Chapter 26 RWABAB

The food here is really delicious and looks clean. Qi Yue and Ying Jincheng sat at a round table, and the two ordered a lot of things.

At this moment, two people walked in from outside the door, Qi Yue raised his eyes and looked over. His face stiffened for a moment and he forgot to eat what he was holding.

“What’s the matter?” Ying Jincheng raised his head and followed his gaze, raising his eyebrows in an instant-Qi Mingyu and Lu Lei actually came here to eat as well.

The two of them obviously saw Ying Jincheng and Qi Yue. Lu Lei frowned when he saw Qi Yue. He wanted to eat at a different table for dinner, but Qi Mingyu passed him and walked right over.

“I can sit down right.” Qi Mingyu asked as he was already sitting next to Qi Yue.

Lu Lei also sat next to Ying Jincheng, “Hey, I wanted to know where you ran too. It turned out to be with Qi Yue.”

Ying Jincheng smiled and didn’t answer Lu Lei’s words. He turned to look at Qi Yue. “Hurry up and eat. You have been working for so long, aren’t you hungry?”

Qi Yue nodded, glanced at Ying Jincheng, and hurriedly lowered his head to eat.

“Jincheng, you…” Qi Mingyu looked at Ying Jincheng a little bit hesitantly.

Ying Jincheng smiled meaningfully, “What’s the matter?”

Qi Mingyu glanced at Qi Yue, his face was a little ugly, after thinking about it, he shook his head and said, “Nothing.”

After a meal, the four of them all finished eating. Before leaving, Qi Mingyu called Ying Jincheng to stop and said that he wanted to talk to him. Ying Jincheng smiled and said to Qi Yue “I wanted to send you back to school. It’s not a problem to go back by yourself right.”

Before Qi Yue spoke, Lu Lei snorted, “What problem can he have going back by himself, he didn’t drink.”

Qi Yue looked at the three of them, and said quickly, “It’s okay, senior, then I’ll go back.”

“Good.” Ying Jincheng nodded.

After Qi Yue left, Lu Lei was the first to speak, “Jincheng, what do you mean.”

Ying Jincheng raised his eyelids and asked indifferently, “What do you mean?”

Lu Lei frowned, “That Qi Yue, why are you with him.”

Ying Jincheng gave Lu Lei a funny look, “Why can’t I be with him?” Ying Jincheng said pointedly, then glanced at Qi Mingyu, “Qi Yue is very good.”

“Jincheng.” Qi Mingyu said at this time, his face a little ugly, “You are never sincere in relationships, don’t lead Qi Yue on.”

Upon hearing Qi Mingyu’s words, Ying Jincheng’s face suddenly sank, “Mingyu, what do you mean?”

“You also said that Qi Yue is very good. So, don’t hurt him.” Qi Mingyu said.

“It seems like the person who hurt him is not me.” Ying Jincheng looked at Qi Mingyu sarcastically. Seeing that his face was not good, he suddenly added another sentence, “Besides, how do you know that I am not serious this time?” “

Qi Mingyu frowned and looked at Ying Jincheng for a long time. “Are you serious?” 

Ying Jincheng smiled, “Who knows.”

Several people were unhappy and left.

After several days of adjustment, Yifan finally accepted the fact that Qi Yue likes men. Qi Yue has always taken care of her. Because of this incident, she has been avoiding Qi Yue for the past two days. Qi Yue must be uncomfortable in his heart.

After being rejected not because of other girls, but because of boys, Yifan strangely felt a little bit better in her heart.

She called Qi Yue to come out to talk, and wanted to tell Qi Yue that they would still be friends in the future.

“Qi Yue…” Yifan asked hesitantly, “Well, will we still friends in the future?”

Qi Yue was taken aback and asked with a smile, “Do you mind my sexuality?”

“I don’t mind.” Yifan sniffed, “It is better for you like other boys in the future rather than you like girls. At least you didn’t reject me because other girls.”

Qi Yue was helpless, what kind of logic is this.

“We will still be friends in the future.” Qi Yue touched Yifan’s hair.

“That’s good.” Yifan nodded. Although still bitter in her heart, she was also very satisfied. After all, this was already the best result.

“By the way, who do you have a crush on?” Yifan suddenly asked while holding Qi Yue’s arm. She used to be shy and didn’t have the right to do this action, but now she feels that she can do it generously. Not treating Qi Yue as a woman, but because Qi Yue already knows her feelings, and it is impossible to accept her. In this way, Qi Yue won’t misunderstand anything and the most important thing is that she can satisfy the careful thoughts inside her heart that like Qi Yue-This is like an intimate couple.

Yifan comforted herself secretly, a little broken jar, who made her a shy mushroom before.

Although Qi Yue was a little surprised at Yifan’s closeness to him, he didn’t react too much. After all, he didn’t like girls, and Yifan was really close to him. So it was no big deal to hook arms.

Hearing Yifan’s question, Qi Yue was silent for a while and had some difficulty speaking.

Yifan suddenly realized that Qi Yue’s feelings was unrequited, or something bad had happened. Feeling self conscious of her slip of tongue, she quickly changed the subject, “Qi Yue, let’s go find Senior Xue Chengran. The three of us have not eaten together for a long time.”

“Well, okay.” Qi Yue not wanting to Yifan to be upset and embarrassed, gave a nod with gentle eyes.

Yifan wailed in her heart-why does she feel Qi Yue is getting more and more attractive! Suprisingly, it was after she knew that the two of them were completely impossible.

Xue Chengran saw Yifan walking and by holding Qi Yue’s arm. His eyes widened in surprise, fingers trembling and pointing at two people, “You…you, Qi Yue! Didn’t you reject Yifan? You even ate the grass…Ah, bah, no, Yifan, I was wrong.”

Yifan grabbed Xue Chengran’s ear angrily, “Senior, what adjective is that? How come I am turning back, Qi Yue and I have never been together.”

Xue Chengran looked at Yifan pitifully, “Then you are now…”

“Of course not together.” Yifan said, covering his bleak eyes.

“Then he takes advantage of you like this!” Xue Chengran shouted.

Standing on the side Qi Yue was quite speechless. He was lying down and got shot. He hadn’t put his hands on Yifan, OK? But Qi Yue wasn’t a fool. Seeing Xue Chengran’s attitude like this, he discovered something.

Xue Chengran tilted his head and saw Qi Yue looking at him with burning eyes, as if he knew something. He cleared his throat and finally stopped playing tricks. He punched Qi Yue, “Boy, are you finally better? “

Qi Yue nodded.

When Yifan went to order, Xue Chengran leaned in and asked Qi Yue in a low voice, “Which woman do you really like?” 

Qi Yue shook his head and smiled, “It’s not a woman.”

“Huh? What do you mean?” Xue Chengran scratched his head, a little puzzled.

“It’s not a woman, I have a crush on a man.” Qi Yue said this sentence with a smile, and the whole person relaxed. He had confessed with his two best friends. He will no longer have to hide anything in front of them in the future.

Xue Chengran was dumbfounded. He looked at Qi Yue, and squeezed out a sentence. Surprisingly it was, “Does Yifan know?”

Qi Yue nodded, “She knows, when she confessed, uh…” Seeing Xue Chengran narrowed eyes, Qi Yue touched his nose, “She knew that day.”

Xue Chengran was happy, patted Qi Yue’s shoulder, “Brother, I should have a drink with you, thank you for loving men.”

Qi Yue:…

“Hey? That’s right.” Xue Chengran suddenly folded his arms around his chest, “You don’t like me right, I can tell you now, I like women.”

Qi Yue laughed twice, “Senior, you think to much. Brain tonic is a disease and must be cured.”

“What are you talking about.” Yifan walked over at this time and asked. Naturally she sat next to Qi Yue.

Xue Chengran pursed his lips in displeasure.

Qi Yue smiled and looked at Xue Chengran, now sure, the senior probably has a crush on Yifan.

When the three of them were eating, Qi Yue’s cell phone suddenly rang. He picked it up and blinked in surprise. It turned out to be Ji Chen.

“Qi Yue, I’m here in Beijing.” Ji Chen’s first words confused Qi Yue.

“Ah, you have come to Beijing.” Qi Yue repeated. He really didn’t know what to say. The words Ji Chen said in his hometown are still vivid. He didn’t expect that Ji Chen would be the most insightful person to see everything at a glance. Now Qi Yue knows the reason why Qi Mingyu knowing that he likes him but, would still make contact with him.

The person on the phone smiled and continued, “I am an exchange student between my school and Beijing, so we will be classmates in the future. Please take care of me this semester, Qi Yue.”

“Ah, good. “Qi Yue froze for a moment, and said quickly.

There was a moment of hesitation on the other end of the phone, “Can you come and pick me up, I don’t know the way.”

“When?” Qi Yue asked.

Ji Chen breathed a sigh of relief, then reported a time, chatted a few more words, and then the two people hung up the phone.

Ji Chen looked at the list of exchange students in his hand, and a glimmer of determination flashed in his eyes.

After Qi Yue hung up the phone, he was a little distracted. Xue Chengran waved in front of his eyes, “Hey, come back to earth, who called you?”

“An old classmate, he said he would come to our school to study this semester, as an exchange student.” Qi Yue explained.

“Isn’t that good?” Xue Chengran said.

Qi Yue smiled and did not speak, after thinking about it, Ji Chen was pretty good.

The appointed day came soon, and Qi Yue went to the train station as promised and took Ji Chen to school.

“Huh… it really deserves to be the best university in Beijing, it’s magnificent.” Ji Chen dragged his luggage and followed Qi Yue, watching the scenery of the school, while Qi Yue didn’t say much along the way. Ji Chen sighed and pursed the corner of his mouth. He reported the address of a dormitory, “Qi Yue, where do I live? Is it close to where you live?”

Qi Yue smiled awkwardly, “Just in front of my dormitory.”

“That’s great.” Ji Chen smiled and rubbed Qi Yue’s hair. “It will be easier to find you in the future.”

Qi Yue paused and lowered his head without speaking.

1Basically that broken jar thing was like a metaphor for saying letting someone go in the wrong direction without correction. So basically why did people let her be a super shy person before without trying to correct and basically she was going to try and fix that bad habit from now on. That was basically what I could gather from it if anyone has a better meaning or more clear meaning of it let me know.

2Basically go back to someone you broke up with. Turn back to

I am really going to try and start cranking these chapters out. We are about 33% through and I don’t want the story to feel like it is dragging because of my slower pace of updating. Also this chapter had a little bit more metaphors that opted to keep in rather than completing translating out to give a better feel. And because I couldn’t think of any similar metaphors in English of the top of my head lolololol. As always have a great day and feel free to contact me about anything.