Chapter 22 RWABAB

This soft snort was like a small flame, that suddenly broke into Qi Mingyu’s heart, causing a fire. Like a kitten’s paw, which made people heart’s ticklish.

Qi Mingyu couldn’t help asking, “What’s wrong?”

Qi Yue stiffened his body with his back to Qi Mingyu, and uttered, “The buttons…the buttons can’t be fastened.”

Qi Mingyu stood up “I’ll help you.”

“Ah?…Ah, what?” Qi Yue raised his head, Qi Mingyu had already gone around and walked in front of him.

There was a shadow on his head, Qi Yue lowered his head and dared not lift it up. Watching Qi Mingyu’s distinct hands stretch out, grab the buttons, and slowly fastened them. Standing helplessly, Qi Yue felt like he didn’t know where to put his hands.

“Can’t even do this?” Qi Mingyu’s faint voice came.

Qi Yue lowered his head in shame, daring not to speak.

Fingertips followed the white chest, and gradually covered the boy’s body. Qi Mingyu looked at Qi Yue looking down and afraid to speak, his ears were red, and he couldn’t help but want to laugh – why is he so shy? A boy…but strangely, he doesn’t feel disgust or nausea at all. It’s probably because Qi Yue’s breath is too pure, and even his feelings don’t feel disgusting at all, clean…it is nostaglic.

When did he find out Qi Yue liked him? Qi Mingyu’s eyes flashed-every time he appeared in front of Qi Yue, the other party’s eyes suddenly lit up? It is hard for people to ignore it. They watch you carefully, not daring to overstep in the slightest. Or when they follow your own sight every time? Stealing a look at him, as if he was holding a little secret, thinking he was covering up well. Or the concern they desperately try to hide, but couldn’t hide it… Too many, Qi Mingyu was surprised to find that all the bits and pieces are retained in his memory. Even if the two people did not communicate very much before, it turned out they were paying attention to each other.

What about him, what are his feelings?  To Qi Yue…


Qi Yue’s hesitant voice interrupted Qi Mingyu’s erratic thoughts. Qi Mingyu came back to his senses and realized that his fingers had stayed under Qi Yue’s neck for a long time, and the last unfastened button was still held in his hand.

Qi Yue looked at Qi Mingyu cautiously. He didn’t understand why he paused for so long just now. He lifted his hands and put it on both sides awkwardly, and said hesitantly, “Or…I’ll do it myself.”

Qi Mingyu suddenly laughed, the hand let go of the button and moved up a little bit, and scratched Qi Yue’s chin, “Then you do it by yourself.”

Qi Yue’s eyes widened in surprise and watched Qi Mingyu turn and sit back on the chair—— The touch of Qi Mingyu’s fingers still remained on the chin.

“You…you you…”

“Hmm?” Qi Mingyu raised his eyebrows, “What’s the matter?”

Looking at Qi Mingyu’s unwavering face, Qi Yue almost suspected that he was making a fuss out of nothing, he shook his head quickly, “No, nothing.”

After quickly fastening the last button, Qi Yue said, “Let’s go out.”

Qi Mingyu looked at Qi Yue wearing red, bringing out his face to make it more white and rosy. A beautiful, healthy, and fascinating picture of youth. Qi Mingyu suddenly stood up and walked to Qi Yue’s side.

“Why…” Qi Yue watched Qi Mingyu walk up to him, before he could speak, suddenly a force came from his waist.

Qi Mingyu reached out and hugged Qi Yue.

Qi Yue stared at Qi Mingyu in surprise, and actually forgot to speak.

Qi Mingyu gradually lowered his head and moved closer to Qi Yue, as if looking at the person in front of him carefully. When he had made Qi Yue blush, then Qi Mingyu said, “You look good in this outfit.”

Then he let go of Qi Yue, turned around, picked up Qi Mingfan and went out.

Qi Yue was left standing alone in the room. He was clutching his pounding heart nervously, about to explode. After a while, Qi Yue was able to calm down a little bit, and walked out of the room in a daze.

For the rest of the day, Qi Yue was a little bit distracted. His eyes could not help but pursue Qi Mingyu, seeking an explanation-why would Qi Mingyu treat him like that, beyond the usual brotherly behavior. But Qi Yue didn’t have the guts to ask. He was afraid that he would make a fool out of himself, and he was even more afraid that the answer would embarrass him. And for what reason would he ask? It’s just a gesture and a compliment. Qi Yue cursed himself, why is he so uncomfortable as he is now? He made it seem like something terrible had happened, it was really just a joke.

But thinking of Qi Mingyu’s hug, this is really worth paying attention to for Qi Yue. How can you not care about the hug of a person you like.

Watching the Spring Festival Gala at night, a group of people sitting on a small sofa, talking and laughing while watching the show. The atmosphere is so warm, even Qi Yue, temporarily forgot his troubles and experienced the unique fun of New Year’s Eve .

Such a simple experience is the first time for Qi Mingyu. It is warm and makes people feel reluctant to let go of it. Even Qi Mingfan, you can clearly see that he is very excited. He was fighting to keep his eyes open to stay up together. It’s a pity that in the end, he couldn’t resist the sleepiness.

Qi Yue picked up Qi Mingfan, looked at the time, and said, “Dad, Mom, it’s already late. Go to the room and go to bed. I can watch for the New Year.”

Father and Mother Qi are not as healthy as young people. They would try to hold on to the latest time and stay up with their son. With Qi Mingyu here this time, the two didn’t insist anymore. Mother Qi smiled and patted Qi Mingyu’s hands. “Tonight, you two will keep The New Year. If you really can’t hold on, go back to your room and sleep.”

Qi Mingyu smiled, “Auntie, don’t worry, if I am sleepy, I will go back to the room.” Although he is really not sleepy, Qi Mingyu wanted to spend a New Year’s Eve up, instead of sleeping alone in the cold as usual.     

Qi Yue picked up Qi Mingfan, sent him back to his room, and came out. The show was still on the TV in the living room. Qi Mingyu’s back was unusually tall on the narrow sofa, Qi Yue couldn’t help feeling nervous. —After all, there are only two of them left. In this space, how can they get along with each other? This is definitely a problem.

Qi Mingyu suddenly turned his head and patted the sofa, “Why don’t you come and sit down?”

“Ah, I’m coming.” Qi Yue slowly walked to the sofa, sat on the far edge of the sofa, and let his attention shift to the show as much as possible. No matter how funny the sketches on the show are, they can’t attract Qi Yue’s attention. Moreover, the sketches are not funny at all. It’s better to watch the beautiful man.

It’s a pity that he can’t watch him openly. Qi Yue doesn’t have the courage. He is mainly scratching his heart and lungs from Qi Mingyu’s behavior today. It is simply killing him. What does it mean?!

Just when Qi Yue looked at Qi Mingyu again, Qi Mingyu suddenly turned his head, four eyes met, and Qi Yue twitched the corner of his mouth a little embarrassingly.

“Why do you keep looking at me?”

“You look good.” After blurting out, Qi Yue couldn’t wait to slap himself to death-he was bold today.

Hearing Qi Yue’s answer, Qi Mingyu was stunned for a moment, but soon the corners of his mouth were raised, and there was a smile in his eyes, “I look good?” 

Qi Yue’s eyes drifted. He did not expect Qi Mingyu to ask back, and could only laugh awkwardly, “Ah? Haha, yes, yes.”

Qi Mingyu suddenly approached Qi Yue and grabbed his wrist, “Then why don’t you keep looking?”

Qi Yue looked at Qi Mingyu in surprise, apparently he hadn’t realized what was going on now. Qi Mingyu got closer and closer, and the two of their nose tips almost rubbed against each other. Their breath mingled, and each other’s eyes clearly reflected the other. Focused on watching, the touch from his wrist seemed to have a scorching breath, invading Qi Yue’s skin little by little. As if his whole body was plunged into an ocean, where he couldn’t struggle and it made people addicted to the point where they did not want to struggle. Qi Yue felt that he must be dreaming, otherwise how could this situation happen now?

Just when Qi Yue thought Qi Mingyu was about to kiss him, in the next moment, Bang! the fireworks outside the window frightened the two of them. Qi Mingyu’s eyes shifted, and finally he moved away from his body away from Qi Yue. Qi Yue’s heart couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, but he was truly disappointed-he really shouldn’t think too much.

Qi Mingyu returned to his position with a normal expression, grabbed the beer on the coffee table and took a sip. He quietly sighed, his eyes fixed on the TV. With the sound of fireworks bursting in his ears he couldn’t hear Qi Yue’s movement beside him.

For a time, the atmosphere around the two of them stagnated. Qi Yue barely cheered up and checked the time. It was almost midnight, and the New Year was approaching. Qi Yue whispered, “Happy New Year.”

Qi Mingyu was stunned for a moment and silently grabbed the beer bottle.

After the New Year, Qi Mingyu received a call and his face became ugly. He hung up the phone and said goodbye to the Qi family, saying that he was leaving. Father and Mother Qi wanted them to stay with them for two more days. But unfortunately Qi Mingyu said that there was something at home and he had to go. Father and Mother Qi couldn’t say anything more.

The driver who drove them there came to pick them up again. Qi Mingyu held the reluctant Qi Mingfan and looked back at Qi Yue with complicated eyes, then got in the car and left the place.

In the car, Qi Mingfan was lying in the back seat, looking reluctantly in the direction of Qi Yue’s house through the back seat glass, until he couldn’t see it anymore. Then he turned around and climbed into Qi Mingyu’s arms. It was rare that he didn’t have a attitude.

After a while, Qi Mingyu realized that he was silently covering his eyes and crying.

Qi Mingyu sighed, hugged Qi Mingfan, patted him on the back, and soothed, “Mingfan, I know you are reluctant, and like life these days, but we have to go back, otherwise… …Otherwise it will cause trouble to Qi Yue and the others. Didn’t your brother tell you before.”

Qi Mingfan sobbed and grabbed his brother’s collar–before he left, Qi Mingfan wanted to resist, he even wanted to live there all the time. Even though it was not as nice as his own family home, it made Qi Mingfan feel unprecedented warmth. But his brother told him that if they did not leave and stayed, it would bring harm to Qi Yue and the others. Why? Qi Mingfan didn’t understand, but he knew that his brother didn’t lie to him. He could see that his brother was helpless, angry, and more helpless.

So he didn’t lose his temper. He obediently followed and left to return to the home that made him feel cold.

So this was finished last night I just needed to do a final check before upload and I feel asleep as always. Anyway I am not as versed on the Chinese New Year Culture so it took me a minute to try and figure out a timeline of the events they were talking about. Therefore in the previous chapter I went and changed something so that it could connect better together. As always any comments or concerns please let me know.