Chapter 20 RWABAB

A voice suddenly broke into the ambiguous atmosphere between the two of them, “Qi Yue!”

Qi Yue looked back and found that Ji Chen was waving at him with a smile, and then squeezed through the crowd and walked over.

“What a coincidence, we met again.” Ji Chen smiled and walked to Qi Yue’s side and stood opposite Qi Yue with Qi Mingyu.

At the same time two tall and handsome boys were staring at Qi Yue, both dressed in eye-catching outfits. For a time, Qi Yue attracted the attention of everyone passing by.

“Ji Chen.” Qi Yue greeted with a smile, “Are you also here to buy New Year Eve’s goods?” 

“Yes, it’s too boring at home. I volunteered to come out to buy the goods. You too right, do you want to go together?” Until now, Ji Chen had not said hello to Qi Mingyu. It should be said that he was deliberately ignoring Qi Mingyu’s existence. He intuitively felt that the man next to him who was superior in appearance alone was a formidable enemy. Ji Chen has always liked Qi Yue. In fact, at the beginning, Ji Chen did not pay attention to Qi Yue, because at that time, Qi Yue was very quiet and focused on studying. When did he first notice this quiet teenager, Ji Chen also does not know clearly. He doesn’t remember what day it was when the sun came in through the window and spilled on the face of the teenager reading by the window. It was quiet and beautiful. It made the hot summer feel a touch of peace and lightness. Ji Chen’s irritable mood suddenly calmed down. After that, he began to observe Qi Yue involuntarily. The more he observed, the more he wanted to understand, the more he understood, the more he liked. Ji Chen being gay himself, he was able to perceive others like him. When he vaguely discovered that Qi Yue and him are the same kind of person, at that time Ji Chen’s heart couldn’t help but burst into ecstasy.

He tentatively approached Qi Yue and tried to slowly narrow the distance between him and Qi Yue. He thought his charm was enough to impress Qi Yue, but at that time, Qi Yue was really not in the mind for love, nor did he realize Ji Chen’s feelings. Therefore, Ji Chen was rejected. After that, the two people met somewhat awkwardly. Ji Chen didn’t want to give up. He thought that Qi Yue rejected him because Qi Yue was a quiet and obedient student who didn’t want to have a relationship in high school not because he did not like Ji Chen. So Ji Chen choose to wait, but now, when he saw the boy next to Qi Yue that day, and saw the way Qi Yue was looking at him. He knew Qi Yue has someone he likes.

At that moment, what Ji Chen felt was anger, unwillingness, sadness, and feelings of betrayal, but he still didn’t want to give up. He didn’t hold Qi Yue closely in his hands, thinking he was the only one for him. So Ji Chen was calmly waiting for Qi Yue. Then when he came back to his side, he suddenly realized that the person he liked in the future was not himself, and he even fell in love with someone better than him. For this kind of result, Ji Chen could not tolerate it. No matter what the reason, he would get Qi Yue in his hands.

Qi Yue looked at Ji Chen and smiled awkwardly. He didn’t know how to answer. At this time, Qi Mingyu said, “We are almost finished.”

After Ji Chen listened to it, he laughed with unknown meaning, “It’s rare to cross paths today. Qi Yue come hang out with me. As for the New Year’s goods, your friend can take it back, okay?”

Qi Mingyu frowned when he heard this, he wanted to say something, he glanced at the look in Ji Chen’s eyes, and the way Qi Yue looked at him. Who knows what he thought of, and he changed his words, “In this case, then I will take Mingfan back first…you, you accompany your friends.”

Qi Yue lowered his head and blinked vigorously, “…Okay.”

Ji Chen narrowed his eyes, curled his lips sarcastically, and then looked at Qi Yue and laughed, “Then let’s go.”

Qi Yue nodded, and after giving Qi Mingyu the things, he followed Ji Chen away.

Qi Mingyu took the reluctant Qi Mingfan and stood there, looking at Qi Yue’s back until he couldn’t see it, and then took Qi Mingfan to walk back. His eyes were dark and unclear. Qi Mingfan wanted to get angry and chase Qi Yue. But when he saw Qi Mingyu’s ugly expression on his face, he didn’t dare to be willful, and he obediently let Qi Mingyu pull him back.

Here on this side, Qi Yue followed Ji Chen silently, and Ji Chen didn’t speak either. After a while, Qi Yue felt that this was a bit bad. He sorted out his emotions, raised his head and smiled, “Ji Chen. What else do you want to buy? I’ll go with you.”     

Ji Chen kept looking at Qi Yue and saw that he raised his head and spoke to him. He couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and rub Qi Yue’s hair, sighing, “You still haven’t changed at all.” 

“Huh?” Qi Yue looked at Ji Chen with uncertainty.

“Still thinking about others.” Ji Chen replied with a memory in his eyes. Qi Yue probably didn’t know, Ji Chen has been observing him for a long time. Most people are childish nowadays. Never doing anything for others nor considering or care about other people’s emotional problems, but Qi Yue is different. He will first consider other people’s emotions and take care of other people’s feelings. Even if the other person does not care that they are being taken care of and will not be grateful.

Qi Yue touched his head and smiled embarrassedly.

The two chatted for a while. After Ji Chen talked and talked, Qi Yue gradually loosened up. After shopping, talking and laughing, and nearing separation, Ji Chen suddenly stopped and reached out to hold Qi Yue’s hand.

“Ji Chen.” Qi Yue looked at Ji Chen in a daze, forgetting to pull out his hand.

“Qi Yue, do you remember what I told you before graduating from high school?” Ji Chen said.

Qi Yue’s face changed, and he lowered his head in embarrassment.

Ji Chen understood, he said, “Now those words still stand…Qi Yue, can you try to like me?”

Qi Yue slowly pulled out his hand, and after a short silence, Ji Chen smiled bitterly, “Is this a rejection?”

“I’m sorry, Ji Chen, I…” Qi Yue hesitated not knowing how to speak.

“You have someone you like? Right, that person?” Ji Chen asked.

Qi Yue raised his head suddenly, his expression a little flustered, “This, I…”

“He should know.”

“No, he doesn’t know.” Qi Yue shook his head.

“Are you sure?” Ji Chen asked in disapproval, “But I think he should know that you like him, because…you can’t hide the expression in your eyes at all, that even I can find out. How can the person involved not find it?”

Qi Yue’s face turned pale when he heard Ji Chen say this. He shook his head, “No, it’s impossible, how could he find out?”

“Why don’t you tell him directly? He… “

“He likes girls, and… and I haven’t thought that, just like him.” Qi Yue lowered his head, his expression was a little dazed. When Ji Chen said this, his heart was confused, and now there is nothing at all, no clues and no ideas anymore.

“Then why don’t you try to like me? Am I far worse than him?” Ji Chen held Qi Yue’s shoulder, “Qi Yue, I really like you, can you…”     

“Ji Chen.” Qi Yue raised his head and interrupted Ji Chen, “Although I have not expected much of his joy, but I still want to continue to like… I’m sorry.”     

Ji Chen looked at Qi Yue’s back leaving and clenched his fists.     

Qi Mingyu took Qi Mingfan back to Qi’s house, and it was Mother Qi who opened the door, “Eh? Why are you two back alone? How about Xiao Yue? Did he leave you two to play by himself?”     

Qi Mingyu shook his head, “No Auntie. Qi Yue met a classmate who asked Qi Yue to accompany him. Qi Yue couldn’t get rid of him, so I went ahead. I was afraid that the snacks I bought would go bad, so I brought Mingfan back first. ”     

Mother Qi frowned.” What classmate is this? How can he be so rude? ”

“I heard Qi Yue call him Ji Chen. It should be someone from Qi Yue’s high school, right? The relationship looked pretty good. “Qi Mingyu said as he put the snacks into the refrigerator. 

“Ji Chen?” Mother Qi thought for a while, “I haven’t heard Xiao Yue mention him.”     

Qi Mingyu hooked the corner of his mouth.     

“Mingyu, you can take a rest in Xiao Yue’s room. When he comes back, I will talk to him about letting you come back by yourself.” Mother Qi said to Qi Mingyu.    

“Auntie, don’t blame Qi Yue. It is his classmate named Ji Chen who is too enthusiastic. He keeps asking Qi Yue to accompany him. It is not easy for Qi Yue to refuse. After all, they were in the same class before.”     

Qi Mingyu coaxed Mother Qi. Carrying Qi Mingfan into Qi Yue’s room, he put Qi Mingfan onto the bed. Then Qi Mingyu started holding Qi Mingfan’s arms on the bed and was looking at Qi Mingfan, “You just hit me several times. How come I don’t know when you learned to hit people?”

Qi Mingfan pouted and stretched out his little feet to try to kick Qi Mingyu.

Qi Mingyu held Qi Mingfan’s little feet, lifted it up, and overturned Qi Mingyu all at once. Seeing Qi Mingfan angrily get up and stand on the bed looking at him, Qi Mingyu raised the corner of his mouth, “Angry?”

Qi Mingfan ignored him, and turned to lay on the bed, with a small face buried in his arms, making it clear that he did not want to see Qi Mingyu.

Qi Mingyu sighed, “Mingfan, I will find you a sketchbook, so you can draw for a while.” After that, Qi Mingyu went to the place where Qi Yue put a sketchbook before. On the small bookshelf was an exquisite sketchbook. It was something that Qi Yue had placed on a high shelf and had not allowed him to move. Last time he wanted to take it down and have a look, Qi Yue blushed with anxiety and put it on a higher shelf, as if then no one will take it.

Qi Mingyu’s hand moved and did not stop. He took down the sketchbook and opened it. There were only two drawings inside. The two people on the pictures were ugly and made people want to laugh when they looked at it.

But Qi Mingyu couldn’t laugh. He touched the two people in the drawing. After looking for a while, he suddenly closed the book and sighed. Then he put the book back in place and took out the sketchbook that Qi Mingfan used before. Turning around, he said, “You draw by yourself obediently, and your brother will go out to pick up Qi Yue.”

Qi Mingfan’s little head turned, and he moved his head to look at his brother.

Qi Mingyu raised asked the sketchbook in his hand and asked “Okay?”

Qi Mingfan got up from the bed with a grunt and got off the bed upside down, and obediently took the sketchbook. Indicating that he would stay in the house and draw.