighed helplessly. He was a little bit conflicted in his heart. Qi Yue is different from those he used to mess around with. This person is too pure. So he couldn’t bear to put his hands on him but he also wanted to corrupt him too. Ying Jincheng was still struggling, but when Qi Yue asked just now, he couldn’t help but say it.     

Ying Jincheng stretched out his hand to pick up a strand of Qi Yue’s hair, as if talking to himself, “What should I do? Xiao Qi Yue, I already said it, and now it’s too late to regret it. After all… what I said is like spilled water…I’m going to leave it to you.” Ying Jincheng kissed Qi Yue’s hair gently, looking at Qi Yue’s stunned eyes, “I’ll give you some time to digest. It’s not appropriate for me to stay here now. You have a good meal. I will leave first.”

After Ying Jincheng left, Qi Yue didn’t get over it for a long time. First, Ying Jincheng’s sudden words dropped a bomb on him. Secondly, he had never seen Ying Jincheng look like this, as if he was his prey…     

Ji Chen wanted to leave after eating, but suddenly saw Ying Jincheng come in, carrying a plate and picking up food. He thought about it and walked over.     

“Didn’t you bring food to Qi Yue?”     

Ying Jincheng looked back at Ji Chen and nodded. As if he didn’t want to say more, he turned his head back around.     

Ji Chen frowned and suddenly said, “You are gay right.”

It seems that people of the same sexuality are naturally able to perceive the same kind. He noticed it when he saw Ying Jincheng the first time, and he is definitely a formidable rival.

Ying Jincheng smiled, “What? You are not?”

Ji Chen crossed his arms, “I am, and I advise you to stay away from Qi Yue.”

“Why? Who are you to him? On what position are you speaking from?” Ying Jincheng turned around and looked squarely at the person in front of him for the first time.

Ji Chen glared at Ying Jincheng, “I am an old classmate of Qi Yue, from the position of his friend…”

“Not necessarily.” Ying Jincheng interrupted Ji Chen, “I see that Qi Yue is awkward around you, you might have confessed to Qi Yue before, and then you were rejected? However, it seems that you did not give up.”

Ji Chen’s face suddenly darkened, he gritted his teeth and said, “That’s none of your business.”

Ying Jincheng smiled, and nodded in a pretentious manner, “Of course it’s none of my business. I am giving you advice. It’s better to give up as soon as possible. In addition to your own good looks, you…” Ying Jincheng looked up and down critically at Ji Chen, “In other aspects…what qualifications do you have to compare with me?.”

Ji Chen’s breath suddenly thickened. He clenched his fist and stared at Ying Jincheng with a very ugly expression.

Ying Jincheng laughed happily, and didn’t seem to care about Ji Chen’s reaction, “Just these few words can make you angry like this? Ha… You shouldn’t think I look like a push over and you can come over to warn me and I will run away or that I’ll listen to you, right? How naive…” Ying Jincheng shook his head, leaned close to Ji Chen, and looked at him. He was a little bit taller than Ji Chen. Looking at Ji Chen in this way, it seemed to oppress him, “Even if I look gentle, in essence, I am definitely not a person to let go. If you come here to say those things to me, you are definitely looking for the wrong person.” He patted Ji Chen’s face. “Be smart, don’t be too self-righteous, it’s annoying.” After that, no matter how angry Ji Chen was, he left.

Ji Chen let out a low growl. He has always had high self-esteem, and has always thought that he is excellent, and there is no lack of people around him. But since he came to Beijing, he suddenly realized how shallow he is, like a frog at the bottom of a well. Qi Mingyu, Ying Jincheng, Lu Lei…These talents are the real pride of heaven. They are not inferior to him in their family background, knowledge, appearance, and everything is no worse than him. Where does he compare to others? Ji Chen looked at Qi Yue and finally understood why Qi Yue could only look at Qi Mingyu but did not dare to confess and guarded him carefully. Not only because Qi Mingyu is a straight man, but also because his heart inevitably creates an inferiority complex! Just like himself.     

The excellence of him and Qi Yue is nothing compared to these people, especially for Qi Yue, the other party with his favorite person, has such a big gap how can he not feel inferior. Ji Chen understands Qi Yue and feels sorry for him. He always remembers the calm as water teenager, and he is also the most beautiful in his heart. Although his sense of ambition to gain Qi Yue has worn away a lot, but Qi Yue, Ji Chen still inevitably felt distressed. After all, the good memories Qi Yue brought to him have never disappeared.     

Ji Chen ran to the beach and punched the sand angrily. His eyes were red, and the whole person seemed to have been slapped severely. In the end it was his self-esteem that was inflicted. After all, Ji Chen had never been treated like this before, and he was hit without mercy. He despised him, yes, no matter how gentle Ying Jincheng behaves, he is not someone he can say whatever to. No wonder he will be countered fiercely. Ji Chen laughed at himself, and he suddenly sat on the beach. Looking at the endless seashore, it was as if all the strength had been emptied out, but like the sea in front of him, there were waves set off in his heart. Ji Chen thought of Ying Jincheng’s statement “What qualifications do you have…” He can’t help but clench his fist, he cursed fiercely, “Dog eyes look down on people.” But he couldn’t stop trying to prove that he is not worse than anyone else, or that they were born better than him. His only difference is that his starting point that he relies on is money!     

While eating, Ying Jincheng thought about the appearance of Ji Chen just now, and became more and more amused. Such a person is proud and arrogant, but does not know how to conceal it. Everything is placed on his face, so that people can see it all at once. Ying Jincheng shook his head, as if what happened just now was just a joke to him.

Qi Yue sat at the table, rubbing his head back and forth, how could this be? How did it become like this? The senior is actually interested in himself? So he is really interested in him? Fortunately, he has already refused…Wait, no, what about the words the senior said before leaving?

Qi Yue felt more and more that this vacation was difficult. He didn’t want to see Qi Mingyu. He was awkward around Ji Chen. Now the other person to be embarrassed around is Ying Jincheng…

“Knock, knock.”

A knock on the door sounded. With a red forehead, Qi Yue went to open the door in a daze, and when he saw someone outside, Qi Yue reflexively closed the door.

“Qi Yue!” Qi Mingyu yelled violently, pressed the door with his hand, and pushed it a little bit. “You don’t want to see me that much?”

Qi Yue couldn’t match Qi Mingyu’s strength, so he suddenly opened the door, “What’s the matter?”

Qi Mingyu frowned and looked at Qi Yue, “What happened to your forehead?”

Qi Yue touched his forehead in confusion, “What’s wrong? What’s the matter with you? “

“Can you stop talking to me like a porcupine?” 

“You are a porcupine!” Qi Yue glared, “Can I say what I want?” He was a little annoyed by a series of things so Qi Yue couldn’t control his emotions anymore.

“What’s wrong with you?” Qi Mingyu frowned, “What happened?”

Qi Yue suddenly looked at Qi Mingyu like a deflated balloon, “What’s wrong with me has nothing to do with you. What’s the matter?”

Qi Mingyu pursed his mouth and didn’t answer. Qi Yue waited a little impatiently. He stretched out his hand to close the door. Unexpectedly, Qi Mingyu suddenly stepped in by a weird move, turned his back into gear, and immediately moved Qi Yue and pressed him against the closed door.