Chapter 25 RWABAB

Looking at Qi Yue’s bitter face, Ying Jincheng thought, “Do you have a class next?”

Although he didn’t know why Ying Jincheng asked, Qi Yue still shook his head.

“Why don’t you come with me to a place.”

“What kind of place?”

Ying Jincheng smiled, showing gentleness, “A place that can heal you, do you want to go?”

Qi Yue hesitated and before he could nod, Ying Jincheng pulled him away.

Two people stood at the door of the veterinary hospital. Qi Yue froze and pointed to the pet sign in front of him, “Senior, what did you bring me here for? There is no puppy around us to check out.”

“Pfft…” Ying Jincheng rubbed Qi Yue’s head and said, “I work here.”

“Work?!” Qi Yue widened his eyes, “Senior, don’t you treat people with illnesses? Why… can the two be the same?” Qi Yue muttered, casting a suspicious look at Jincheng.

Ying Jincheng raised his eyebrows, “What is that look for? I can’t have a hobby? Plus, don’t worry, I am only an apprentice here.”

“Ah, senior, you like small animals.” Qi Yue suddenly realized it, no wonder Ying Jincheng wants to come here to work. Taking care of the small animals while studying or something, he is really training to be a master.

“Okay, let’s go in.” Ying Jincheng dragged Qi Yue into the building.

It’s not that big inside. It’s two stories high and there are very few people inside. Most of them are young people. They were very enthusiastic when they saw Ying Jincheng. Ying Jincheng familiar with way brought Qi Yue to a room, “This is the place where stray cats and dogs stay. Our task today is to bathe them.”

Before the door was opened, all kinds of barks and meows were heard. Qi Yue thought these small animals should be kept in cages. Who would have guessed that, that’s not the case. The nests built on the ground are distinct and lined up one after another, both to give them free space and preventing them from fighting with each other.

“All the puppies and kittens here?” Qi Yue asked, pointing to a bunch of small creatures on the ground.

“Well, the big ones are in other rooms. I figured you couldn’t take care of them, so I brought you to this room.” Ying Jincheng picked up a puppy familiarly and introduced its name. “This is the little sun, which was discovered in our school. When I found it, it was dirty all over and both hind legs were hurt. It was dying and lying in a corner. I don’t know how long it was there. He was malnourished, but survived tenaciously. Now he is full of vitality, and the personality is very cheerful, just like an energetic little sun.”

“So the name is Little Sun(Xiao Yang)?” Qi Yue touched Xiao Yang’s silky fur. The little guy trembled on all fours in Ying Jincheng’s hands. He couldn’t see any after-effects at all. He was indeed a cheerful, good dog.

“Yeah.” Ying Jincheng’s eyes softly looked at Qi Yue as he stroked and touched Xiao Yang.

“Is it a boy or a girl?” Qi Yue asked suddenly, and then proceeded to Xiao Yang…

Ying Jincheng wanted to answer, but he watched Qi Yue open up Xiao Yang’s hind legs… “Pfft…haha…”

Qi Yue snapped back to his senses and put his hands down shyly, “That…I, I didn’t mean to.”

Xiao Yang didn’t feel anything, and he stretched out his head and rubbed Qi Yue’s hands.

After Ying Jincheng laughed enough, he pointed to Xiao Yang and said, “It’s a boy.”

“Oh.” Qi Yue nodded, embarrassedly lowered his head and scratched Xiao Yang’s chin, “It’s still a little golden retriever.”

“But a mix breed, you see, it has very short limbs, so not a purebred Golden Retriever.”

“Then can it grow bigger?” Qi Yue asked. He thought of what dogs that are big but have short legs, no matter what he thought of they all seem to be small dogs.

Ying Jincheng shook his head, “This is hard to say, but nine out of ten can’t grow much.”

The two held the animals for a while, and then Ying Jincheng said, “Let’s go and give a bath to them.”

“Okay.” Qi Yue reluctantly put down the kitten in his arms.

“Let’s wash the Xiao Yang first. This little guy is not honest at all. Every time we give him a bath it is a workout. It is better to get it done early and have peace of mind.” Ying Jincheng said, bending over pick up Xiao Yang who was running around happily.

The animal bathing area is in the next room, and the table is elevated enough for adults to stand and bathe small animals.

Xiao Yang was obediently staying in Ying Jincheng’s arms, but as soon as he saw the bathing table, he struggled, and probably knew he was going to take a bath next.

Ying Jincheng patted Xiao Yang dumbfoundedly, “Why do you feel like you are going to suffer every time you take a bath. I have never seen a dog who is so afraid of water.”

Qi Yue smiled and watched Ying Jincheng talk to the little animal. He never thought that senior would have such a side, gentle and peaceful, people can’t help but want to get close, no wonder he is loved by so many small animals.

After the two put Xiao Yang on the table, Ying Jincheng said, “Qi Yue, help me gather the bathing tools.”

“Then it…” Qi Yue pointed to Xiao Yang.

Ying Jincheng smiled and waved his hand, “Don’t worry about it, the platform is too high. He doesn’t have the guts to jump off, its legs are too short.”

Sure enough, after Qi Yue released his hand, Xiao Yang went around in circles on the table and stretched out his small neck looking down to probe. His mouth was whimpering, and he called anxiously for a long time, but he didn’t dare to make any practical actions.

Qi Yue followed Ying Jincheng to prepare things for the bath and watched Ying Jincheng roll up his sleeves. A noble gentleman squatted on the ground and then he went to the water pipe while still babbling, “There is something unreasonable here. You have to connect the water pipe when you take a bath. The water outlet over there is broken and has not been repaired. Hey, it is very inconvenient.”

Qi Yue tried hard to hold back his laughter, but still leaked a small sound. Ying Jincheng inclined his head looking back at him, “What are you laughing at?”

Qi Yue waved his hand quickly, “No, nothing, haha…”

Now the image of the senior is too opposite, and Qi Yue can’t help but want to laugh.

Ying Jincheng shook his head, took the connected water pipe, put on the bath head, and pointed it at Qi Yue.

“Ah, senior!” Qi Yue exclaimed and jumped up, sprayed with a lot of water. This nozzle is used to bathe small animals, so it is not large, and the amount of water is not much. Qi Yue’s clothes are only a little wet, but it’s not soaked in it. Just wipe it with your hands.

Ying Jincheng snorted, “You absolutely laughed at me just now, and I want to fight back.” As he said this, he raised the nozzle again, aiming at Qi Yue.

Qi Yue hurriedly ran aside, “Senior, this is unfair. I think that senior is too friendly, it’s a good natured laugh.”

“Xiao Qi Yue, why didn’t I realize that you are still so slick.” Ying Jincheng laughed while holding the nozzle. “Come here and give a bath to Xiao Yang.”

The process of bathing was actually really difficult. A puppy was slippery like a loach. Although it could not get off the table, it could run back and forth. After all, the table was big enough for a big dog to bathe, it can definitely provide enough space for a puppy to scurry around.

All Qi Yue and Ying Jincheng heard was the sound of water. They would catch Xiao Yang then little guy would turn cute and start whimpering to you. It could soften your heart and without paying attention you end up letting go. Then the cycle would continue with to grab him again…

When the two people came out of the veterinary hospital, it was dark. Qi Yue massaged his stiff arms, but his mood was unexpectedly good. The depression of the past few days was swept away, very relaxed.  

Ying Jincheng looked at Qi Yue with a smile on his face, “Feeling better, right?”     

“Yeah.” Qi Yue nodded with a smile, “Being with small animals is really healing.”     

“Haha, then I will bring you back next time.”     

“Okay, I really like Xiao Yang.” Qi Yue’s eyes were bright.     

“I thought you would be annoyed with that little guy. It’s too much trouble.” Ying Jincheng smiled and shook his head. Although what he said seemed helpless, his eyes were soft.

Qi Yue looked at Ying Jincheng’s appearance and suddenly asked, “Senior, since you like Xiao Yang so much, why don’t you take it back and raise it?”

Ying Jincheng smiled, “Like doesn’t mean to have possession. I am usually too busy and I don’t have much time to take care of it. It would be too lonely if I let it stay at home alone. It has a very good life here and there are many friends to play with it. I take the time to come and see how well he is doing, which is fine.”

Qi Yue learned later that although Ying Jincheng didn’t take Xiao Yang back to raise him, he invested a lot of money in it. Just to provide good food and environment for the little animals. After all the pet hospital can’t afford to raise so many small animals for nothing.

“Come on, let’s go eat.” Ying Jincheng suggested.

“Eat what?” Qi Yue touched his stomach, he was also hungry.

“Come with me, you will be absolutely satisfied, it’s not far ahead.” Ying Jincheng dragged Qi Yue.

Qi Yue joked, “Senior, don’t take me to any fancy restaurants, I don’t have money to eat.”

It may be that after this get together Qi Yue put down his heart, surprisingly joking with Ying Jincheng. Or maybe it was Ying Jincheng felt too comfortable to him, and made people unconsciously unload their heart.

Ying Jincheng smiled, “I didn’t bring much money today. If I really go to the restaurant to eat, then I will sell you there to work and pay back the debt.”

“Senior, you are actually like this!”


After not walking far, Ying Jincheng pointed to the food stall in front of him, “Here, how does it look?”

Qi Yue stared in surprise, “Senior, you also eat at food stalls?”

Ying Jincheng patted Qi Yue’s head, “Why can’t I eat here?”

Qi Yue glanced up and down at Ying Jincheng. Although he was busy bathing the little animals for a long time and his clothes were wrinkled, Ying Jincheng as a whole still reveals a natural temperament. Warm and gentle, not at all like a person eating popular snacks with a group of people.

“It doesn’t look like it.” Qi Yue said with a smile.

“Hey, I’ve eaten here several times, and I’ve been several times with Qi…cough, the environment here is good and clean. The point is that the food is too delicious.” Ying Jincheng pulled Qi Yue in, “It would be a shame for you not to taste it.”

Another snow day on my side of the world. They even closed my job for the day.