Chapter 21 RWABAB

Qi Yue kicked the stone beside his feet, and walked with his head down. His mind drifted to nowhere and the whole person was a little absent-minded.

Ji Chen’s words replayed over and over in his ears. They wouldn’t go away, lingering like a curse, making him uneasy and disoriented. Does Qi Mingyu know? Are his actions so obvious? Qi Yue frowned, wishing to see Qi Mingyu right away. He wanted to look at his face to know whether he knew his feelings for him or not. But at the same time Qi Yue didn’t want to go home so soon. He was afraid to see Qi Mingyu. If he finds out that Qi Mingyu does know his feelings, how should he continue to face him the future? Qi Mingyu will never accept him, so will he be a stranger in the future? But if Qi Mingyu knew about his feelings, why didn’t he avoid him? Yes, Qi Mingfan, for the sake of Mingfan, Qi Mingyu could only endure himself.

Qi Yue walked while thinking blindly. He almost felt schizophrenic with how much he was thinking in circles and talking to himself. He had forgotten that even if he saw Qi Mingyu, he might not be able to see any emotions from Qi Mingyu’s facial paralysis.

With a sigh, Qi Yue knew subconsciously that it was time to cross the road, and he lifted his foot and walked towards the opposite side of the road lost in thought.


The ear-piercing brake sounded, and when Qi Yue recovered his senses, the cold sweat on his back came down. The driver in the car less than one meter away from him was poking his head and cursing at him. Qi Yue automatically wanted to apologize, but he was wrapped into a warm embrace, his head resting on a chest panting quickly. One hand pressed against the back of his neck and the other hand held his waist, so hard, as if they were about to lose him. Qi Yue wrinkled his nose, looked at the familiar cloth in front of him, his eyes widened in a little astonishment, as if he still couldn’t believe that the person holding him was Qi Mingyu.

Qi Mingyu coldly looked at the driver who was still cursing, until the driver shrank his neck under Qi Mingyu’s eyes and drove away. Then he lowered his head and pulled Qi Yue up, looking him up and down. After the very fast beating heart settled down, and then there came an inevitable anger, “You don’t even know how to watch the road!”

Qi Yue was still in a trance. Hearing this voice, he came to his senses and looked at Qi Mingyu’s frustrated face. A hint of happiness actually rose in his heart. He stared at Qi Mingyu silently, wanting to see something from his face.

Qi Mingyu saw that Qi Yue didn’t say anything, but just stared at himself. He couldn’t help knocking on Qi Yue’s head, “I asked you something, did you hear me?”

“Are you worried about me?” Qi Yue’s eyes were bright. After the life-threatening shock just now, Qi Yue’s courage unexpectedly increased, otherwise he would never ask such things.

Hearing what Qi Yue said, Qi Mingyu was stunned, pursed his lips, and turned his head in embarrassment.

Seeing Qi Mingyu avoiding his sight, Qi Yue’s eyes were a little gloomy, he lowered his head and curled his lips mockingly.

Qi Mingyu turned his head to look at Qi Yue, his eyes flashed with unbearableness. He raised his hand, hesitated for a moment, then placed it on Qi Yue’s head and touched his soft hair, “You are my friend, when something like this happened just now, of course I am worried about you.”

“Well, thank you.” Qi Yue still kept his head lowered. After he answered Qi Mingyu, he raised his head, “Let’s go back, I’m fine.”

Qi Mingyu stared at Qi Yue, “…Okay.”

The atmosphere between the two people was a bit strange. No one spoke along the way, and they walked one after the other, as if they had deliberately extended the distance between each other.

Qi Yue walked slowly in front. He knew that Qi Mingyu was following him. He also knew that he was acting really strange now, but suddenly he was not in the mood to talk, especially with Qi Mingyu. So he could only continue to walked in front like this. His head was in a mess, thinking of Ji Chen’s words, thinking of Qi Mingyu’s hug just now, thinking of what Qi Mingyu said later. As if a layer of fog had appeared in front of him, he could not see Qi Mingyu at all and couldn’t understand what he was thinking. The heart that wanted to make contact was always near and far away, making Qi Yue feel extraordinarily tired.

Qi Mingyu also followed Qi Yue, he looked at Qi Yue’s back with complicated eyes. To see Qi Yue was absent minded, crossing the road stupidly and not notice the car driving over, Qi Mingyu’s heart suddenly panicked. At that moment, he couldn’t remember anything, and his body subconsciously followed instinctive actions. When he came back to his senses, he had already embraced Qi Yue, a young man. The clean and refreshing breath lingered around him. Qi Yue’s thin body is completely wrapped in his arms and Qi Mingyu felt a sense of peace of mind. But next, he is full of confusion with a trace of panic. Qi Mingyu vaguely felt that something, somethings, had begun to get out of his control.

After this time, Qi Mingyu suddenly discovered that Qi Yue was hiding from and trying to avoid contact with him. Such a discovery made Qi Mingyu a little angry. But Qi Mingyu didn’t know how to change it because he himself still cannot sort out his head and troubles.

On New Year’s Eve, even the air seemed to be festive. Early in the morning, Father and Mother Qi took out the prepared new clothes. They were three red Tang suits. The styles were very ordinary and the materials used were common, but it looks very warm.

“This is…” Qi Mingyu held the clothes in his hands, with a rare look of surprise on his face.

Father Qi smiled and said, “The new clothes I have prepared for you. You wear new clothes for the New Year.”

“Yes, go and change.” Mother Qi also said with a smile. She bent down and said to Qi Mingfan with a smile,” Fanfan, do you want Aunt to put the new clothes on for you?”

Qi Mingfan blinked his eyes wide, his eyes shifted, and he found Qi Yue’s figure, holding his new clothes and grabbing Qi Yue.

Mother Qi was amused, “Oh, Fanfan and our Xiaoyue have a very good relationship.”

Qi Mingyu also raised his mouth, “Don’t they, I’m a little jealous he didn’t even look at me.”

Qi Mingyu looked at Qi Yue and coincidentially, Qi Yue also looked at him. For a moment, both of them were a little embarrassed. Father and Mother Qi didn’t notice the undercurrent flowing between the two people, and pushed the three people in to change their clothes.

“Mom, wait… wait.” Qi Yue stopped his mother’s movements a little embarrassingly, “I, I’ll wait for Qi… Mingyu to change before going in.” Qi Yue is like a little turtle, discovering a little harm in the outside world, so he retracted into his shell again.

“What’s the matter? Are you still shy?” Mother Qi smiled happily, “Mingyu won’t eat you, you are all boys, what are you afraid of changing your clothes together.”

Mother Qi words made Qi Yue’s face a little bit red, he didn’t know how to speak.

On the contrary, Qi Mingyu opened the door with a smile and said, “Come in and change together. I’m not a monster, I won’t eat you.”

“Haha, Mingyu is really funny.” Mother Qi smiled and patted Qi Mingyu on the shoulder, pushing Qi Yue in.

After the door was closed, the room fell into silence. Even if Qi Mingfan was there, the two felt a little uncomfortable. Qi Yue scratched his head, picked up Qi Mingfan, and put him on the bed, “Well, let me change Mingfan clothes first.”

Qi Mingyu nodded, and took off his clothes without saying anything.

The sound of friction and rubbing between the clothes is clearly audible. Qi Yue’s ears are gradually reddening. Although it is winter and he wears a lot of clothes, for young people, there are actually not many clothes on him. Qi Mingyu just changed clothes behind him. Qi Yue wanted to ignore it, but he was still blushing. Qi Yue settled his mind and he hurriedly lowered his head and carefully changed Qi Mingfan. Qi Mingfan opened his big eyes and obediently let Qi Yue put on the cumbersome buttons. Qi Mingfan’s whole person is more like a little Mandarin Doll. Qi Yue loves it, so he couldn’t help but bow his head and kiss Qi Mingfan’s little cheek.

Qi Mingfan smiled, holding Qi Yue, and unexpectedly printed a drool mark on Qi Yue’s face.

Qi Mingyu, who had changed his clothes, saw that and his face was black. He didn’t know if it was because Qi Yue was kissed, or because he as the brother had not been treated like this by Qi Mingfan. In short, it was all kinds of discomfort.

Regardless of the reason, Qi Mingyu knew that he definitely didn’t want to see such a happy scene, so he said, “Mingfan, let go of Qi Yue, he hasn’t changed his clothes yet.”

Qi Yue was taken aback. Turning his head to look at Qi Mingyu, he said embarrassingly, “Then you guys can go out first.”

Qi Mingyu raised his eyebrows and said slowly, “It’s okay, we’ll wait for you.”

With that, he sat on the stool in front of the desk, holding his arms and looking at Qi Yue, like he was waiting for someone.

Qi Yue’s face flashed red, his eyes dodged and he did not dare to look at Qi Mingyu. He wanted to ask Qi Mingyu to go out again, but he was afraid that he would make the other party feel strange by saying that. In desperation, Qi Yue had to turn around away from Qi Mingyu, and with shaking fingers, slowly take off his clothes.

Because he was at home, he only wore a woolen sweater. After Qi Yue took off his sweater, his white upper body was exposed. When exposed to the cold air, Qi Yue’s body trembled, and his skin became a little pink. Because of the chill, the beautiful butterfly bones on the back shrank involuntarily, tightening, and the lines became more obvious. The smooth back line straight down was blocked by jeans.

Qi Mingyu’s eyes darkened, he saw that Qi Yue’s back waist actually had a back dimple, a small one. He felt it was cute, and he wanted to touch it.

However, Qi Yue had already put on his clothes at this time and his fingers were fastening the buttons.

Qi Mingyu shifted his gaze uncomfortably, and coughed a little awkwardly.

Qi Yue’s fingers trembled, and the button he was struggling with for a long time were even more untied.

The button is small and the buttonhole is not too big. Qi Yue’s fingers are covered with sweat, and he can’t hold the small button. Several times it slipped away from his hand. When he is anxious, he can’t get it even more. You can hear the sound of his heart thumping around.

Qi Yue snorted in frustration, he was anxious enough to die!

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