Chapter 27 RWABAB

After Ji Chen moved in, like he said, he came to find Qi Yue from time to time. Although Qi Yue felt a little embarrassed, he really didn’t know how to refuse. After going back and forth, Qi Yue found that Ji Chen didn’t say anything uncomfortable, but got along like friends, which made Qi Yue feel a lot more at ease.

Of course Ji Chen’s existence could not be hidden hide from Yifan and Xue Chengran.

“Qi Yue, who is this?”

The four people sat in the cafeteria and Xue Chengran asked pointing to Ji Chen.

“Hello, I’m Ji Chen, an old classmate of Qi Yue, and an exchange student in this year.” Ji Chen introduced himself with a smile.

“Oh, it turns out you are Qi Yue’s classmate.” Xue Chengran nodded, winking at Qi Yue.

Yifan wrinkled her nose and greeted him reluctantly.

“Is this your girlfriend? She is so beautiful.” Ji Chen glanced at Yifan and said to Xue Chengran with a smile.

“Are you blind?” Yifan’s blunt words made Qi Yue and Xue Chengran both look at her in surprise. Yifan blushed, but she still said, “I am…I am Qi Yue’s childhood sweetheart. “

“Pfft…” Xue Chengran laughed shamelessly.

Yifan angrily stretched out her hand and hit him.

After the four people finished eating, Ji Chen still had classes to attend, so he left first. Xue Chengran and Yifan held Qi Yue back together. Looking at Ji Chen’s back, Xue Chengran asked in a low voice, “Hey, that shouldn’t be the person that you have a crush on, is it?”

Yifan stared at Qi Yue, obviously thinking the same and was very upset about it.

Qi Yue touched his nose awkwardly, and shook his head, “He is not.”

“Oh? Suprisingly not.” Xue Chengran touched his chin in surprise, thinking, “He looks quite handsome.”

Qi Yue” ……” Does that mean I only care about looks? Although that person’s appearance is indeed outstanding, and I also liked to look at his face.

“By the way, the next vacation we have is the May Day holiday, let’s go traveling.” Xue Chengran suggested.

“Traveling?” Yifan thought for a while, “Traveling is fine, but we can’t go too far, because I don’t have a lot of money.” Although her family’s situation is better now, she still can’t be too wasteful.

“Don’t worry, you will definitely be satisfied.” Xue Chengran hooked Qi Yue’s shoulders, “How about it? Qi Yue, are you going?”

Qi Yue thought for a while, he really wanted to go out and relax, so he nodded and agreed.

Later when they were discussing where to go for vacation, Ji Chen also found out about it, and joined in without shame. Qi Yue sighed secretly, he always felt that although Ji Chen didn’t say anything, but his purpose was very impure. In the past two days, even though they have not known each other for a long time, even Yifan and Xue Chengran can see that Ji Chen is interested in Qi Yue. Although Qi Yue seems to have no reaction. But Ji Chen said he wanted to go with them, so Qi Yue found it hard to refuse, let alone Yifan and Xue Chengran.

“What are you discussing? What’s so exciting?” Ying Jincheng walked over from behind the four and stood beside Qi Yue.

“Vice President, we were discussing where to go on May Day.” Xue Chengran said.

Ying Jincheng’s eyes flashed, and he asked, “Then did you guys decide where you are going?”

“Well we can’t go too far, so probably somewhere east to have fun in the coastal areas. I heard that Huangdao District is pretty good. We want to go there and have a look.” Qi Yue replied.

“Well, it’s pretty good there.” Ying Jincheng nodded. “You guys should just go there. I heard that the scenery is beautiful and there are many places to have fun.”

With Ying Jincheng saying this, everyone quickly decided. So now they are just waiting to go out to play on May Day.

Qi Yue sat down at the table in the small pavilion to make a travel itinerary. He has had a lot of free time recently and his personality is very detail oriented, so he was chosen to be in charge of the travel schedule.

Qi Mingyu has been able to see Qi Yue in the past few days, but every time he was either with others or ignored him and walked away quickly. Today, when he saw Qi Yue in the small pavilion, Qi Mingyu paused, and could not help but walk over.

“Qi Yue.”

Qi Yue’s hand holding the pen paused. He thought about it carefully. Whether to pretend he did not hear him, or if he should start packing up and leave. But it was unlikely to get away and he would look strange. So he looked back at Qi Mingyu, nodded, and then turned around to continue to check the schedule, ignoring Qi Mingyu behind him.

Qi Mingyu’s face stiffened and his eyes narrowed unkindly. He always wanted to find a chance to have a proper talk with Qi Yue, but Qi Yue always avoided him. This made Qi Mingyu feel very depressed, but also a little bit annoyed. Now Qi Yue’s ignorance of him made his annoyance rise to the top.

“Qi Yue.” Qi Mingyu walked to Qi Yue and grabbed his arm.

Qi Yue looked at Qi Mingyu in surprise, and stood up involuntarily following Qi Mingyu’s strength.

“What are you doing?” Qi Yue looked at Qi Mingyu a little irritably. He didn’t want to see Qi Mingyu at all now and didn’t want his heart to gain any hope again.

“It’s been long enough. I apologize to you for what I have done before, but you should not go too far.” Qi Mingyu said.

“Too far?” Qi Yue looked at Qi Mingyu, “What have I done? Do you think I am excessive, because I want everything to go back to normal, and we each live our own lives.” After saying this, Qi Yue paused, “You should be the one who went too far.”

This is the first time Qi Yue talked like this to Qi Mingyu. Qi Mingyu was taken aback, pressed his lips, and looked at Qi Yue without saying a word.

“Is there anything wrong with the way things are now? You are no longer in trouble, and you don’t have to look me who is a pervert who likes men every day. So what are you unsatisfied with? If my attitude makes you unhappy, I apologize. So let go of me and leave me alone.” Qi Yue said these words, but there a weird pain and pleasure in his heart.

Qi Mingyu moved his lips and uttered, “Don’t say that about yourself.”

Qi Yue smiled bitterly, “Is it not true?”

“I never thought that.” Qi Mingyu looked at Qi Yue seriously, “Qi Yue, I…I’m really sorry.”

Qi Yue looked at Qi Mingyu and did not speak. In fact, to be honest, the incident did not cause him any harm. He just felt so foolish, like a clown. Qi Mingyu knew his feelings a long time ago, but he could still look coldly at him from the sidelines be complacent about hiding his feelings, is what hurts Qi Yue the most. But when things come to the present, many grievances will always fade away with time. It is just that now Qi Yue really does not want to interact with Qi Mingyu anymore. He was afraid, cowardly, and protecting himself. He liked Qi Mingyu so much, but he really wanted to stay away from him completely.

Seeing Qi Mingyu’s serious eyes, Qi Yue nodded and said, “I know…that matter, let’s just let it go.” Qi Yue lowered his head and pushed Qi Mingyu away, “There’s nothing else? “

He turned around to pack his things.

Although Qi Yue said this, Qi Mingyu didn’t feel happy at all. There was a kind of indescribable suffocation. He grabbed Qi Yue’s arm again and said, “Qi Yue… Mingfan hasn’t seen you for a long time. You come over and see him today.”

Qi Yue paused, with his head hung down and you couldn’t see his face. After a long while, he shook his head, “No, didn’t you say that it is not good for Mingfan to only be in contact with one person? So I won’t come over.”

After he finished speaking, he grabbed his things, pushed Qi Mingyu away and left.

Qi Mingyu stood in place, looking at Qi Yue’s back, with a rare tangled expression. He rubbed his forehead. Even after he got Qi Yue’s answer, he still didn’t relieve his inner irritation. His eyes were not on him at all anymore and this feeling of being ignored made Qi Mingyu extremely annoyed.

Qi Mingyu stood there for a long time, and suddenly laughed helplessly. He leaned against the table and felt that he was in great trouble.

Qi Yue returned to the bedroom and sat there for a long time, then wiped his face with his hands and took a deep breath. He tried to bury his uncomfortable feelings and let himself think about happy things, but Qi Mingyu’s face would always flash in his mind. Qi Yue covered his eyes with some devastation. Even if he pretended not to care anymore on the surface, he still liked Qi Mingyu, and there was no trace of those feelings fading away.

On the first day of the May Day holiday, you can see groups of students in front of the school gates. Qi Yue and the four of them also made an plan to meet up there. Because they are relatively close to the coast, the four of them decided to take a bus had not bought the tickets yet.

“Qi Yue.”

Hearing the shout, Qi Yue looked back and saw that Ying Jincheng had drove over and called him.

“Senior, what’s the matter?” Qi Yue walked over and asked.

Ying Jincheng smiled helplessly, ” Xue Chengran didn’t tell you that, I will also travel with you.”

“Ah?” Qi Yue widened his eyes in surprise.

At this time, Xue Chengran ran over from behind and saw that Ying Jincheng and Qi Yue were both present, and he said hello carelessly, “You guys arrived so early.”

“Why didn’t you tell me senior was coming along? “Qi Yue turned his head and asked Xue Chengran.

Xue Chengran chuckled twice, “Your senior only told me yesterday. I thought about giving you a surprise, so I didn’t tell you.”

Qi Yue glared at Xue Chengran-what do you mean by your? What are you thinking of?!

Yifan and Ji Chen also came. This time it turned into a road trip. There were exactly five people. The whole car was full with three people sitting in the back. Fortunately, Ying Jincheng drove a larger jeep this time. With the three guys in the back it didn’t feel too crowded as long as they sat up. But Yifan is a girl and it wouldn’t be good for her to be stuck together with guys the whole ride so she sat in the passenger seat.

“Vice President, this is a really nice car you have.” Xue Chengran said excitedly.

Ying Jincheng smiled, “Call me Jincheng. This trip will take a few hours so you can replace me when we stop in the middle”

“Ha, that’s great, thank you in advance, Jincheng.” Xue Chengran answered.

Ji Chen hadn’t spoken until they started driving on the road, then he chatted with Qi Yue. Several people were talking and laughing on the road, and the atmosphere was pretty good.

Ying Jincheng’s phone rang, but he was driving now and it was inconvenient to answer the phone, so he subconsciously called Qi Yue and asked him to answer it for him. He reached out and handed the phone to the back.

“I’ll answer it for you.” Xue Chengran sat behind Ying Jincheng and took the phone over naturally, “Eh? It’s Lu Lei.”

“Really, see what he has to say.” Ying Jincheng said.

“Hello?” Xue Chengran said, “I’m Xue Chengran. Jincheng is driving, and it is not convenient to answer the phone.”

There was a pause on the phone, probably him asking why they were together and Xue Chengran replied, “We are going to Huangdao District for vacation.

“Who is there with you?” Lu Lei raised his eyebrows in surprise and asked.

Xue Chengran reported the names.

“Oh.” Lu Lei glanced at Qi Mingyu next to him and laughed, “Oh okay. I am hanging up now.”

After he hung up the phone, he folded his arms to look at Qi Mingyu, “You let me ask Jincheng where he is at to find out if Qi Yue is with him.”

Qi Mingyu nodded, “Let’s go to Huangdao District too.”

“What’s the point of going there?” Lu Lei said.

“Go to figure out one thing.”

I had to come to work today. It was traumatic. I fell in the driveway and slid all the way to the bottom. It should honestly be illegal for jobs to be open when it is this type of weather. This was from last week when I worked on the chapter at work. Also I looked up the May Day holiday and apparently it is their Labor Day holiday but the United States we only get a day they get a whole week.