Chapter 19 RWABAB

“What? Are you leaving?” Early in the morning, Qi Yue stood in front of the bed holding a change of clothes, and asked Qi Mingyu in surprise.

Qi Mingyu nodded, and reached out to pull Qi Mingfan who was sitting cross-legged on the bed and not moving. Qi Mingfan, seeing his brother coming over, hurriedly stretched out his little feet to kick.

Qi Mingyu said helplessly, “Mingfan, be obedient, we should go back.”

Qi Mingfan pouted and kicked his brother’s hand away. His small body quickly crawled towards Qi Yue and threw himself into Qi Yue’s arms and looked at him wronged.

Qi Yue hurriedly put down his clothes, and spoke hesitantly, “You are going home for the New Year?” What is he saying? Of course they must go back home for the New Year!

Qi Yue was still upset, and he heard Qi Mingyu reply like this, “Our family…doesn’t spend the New Year together.”

Hearing this, Qi Yue’s eyes lit up, “Then you can…”

“It’s not good to disturb you like this.” Qi Mingyu interrupted Qi Yue, “We have stayed here for too long already.”

“No, it’s not a bother.” Qi Yue whispered, “My family welcomes you.” He looked down at Qi Mingfan and hurriedly said, “And Mingfan certainly doesn’t want to leave, do you want to go back and stay by yourself? Then why don’t you just stay here and spend the New Year with us?”

Qi Mingyu glanced at Qi Mingfan silently, he was greedy for the warmth here. Not that Mingfan wasn’t, maybe he felt it more deeply,so his reaction was bigger when he said they were going to leave. He really didn’t want to leave here.     

“What are you talking about?” Mother Qi popped her head in from the open door. She walked by the door just now and heard the conversation inside. She probably understood something, so she came to ask about Qi Mingyu’s family situation. Qi Yue had vaguely mentioned something about it before they came.     

Qi Yue said the matter quickly, and then asked, “Mom, you don’t mind if Mingyu and Mingfan stay, do you?”

Mother Qi smiled and walked in, “Of course I don’t mind.” She came to Qi Mingyu side and held his hand and patted it, “Child, if your family doesn’t mind, you can spend the New Year with us. In previous years, there were only three of us anyway. If you can join us, we will be more than happy, how can it be troublesome.”

Qi Mingyu looked at Qi Yue who looked at him expectantly and the pitiful Qi Mingfan. He finally helplessly nodded, “Thank you, Auntie.”

Qi Mingyu agreed to stay. Qi Yue breathed a sigh of relief. He said cheerfully, “Then give me the dirty clothes from these two days, and I’ll go and wash it. “

Qi Mingyu took out a few pieces of clothes, “I’ll wash it with you.”

“Well, there is a washing machine.”

Qi Mingyu looked at Qi Yue’s head down and hooked up the corners of his mouth, “There are some clothes here that can’t be used in a washing machine.” Seeing Qi Yue looking up, Qi Mingyu raised his hand openly.

Seeing a few triangular fabrics fluttering in Qi Mingyu’s hands, Qi Yue’s face suddenly turned red. His mind flashed to Qi Mingyu’s body when he was wearing this. Broad shoulders and long legs, and the cloth wrapped… Mom, I can’t think about it anymore! 

While Qi Mingyu stayed there during this time, Qi Yue had always been very conscious and careful to not come in contact with these things. In fact, he would not go to Qi Mingyu’s room at night. Even in the morning, when Mother Qi asked him to wake them up, Qi Yue never wanted to take the opportunity to take advantage of it. Today, if Mother Qi hadn’t realized that there was not enough food and had to go out to buy food in the morning, so she let Qi Yue go in to collect clothes; Then Qi Yue would still be sitting on the sofa seriously and waiting for the two to come out.

“Um… then let’s go out and wash.” Qi Yue said the last two words very quietly. Then before he even finished speaking, he opened the door and went out.

Qi Mingyu smiled behind him. He shook the things in his hands, pinched Qi Mingfan’s small face, and followed after Qi Yue.     

Qi Mingfan rubbed his face vigorously behind him, and he felt that his brother become bad.

The washing machine in Qiyue’s house is an old-fashioned one. There are two tubs, one for washing the clothes and the other for spinning the moisture out the clothes. The tub for washing clothes should be watched for when the water is is going in and draining out. When the tub is full, then push the button again to start it. The old-fashioned machine makes a lot of noise, so people must speak loudly. But Qi Yue is a little grateful that he is not a talkative person. There is such a noise to fill the silence, which also avoided the embarrassment of the two people waiting.

Qi Mingyu has never washed clothes before. This kind of pure cotton clothes that need to be hand-washed is done by special personnel. So at this time, he is standing in front of the machine a little helpless. But with this triangle fabric, it should not be difficult for Qi Mingyu to handle it.

“Hey…” Qi Mingyu looked at the cloth in his hand in a dazed manner–the cloth ripped open a slit in the middle and turned into open crotch pants.

“Pfft…” Qi Yue covered his mouth, looked at Qi Mingyu who turned his head, and said that he really didn’t laugh at him.

At this time the washing machine stopped. Qi Yue fished out the clothes and put them in the tub for spinning the water out. After pressing a few buttons, the tub was working properly. The noise was very small. Qi Yue watched Qi Mingyu standing next to the washing counter and comforted, “The material is too thin, or I will help you wash it…”

“You’ll help me?” Qi Mingyu looked at the things in his hands and asked again, “You’ll help me wash these?”

“Yeah.” Although he felt Qi Mingyu was teasing, Qi Yue stiffly nodded his head.

“Well, I’ll trouble you.” Qi Mingyu staggered his body and let Qi Yue come over.

Qi Yue’s face was a little red as he washed Qi Mingyu’s clothes. The feeling in his hands gave him the urge to tremble.

Standing behind Qi Yue, Qi Mingyu watched him washing his clothes meticulously with his head down. The red spreading on his ears told him that Qi Yue was not as calm as he appeared on the surface. Qi Mingyu felt that his bad desire to tease was growing more and more. He had been here for two weeks, how could he have not wash these things before? After all, he couldn’t let his aunt wash them.

Why is he so easy to deceive? Qi Mingyu looked at Qi Yue with a gentleness that he hadn’t even noticed.

At this time, Qi Mingyu’s cell phone rang. He took out his cell phone and saw that it was Lu Lei, so he picked it up directly on the spot.

Not knowing what was said on the other side of the phone, Qi Mingyu’s face suddenly sank, “How did you know.”

Qi Yue heard that Qi Mingyu’s tone was wrong, and looked back at Qi Mingyu. Qi Mingyu saw Qi Yue looking back, he gave Qi Yue a complicated look before pushing the door and going out.

The voice of Qi Mingyu on the phone gradually disappeared and the sound of spinning tub stopped. The whole washroom was quiet. Qi Yue seemed to hear the sound of his heart beating, he was nervous and didn’t know why. Qi Yue just felt the phone call was related to himself, and Qi Mingyu’s look… made him feel uneasy involuntarily.

Shaking his head, Qi Yue comforted himself. He didn’t have anything to worry about. He was probably just overthinking it.

After a while, Qi Mingyu came back, Qi Yue smiled and turned his head, “I’m all done.”

Qi Mingyu nodded silently, and said politely, “I troubled you.”

“…It’s all right, no trouble. “Qi Yue smiled.

Seeing Qi Yue going to wash clothes again, Qi Mingyu stood there for a while staring at Qi Yue’s back, then turned and left.

Qi Yue vaguely heard Qi Mingyu’s sigh, as if it was an illusion.

The family of Qi Yue, is of course not exempt from New Year’s Eve preparations. In the past, Father and Mother Qi took Qi Yue to buy the New Year’s goods. This year it is Qi Yue who takes Qi Mingyu and Qi Mingfan to buy the New Year goods.

There will be a market in the small town a few days before the New Year. Then there will be various stalls in another location, all of which sold goods that are cheap and beautiful for the New Year.

Qi Yue pulled Qi Mingfan, followed by Qi Mingyu, and inevitably attracted the attention of most people. Probably because they have never seen a person like Qi Mingyu with such a good temperament and superior figure and appearance to be in a stalls like this. Walking through the place, crowded with people, all kinds of shouts were constant, even Qi Yue felt that Qi Mingyu beside him was really not suitable for this kind of place, and it was embarrassing to look at.

On the contrary, Qi Mingyu didn’t have this kind of consciousness at all. He walked around quite leisurely, and looked around here and there, and called Qi Yue over. There are many snacks here, although they are not special snacks, but for Qi Mingyu, they have not eaten them before. So along the way, they have eaten a lot. Some snacks with good taste, Qi Mingyu will buy an extra serving. Qi Yue was originally worried about Qi Mingfan, that eating the outside food would be bad for his health. But the two of them didn’t care at all, eating each fragrant bite. Watching the two people be happy, Qi Yue was not willing to interrupt them.


Qi Yue looked at the fried sweet potatoes that was handed in front of him. He squinted his eyes and thanked him with a smile, and then took a bite. It was sweet, soft and very delicious. This kind of fried sweet potatoes is very simple. Cut the sweet potatoes into pieces. Add butter and fry them in a mold. As for what else is added to it, Qi Yue doesn’t know. It’s nothing but sugar. Such a common thing Qi Yue has eaten before, but it tastes very good today. What Qi Yue was really saying was, the things sent by the person he likes are all good.

Seeing Qi Yue eating happily, Qi Mingyu also inevitably raised the corners of his mouth. He lowered his head and watched Qi Mingfan also use two small hands to hold the food with joy. The big and small one’s movements were exactly the same, just like two hamsters. Qi Mingyu felt happy. He stretched out his hand and squeezed Qi Mingfan’s small face, and successfully left an oil mark on Qi Mingfan’s white tender face.

Qi Mingfan was eating something in his mouth and holding a sweet potato in his hand. He paused for a moment, gave his brother a look aggrievedly, and then leaned on Qi Yue, trying to stay away from his brother.

Qi Yue looked amused and freed a hand to wipe Qi Mingfan’s face, “Why are you bullying Mingfan?”

After this sentence, Qi Yue realized that there was a sense of intimacy—this was the first time that happened. He has never said anything in such an intimate tone before. Qi Yue couldn’t help but raised his head to see Qi Mingyu’s reaction.

It was only then that he noticed Qi Mingyu seemed to be watching him all the time, his eyes were gentle, which made people want to indulge unconsciously. Qi Yue’s heart was beating fast, and all the noisy sounds around him seemed to disappear under his eyes. Then an ambiguous breath flows between the two people.

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