Chapter 18 RWABAB

The scenery of the town is pretty good. There are no tall buildings, no traffic and everything seems a bit quiet. There are not many people in the cold winter morning and the road is empty all day long. Qi Mingyu walked on the side of the road and took a deep breath, then breathed out slowly. He hadn’t felt so relaxed for a long time.

Qi Yue took Qi Mingfan’s hand, thinking about what’s interesting in the town, but unfortunately they are not near the coast. There is no scenic spot, no special features, and not even a playground.

“What’s that?”

Qi Mingyu’s voice interrupted Qi Yue’s contemplation. Qi Yue raised his head and followed Qi Mingyu’s gaze. He found that the small shop on the opposite road was opening. The owner was holding a stack of red paper and putting it on a shelf outside the store.

Qi Yue tilted his head to look at Qi Mingyu, “Are you talking about the red paper?” Qi Yue’s eyes widened, “You don’t know what that is?”

Qi Mingyu lowered his hand with a black face and looked at Qi Yue without saying a word.

“Ah, those are couplets and blessings, which are all used for the New Year. Haven’t your family posted it before?” After Qi Yue said this sentence, he regretted it. Thinking about Qi Mingyu’s villa, the outside door was very opulent and majestic. Compared with other families, the class difference is obvious. It’s not realistic to put couplets on it. It doesn’t look good when you think about it.

“Never posted it.” Qi Mingyu replied. It should be said that their family doesn’t celebrate the New Year very much. The time when other families reunite, for their family, the New Year there is no difference.

There was a tug on the hands of the two of them. Qi Yue and Qi Mingyu looked down and found that it was Qi Mingfan who was pulling them forward.

“Do you want to go over?” Qi Yue looked in the direction Qi Mingfan was pulling, which was the little shop.

Qi Mingfan nodded with curiosity in his eyes. Qi Mingyu hooked the corner of his mouth, “Let’s take a look.”

“Xiao Qi.” The store is not far from where Qi Yue lives. Qi Yue often comes here to buy things, so the owner knew Qi Yue, and greeted him warmly when he saw him coming “Back from college?”

“Yes.” Qi Yue responded with a smile, pulling the two people to pick a couplet.

The shopkeeper looked at Qi Mingfan and Qi Mingyu’s extraordinary appearance, and asked in surprise, “Who are these two of you? I haven’t seen them before, they aren’t from here are they?”

“Yes, this is my classmate and this is his younger brother.” Qi Yue scratched his head and introduced.

“Oh, the young man is really good-looking.” The shopkeeper patted Qi Mingyu on the shoulder with a smile.

Qi Mingyu stood stiff with his whole body, a little uncomfortable, but he still nodded.

Qi Yue chuckled inwardly.

After picking a few couplets, Qi Mingyu hurriedly dragged Qi Yue away. The owner of this shop was too enthusiastic and kept asking Qi Mingyu various questions.

Seeing Qi Mingyu pursing his mouth, Qi Yue thought that Qi Mingyu was a little angry, and then explained, “The storekeeper probably saw you looked good and wanted you for their daughter, so they asked a lot of questions.”

Qi Mingyu looked at Qi Yue, “Do they often ask others?”

Qi Yue smiled and nodded, “Yes, I have been asked several times, but people seem to look down on me.”

Qi Mingyu looked at Qi Yue, suddenly he stretched out his hand around the back of Qi Yue’s head and squeezed Qi Yue’s neck. He watched Qi Yue scrunch his neck in surprise, staring at him with wide eyes, just like a frightened cat.

Qi Mingyu smiled happily, “You are indeed not suitable.”

“Not suitable for what?” Qi Yue asked subconsciously, still in confusion and shock.

Qi Mingyu glanced at Qi Yue’s small body, “Not suitable to be someone else’s boyfriend.”

Qi Mingyu’s eyes irritated Qi Yue, Qi Yue straightened up, “You haven’t even seen his daughter. How do you know that I am not suitable to be someone else’s boyfriend.”

 “I don’t need to look at her, I can by looking at you.” Qi Mingyu smiled, raising his hand to compare Qi Yue’s figure, “Well, not suitable.”

Qi Yue puffed out his cheeks, your height and figure, few have it.

When he was about to go to bed that night, Qi Yue found out sadly that he had no quilt. There were not many quilts at home and his mother washed two quilts yesterday.

Mother Qi stood awkwardly behind Qi Yue, patted Qi Yue’s shoulder comfortingly, “Mom didn’t mean it, I really forgot.”

You forgot to prepare a quilt for me? Qi Yue glanced at his mother silently, “I’ll just go buy a quilt.”

“Yeah.” Mother Qi nodded quickly.

“I’ll accompany you.” Qi Mingyu said.

“No need, I can go by myself.” Qi Yue quickly waved his hand and refused.

“Okay, let’s go.” Qi Mingyu interrupted Qi Yue, “I will worry if you go out alone.”

What… Qi Yue rubbed his ears unconsciously, what did he hear just now?

Following Qi Mingyu out of the house in a dream like state, Qi Yue was still floating, until Qi Mingyu pinched the back of his neck again. Qi Yue reacted, covering his neck, and staring at Qi Mingyu. “President, why do you keep pinching my neck?”

“I’m happy.” Qi Mingyu glanced at Qi Yue, “Why do you call me President? We are not at school, right?”

Qi Yue was taken aback. “What’s your name?”

Qi Mingyu frowned, “Don’t tell me, you don’t know my name.”

“Ah, I know, I know, it’s…” Qi Yue looked at Qi Mingyu blankly, but didn’t know how to speak or what it is called.

“Mingyu.” Qi Mingyu said, “Just call me like that. Jincheng and the others call me that.”

“Okay.” Qi Yue lowered his head and muttered these two words silently, completely unaware of his face. It was so red that it even spread to the neck.

Qi Mingyu originally wanted to ask Qi Yue where to buy the quilt. At this time, he couldn’t ask. He coughed and turned to look at the dim yellow street lamp on the side of the road.

The sound of the passing car awakened the two silent people. Qi Yue raised his head, looked at around the road, and stopped with a little embarrassment.

“What’s wrong?” Qi Mingyu looked back at Qi Yue, who was now under the street lamp. The yellow light hit Qi Yue’s white face from above, and even the fine hair on Qi Yue’s face could be seen clearly.

Qi Yue’s eyes were bright, and he was a little embarrassed. He spit out three words, “We went pass.”

Qi Mingyu: …

The two went back to buy the quilt and then went back. Qi Yue followed behind Qi Mingyu, looking at Qi Mingyu holding his quilt in his hand, his heart felt a little beautiful.

Looking at it, his gaze turned to other places. The street lamps were standing in rows and they walked under them. The shadows would stretch and shorten. Sometimes the shadows of two people would merge together. The shadows were just right where Qi Yue stood so that he reached Qi Mingyu’s shoulder, he tilted his head, as if leaning on Qi Mingyu’s shoulder. Qi Yue pursed his lips and snickered, and kept making small movements behind Qi Mingyu, stretching his arms to let the shadow encircle Qi Mingyu. Tilting his head to let his shadow rest on Qi Mingyu’s shoulders, and turned his head again and again, looking at Qi Mingyu’s broad back…

It was fun to play.

Qi Yue did his small movements all way to the door. Qi Mingyu asked when Qi Yue opened the door, “Did you have fun?”

“What?!” Qi Yue forgot to open the door in surprise. His face red one moment and white the next. He remembered the small movements that he was doing and that maybe Qi Mingyu saw it. He was so nervous that he didn’t dare to look at Qi Mingyu.

Qi Mingyu looked at Qi Yue’s pale face, paused, and turned away his eyes to reply, “I meant when you went out with me and Mingfan today, did you have fun?”

The words were a bit far-fetched, but Qi Yue believed it, there is no doubt at all, he took a breath of relief and nodded, “Happy, I’m glad you can come.”


At night, Qi Mingyu was lying on the bed, a little unable to sleep. The bed underneath was not as big or as soft as his at home, but he felt very at ease. The reason for not falling asleep was obviously not because of this.

Qi Mingfan kicked his feet in his sleep and kicked Qi Mingyu. Qi Mingyu came back to his senses. He glanced at his younger brother and sighed, thinking of something, the expression in his eyes was a little complicated.     

The New Year’s atmosphere in the town is very strong. As the Chinese New Year approaches, every household is busy. Qi Mingyu and Qi Mingfan have lived in Qi Yue’s house for more than two weeks. They are not at all uncomfortable, and are even very happy. The harmonious atmosphere between them and Father and Mother Qi even makes Qi Yue a little jealous. But as the New Year approaches, Qi Mingyu is also considering the question of going home. It’s not good for them to continue to disturb them here right?     

But when thinking of going, Qi Mingyu’s reluctence to leave suddenly rises up. He is really happy here, without worrying, being leisurely, and even sometimes it’s not boring to stay in Qi Yue’s home all day without going out. They lie down on the sofa to watch movies, teach Qi Mingfan to draw together, cook together, play chess with Father Qi, and help Mother Qi clean the house. These are things Qi Mingyu has never experienced before, but they make him feel very happy. He felt at ease. In Father Qi and Mother Qi, he saw the love of a parent. They treated him and Qi Mingfan without hesitation. Qi Mingyu saw it clearly in his heart. It was precisely because he understood that he was reluctant to give up, so he was nostalgic. Qi Mingyu felt that he was really greedy and wanted to keep this kind of warmth and life. One day he even hugged Qi Mingfan and kissed him, which made Qi Mingfan tilt his head and look at him incomprehensibly. Only he knew in his heart, he was thanking his lovely brother. If he hadn’t insisted on coming to Qi Yue, Qi Mingyu would not have felt such warmth.     

It’s a pity that good days always feel like they pass by quickly, and the time for the New Year is getting closer and closer. Qi Mingyu also knows that he and Qi Mingfan can’t just spend the New Year with Qi Yue’s family here.

Thinking of Qi Yue, inexplicable emotions surged up in Qi Mingyu. In the past two weeks, the two of them can be said to be inseparable. Although they are taking care of Qi Mingfan together, so there is a small one by their side, but the two people talk more and more. Qi Mingyu also saw more sides of Qi Yue. It turned out that he was not reticent or introverted. Qi Yue loves to laugh, and when he smiles his eyes are fold like crescents. He loves to chat and joke with people close to him. When he spoke, his voice was clear and there was a clear flavor. Qi Mingyu had even seen Qi Yue act like a baby, resting on Mother Qi, begging her to cook at noon. Although when he saw him, Qi Yue immediately stood up straight and turned into that shy boy again.

However, Qi Mingyu thought, that image of Qi Yue, he would never forget it.

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