Chapter 23 RWABAB

Without Qi Mingyu and Qi Mingfan, the days have become long and boring. Obviously, Qi Yue lived like this before they came but maybe it’s because there is a contrast that makes him feel like he does now. He got used to the presence of the two people, then all of a sudden returned to the original life. He still had some discomforts, but after a while, such discomforts would disappear. After all, the current life is the life it should have been.

After the winter vacation, Qi Yue bid farewell to his parents and returned to school with his luggage. He did not expect that the day after he returned to school, Qi Mingyu contacted him and asked him to continue to look after Qi Mingfan. Qi Yue felt a little happy because after returning to school, or back to this place in Beijing, he always feels like the distance between himself and Qi Mingyu has widened again, and they are a little distant to each other. Although in Qi Yue’s opinion, maybe they are not very close to begin with.

When the two people met, Qi Yue smiled embarrassedly and opened his mouth. The name Mingyu whirled around in his mouth but he swallowed it back, “President.”

Qi Mingyu nodded and unexpectedly did not refute. He turned his body sideways to let Qi Yue come in, “Mingfan is in his room.”

“Good.” Feeling Qi Mingyu’s somewhat cold attitude, Qi Yue squeezed his fingers sadly, as if it could hide the tingling pain in his heart.

Pushing Qi Mingfan’s door open, Qi Yue saw Qi Mingfan lying on the bed watching TV. The TV was showing cartoons. Qi Mingfan felt that someone came in and tilted his head. After seeing Qi Yue, he got up with a grunt and opened his hands to let Qi Yue hug him.

Qi Yue’s heart was instantly healed. He smiled and took Qi Mingfan into his arms, patted his little butt, and asked with a smile, “Miss me?”

Qi Mingfan nodded, then took Qi Yue and sat on the bed together, pointing to watch the cartoons on TV. He wanted Qi Yue to watch it with him, while he cuddled up next to Qi Yue and was obedient.

After watching the cartoon, Qi Yue taught Qi Mingfan to draw for a while. Qi Mingfan held his stomach and said that he was a little hungry.

“What do you want to eat?”

Qi Mingfan took Qi Yue and walked to the door of the room. He didn’t go out right away but he opened a small gap and looked out with his head. Qi Yue thought it was interesting and did not interrupt Qi Mingfan.

As if after investigating the situation outside, Qi Mingfan pulled Qi Yue out of the door. Then he walked to the living room and pointed to the box above the living room wall cabinet. He turned his eyes to Qi Yue eagerly.

Qi Yue pointed to the box above in surprise, “Do you want that?”

Qi Mingfan smacked his lips and nodded.

“What is it?” Qi Yue looked up above his head. It was probably something to eat. Qi Mingyu might not want Qi Mingfan to eat it, so he put it up there. However, Qi Yue has never refused Qi Mingfan’s request. What’s more, now Qi Mingfan is holding his pants pitifully, Qi Yue is even more reluctant to refuse. So he found a stool and climbed up to reach the box.

When Qi Mingyu came out of the kitchen, he saw Qi Yue now reaching on his tiptoes, struggling to reach the box on the shelf. The place was so high that he would never put anything on it at all. If it wasn’t to get Qi Mingfan to eat less snacks, Qi Mingyu wouldn’t put things on it either.

Frowning, Qi Mingyu put down the things in his hand, walked behind Qi Yue, and hugged Qi Yue.

Qi Yue didn’t notice Qi Mingyu coming over at all. He was taken aback by the touch on his waist and almost scremed. Then, he was picked up by a pair of powerful arms.

Qi Yue turned blushing, and immediately retreated after seeing Qi Mingyu. Qi Mingyu shook his hand and said in a flash, “He has been eating snacks since he came back, which is not good for his health.”

“Ah…” Qi Yue was startled, “I’m sorry.”

“…I don’t mean to blame you.” Qi Mingyu sighed, “It was dangerous to do that just now, don’t do it next time.” After finishing, Qi Mingyu glanced at Qi Mingfan.

Qi Mingfan slid behind Qi Yue with a small hand on his back.

Qi Mingyu snorted, “He is getting more and more lively now.” Then he turned around to take what he had put down just now.

After Qi Mingyu turned around, Qi Yue and Qi Mingfan looked at each other and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Come here.” Qi Mingyu sat at the dining table, pointing to what was in his hand, “Eat something, weren’t you hungry at this time?”

Qi Yue took Qi Mingfan over and looked down. In Qi Mingyu’s hand was a the small bowl, yellow heaps were piled up-is that egg custard? Qi Yue raised his head and glanced at Qi Mingyu in surprise.

“Cough cough.” Qi Mingyu put Qi Mingfan into the children’s chair, “Eat.”

Qi Mingfan pouted, obviously unhappy, but he still picked up the spoon and ate it spoon by spoon.

At this time, the doorbell rang.

Qi Yue said, “I’ll go and open the door.”

He opened the door and saw that it was Ying Jincheng and Lu Lei, but when they saw him, their faces showed an obviously surprised expression. Lu Lei even blurted out. “Why are you still here?”

Qi Yue was a little confused, so he looked at the two in a daze.

Ying Jincheng pressed Lu Lei’s shoulder and shook his head subtly to tell him not to speak.

“Is Mingyu here?” Ying Jincheng asked.

Qi Yue put away the strange feeling in his heart, nodded and said, “He’s inside.”

The two people followed Qi Yue in. Qi Mingyu saw Ying Jincheng and Lu Lei, his face changed a little, and then quickly recovered. He said, “Take Mingfan and go to the room to eat. We have something to talk about.”

Qi Yue nodded, picked up Qi Mingfan from the chair, and led him back to the room.

After Qi Yue and Qi Mingfan left, Lu Lei couldn’t hold back any more words. He stood up from the sofa with a cry and asked, “Mingyu, why is he still here?”

Qi Ming Yu raised his eyes. “Why not?”

“When I called you before, you said that you only used Qi Yue. Now auntie will no longer force you to stay with Shang Han, just to keep you away from Qi Yue…”

“Lu Lei!” Qi Mingyu interrupted Lu Lei, his face a little ugly.

Lu Lei snorted when he saw Qi Mingyu look like this, “What, do you regret it now? Don’t want others say it?”

Qi Mingyu took a quick breath, pursed his lips and said nothing, his eyes were dark and heavy.

Ying Jincheng tried to follow along. He only knew that Aunt Qi called him to ask about Qi Yue, but he did not know exactly what Qi Mingyu did with Qi Yue, “Mingyu, what exactly happened? “

Qi Mingyu didn’t answer, Ying Jincheng looked at Lu Lei, he knew that Lu Lei called to ask during the Chinese New Year.

Lu Lei thought for a while before explaining it.

In fact, Lu Lei only received a call from Qi Mingyu’s mother. During the phone call, Qi Mingyu’s mother asked Lu Lei whether Qi Mingyu had started playing with men? Hearing this, Lu Lei was shocked and quickly asked what happened. Qi Mingyu’s mother told him on the phone that Qi Mingyu might be with a boy. What’s the matter with that person? If Qi Mingyu promised her to leave the boy, then she would no longer force Qi Mingyu and Shang Han together.

After hanging up the phone, Lu Lei was baffled. After thinking about it for several days, he felt that the person Qi Mingyu’s mother said on the phone might be Qi Yue, and Qi Mingyu is now at Qi Yue’s house. The more Lu Lei thought about it, he felt that something was wrong, he quickly called Qi Mingyu. On the phone, after Lu Lei’s forced questioning, Qi Mingyu finally confessed to Lu Lei that he had only wanted to use Qi Yue to demonstrate to his mother that he is not a doll at the mercy of his mother. He does not want to follow the arrangement to fall in love with a woman and marry. Qi Yue is the best shield. He likes himself, is a man, and is his most powerful weapon for resistance. He can completely make his mother think he fell in love with a man and dispel the idea of ​​his mother. Qi Mingyu’s mother is high-minded and arrogant, no matter how angry she is, she will not use underhanded methods to embarrass Qi Yue, let alone put her body down to contact Qi Yue. So this is the best of both worlds. Qi Mingyu can guarantee both getting rid of his mother’s control and can also ensure that Qi Yue is not harmed.

But he is still too naive. Qi Mingyu’s mother disdains to deal with Qi Yue personally and does not want to contact him, but it does not mean that she cannot make Qi Mingyu compromise. Although in the end Qi Mingyu’s mother also made concessions.

After listening, Ying Jincheng looked at Qi Mingyu with sharp eyes, “You used Qi Yue to do such a thing without telling him? Even if Qi Yue didn’t suffer at all, have you thought about his reaction after he learns about it? I didn’t know that you knew that Qi Yue liked you a long time ago, and you can still use his love for you so unscrupulously. Mingyu, when did you become such a person?”

Qi Mingyu took a deep breath, “I know did something wrong, I just… I just want to get out of… “

“What now?” Lu Lei said, “The two of us came over today to see if Qi Yue was still here, the result… if you let your mother know that you did not do what she wanted, and just paid lip service, you know the consequences.”

Qi Mingyu’s eyes sharpened, “I know, the big deal is to accept her arrangement again. .”

Ying Jincheng looked at Qi Mingyu for a while, and suddenly said, “Could you…not let go of Qi Yue?”

Qi Mingyu was startled, his eyes flashed panic, “How is that possible, you know I don’t like men, because of Mingfan, so…”


A clear sound interrupted Qi Mingyu’s words, and the three of them suddenly looked in the direction of the sound.

“Qi Yue!” Qi Mingyu stood up abruptly and found that Qi Yue’s face was pale and Qi Mingfan’s little spoon on the ground was still spinning in front of Qi Mingfan’s room.

They don’t know how long Qi Yue stood there, and how much he heard. The expressions on the three people’s faces were different. Qi Yue looked at Qi Mingyu, a trace of embarrassment flashed across his face, and the look in Qi Mingyu’s eyes was also obscure. Qi Yue, turned around and ran in the direction of the door.

Qi Mingyu’s footsteps were stopped by Qi Yue’s last eyes, and he did not dare to chase him out.