Chapter 28 RWABAB

Because of the May Day holiday, Huangdao District is full of people, and it’s hard to find a place to stay. They don’t know who Ying Jincheng contacted but he managed to get them a place in a seaside resort. They all knew that the accommodation there is not cheap.

Ying Jincheng smiled calmly, “Since other places are full, I invite you all to live here. Everyone came here to have fun so just be happy, and don’t care about anything else.”

“What a nice guy.” Xue Chengran was moved. He held Ying Jincheng’s hand and shook it vigorously.

Ji Chen thought, Yifan is a girl and will have a separate room, so the other four boys are probably two people to one room. He didn’t think Ying Jincheng would generously open five rooms, so Ji Chen looked towards Qi Yue “Qi Yue, let’s live together.”

Ying Jincheng looked at Ji Chen and laughed, ” It’s one person per room.”

“Wow, big money.” Xue Chengran said, “Tsk, how about this, how much was it, Jincheng? Let’s give something to you.”

Ying Jincheng waved his hand, “No need, the person in charge here is one of my elders.”

When it comes to this, they can’t say anything else. They all thanked Ying Jincheng and then followed him to the rooms.

Their rooms assigned to them are single rooms next to each other, which are fully equipped, clean and hygienic. The main point is that they are comfortable to live in, and they can see the sea through the windows.

Qi Yue sighed. He put down his luggage, massaged his shoulders and turned his head to look outside. The sea is endless and there are many people playing on the beach. They are on the second floor and it is not very noisy. But they can clearly see the scenery outside and it instantly relaxes the body and mind.

After driving over today, everyone was very tired. They rested in the room all morning and didn’t come down to eat until lunch time. In the independent restaurant in the lobby area, lunch is free, and the style is rich and delicious. It must be very expensive to stay at this resort. The scale here is so large and people don’t feel crowded. It appears that ordinary people can’t afford to stay here. They did not expect that Ying Jincheng would bring them here, which made a few people feel a little awkward, but Ying Jincheng said that he can’t feel wronged when he comes here to have fun. Since they are together, he also has plenty of resources, which can be convenient for everyone, so he must not make everyone unhappy.

Since Ying Jincheng said so, the few people put away their uneasy thoughts. They figured that paying a little more in other areas would be better so that they would not always take advantage of others.

“I knew you were here.”

The five people were eating when they heard a familiar voice.

Lu Lei and Qi Mingyu walked over. Lu Lei tilted his head and said to Qi Mingyu, “See, I guessed it right. I knew Jincheng must be here, he is not the kind of person to wrong himself… However, I did not expect that he would bring these people here too.”

Lu Lei’s word were very blunt, and the faces of the other four people were a little ugly. Ying Jincheng frowned and looked at Lu Lei, with a warning in his eyes.

Lu Lei snorted, not caring at all.

“Why are you two here too.” In the end, Ying Jincheng broke the silence.

Qi Mingyu kept his eyes on Qi Yue, and when he saw Ji Chen sitting next to Qi Yue, his brows furrowed.

“You ask Mingyu.” Lu Lei shrugged, “After calling you, he said he would come here.”

Several people focused on Qi Mingyu, and even Qi Yue couldn’t help but look over. Not expecting Qi Mingyu to be staring at him, Qi Yue was startled for a moment, then lowered his head, his ears were a little red.

Qi Mingyu smiled a little and carried his luggage, “Let’s find a room first.” Before leaving, he looked back at Qi Yue.

Ying Jincheng’s question was not answered, but he probably guessed it. His face suddenly sank. After thinking for a while, he stood up and said to the four of them, “I’ll leave first. You can eat.”

“Where is he going?” Xue Chengran asked.

“I’m afraid it is to look for Qi Mingyu,” Ji Chen replied.

“Hey? Do you know our president?” Xue Chengran looked at Ji Chen in surprise.

Ji Chen smiled indifferently.

Qi Yue ate something, but after thinking about things in his mind, he lost his appetite. He put down his chopsticks and said, “I’m done, I’ll go back to the room first.”

“Hey, remember to come out in the afternoon to play.” Xue Chengran reminded.

 “Yeah.” Qi Yue nodded.

Ying Jincheng found Qi Mingyu who was getting a room. Qi Mingyu saw Ying Jincheng coming over, “Just in time, where are you guys staying, tell me the room number.”

Ying Jincheng stared at Qi Mingyu for a long time, “You can find out yourself.”

Qi Mingyu shrugged, “It’s a waste of time.”

But in the end he managed to open a room next to theirs. Qi Mingyu walked up with his luggage, and Lu Lei stood at the door of his own room and looked at the two people. He sighed, “Everyone is brothers, just talk it out.” Then he pushed the door open and went into his room.

Qi Mingyu smiled, and brought Ying Jincheng into his room. He threw his luggage on the bed, “Let’s talk, what’s the matter with you.”

Ying Jincheng hugged his arms and leaned against the door, humming. With a smile, “You really don’t know?” 

“Jincheng, ask specifically, this is not your style.” Qi Mingyu said slowly, tidying up his luggage.

Ying Jincheng lowered his eyes and spoke after a while, “I can’t understand you now, what on earth do you want to do?”

Qi Mingyu’s hand unpacking his luggage paused, and then said, “I don’t know what I want to do, but this time I came here, I just want to follow my heart. As for what I will do… who knows.”

Qi Yue walked to his room and a door opened in front. Qi Yue saw that it was Lu Lei. He didn’t expect him to live next to them.

Lu Lei raised his eyebrows when he saw Qi Yue and suddenly he didn’t move. When Qi Yue walked to him, Lu Lei suddenly said, “How about we have a chat?” 

Qi Yue gave Lu Lei a surprised look. He and Lu Lei have the least amount of interactions and Qi Yue always feels that Lu Lei looks down on him. Now Lu Lei said that he wanted to talk to him, Qi Yue was caught off guard, but he nodded and agreed.

Lu Lei took Qi Yue to the balcony of the corridor. He did not rush to speak, but looked at the sea with a serious expression. After a long while, he took a deep breath, “Actually, I don’t know what to say to you.”     

Lu Lei looked at Qi Yue and said frankly, “You and me, we are not people in the same world at all. We wouldn’t talk with each other and we wouldn’t hang out together. Can you tell from this accommodation today? Why? With Jincheng here, does it feel good to stay here?”     

Lu Lei’s words made Qi Yue a little uncomfortable. He frowned, pursed his lips and didn’t speak, but looked straight at Lu Lei.     

“Heh…” Lu Lei laughed, “Initially, Xue Chengran and those people had nothing to do with Jincheng. Jincheng didn’t have to do this, but he did. Do you know why?”     

Qi Yue was at a loss-what does he mean by this? The senior has always been very nice, how could it be…     

Lu Lei shook his head and suddenly said, “The relationship between the three of us has always been very good. Let me tell you directly. I hope you do not influence the brotherhood between Mingyu and Jincheng.”     

“What do you mean?” Qi Yue finally asked.

“What do you mean?” Lu Lei tilted his head and looked at Qi Yue mockingly. “What do you think I mean? Qi Yue, I think it’s better for people to know their own status. Although there is a saying everyone is equal, but how could this world be like this? People are born into three, six or nine grades. You, if you are not in our level, trying to come in, you might be crushed.” Lu Lei patted Qi Yue on the shoulder, “For your own good, I am giving you a piece of advice. You think about it.” After that, regardless of Qi Yue’s pale and rigid face, he left.

Standing in place, Qi Yue’s body trembled. He blinked desperately and looked at the direction of the sea. Apart from feeling the vastness of the sea, for the first time, he felt that people are so small—that he was so small.     

In the afternoon, Qi Yue didn’t leave the room. He told others that he was not feeling well and then hid in the room. Trying to isolate himself and cowardly not wanting to face the outside world. He was never a strong person and his heart is not strong enough. Lu Lei’s words are like a hammer, heavily and smashing his mind. Even now, his mind is a mess. Although Lu Lei’s words are awful, it is undeniable that what he said is true. In fact, he and Qi Mingyu have never been in the same world, but he never really wanted to get in. Qi Yue still has this self-awareness. Although sometimes, he will inevitably fantasize. But it was too cruel to be pointed out so bluntly by someone for the first time.     

Qi Mingyu didn’t see Qi Yue all afternoon, so he couldn’t help being a little anxious. He even wondered if Qi Yue didn’t want to see him, so he didn’t even come out to have fun.     

When it was dinner time, Ying Jincheng took the lead and said that he would deliver food to Qi Yue. Qi Mingyu sighed, threw the lunch box in his hand into the trash can and stared at Ying Jincheng. Lu Lei looked at them, he deeply felt that he did a stupid thing earlier. If these two people know that he may be the culprit that caused Qi Yue to be uncomfortable this afternoon, would he even have the mind to kill him? He wouldn’t have bothered him at that time, but… why is Qi Yue so sensitive, Lu Lei smacked his lips. What if… indeed… he said a bit too much?     

“What are you frozen for?”     

“Huh?” Lu Lei returned to look at Qi Mingyu, “Why are you so angry?”

“You are in my way.” Qi Mingyu looked at Lu Lei coldly, and pushed him aside.

“Tsk, psycho.” Lu Lei cursed, watching Qi Mingyu walk around him and went to the table behind him…

Ying Jincheng knocked on Qi Yue’s room with a plate of food.

After a long while, the door opened. Qi Yue saw Ying Jincheng and forced a smile, “Senior.” 

Ying Jincheng frowned, stretched out his hand to put his hand on Qi Yue’s forehead, but Qi Yue involuntarily moved his head.

“Don’t move.” Ying Jincheng said solemnly.

Qi Yue didn’t move anymore.

“You don’t have a fever, what’s wrong? Is there someplace else that is uncomfortable?” Ying Jincheng asked.

Qi Yue shook his head, “Maybe it’s just that I’m not comfortable with the sand and water, and nothing else.” 

Ying Jincheng nodded and raised the bag in his hand, “I have brought you food, but I haven’t eaten yet either. Let’s eat together?”

Qi Yue looked at Ying Jincheng’s gentle gaze, his eyes flashed, he lowered his head, not knowing how to refuse, and finally turned sideways to let Ying Jincheng in.