Chapter 16 RWABAB

“Dad, Mom!” Qi Yue opened the door, “I’m back!”

“Xiao Yue, come and see mom.” Mother Qi walked out of the kitchen, “That’s right, knowing that you will be home today, Mom will prepare something special for you .”

Father Qi also pushed the wheelchair over, “It’s okay, the child has just arrived home, let him put down the luggage first.”

“Oh, yes, come on, give the luggage to mom.” Mother Qi said as she tried to take Qi Yue’s backpack.

“No, Mom, I’ll do it myself.” Qi Yue hugged his parents and entered the room by himself.

Seeing his parents in good health, Qi Yue breathed a sigh of relief.

At this time in Qi’s villa, Qi Mingfan was having a temper tantrum. Qi Mingyu put down his chopsticks with a headache, “Aunt Liu, get another pair of chopsticks.”

“Ah, well, I’ll get it right away.” Aunt Liu looked at the thrown chopstick on the ground and shook her head helplessly.

“Papa!” The chopsticks reached Qi Mingfan’s hand and were thrown away again. Qi Mingfan stared at his brother without compromise.

“Mingfan, there are still a lot of chopsticks at home, you can throw them away, but you have to finish this meal for me today!” Qi Mingyu also got angry, “I told you Qi Yue will not come!”

Today, Qi Mingyu told Qi Mingfan about Qi Yue’s affairs. Qi Mingfan’s performance was still normal and there was no crying. Who knew that when it was time to eat, Aunt Liu made a table of dishes, and Qi Mingfan started to lose his temper. The chopsticks in the room were thrown away, and Qi Mingyu tried to coax him for half the day, but it was not effective.

Qi Mingfan’s eyes were red, his mouth was flattened, and tears were falling down.

Aunt Liu looked distressed and couldn’t help but speak, “Master, the young master must be thinking of Xiao Qi, otherwise…”

“No.” Qi Mingyu said coldly, “He can no longer rely on Qi Yue so much. It’s over, so from today on he has to get used to being without him.”

Qi Mingfan looked at his brother, climbed down from the chair, and ran into his room without saying a word.

Qi Mingyu sighed–he never expected that Qi Yue would have such a great influence on Qi Mingfan.

After a while, Qi Mingyu was soft-hearted after all. He pushed open the door of Qi Mingfan’s bedroom. He saw Qi Mingfan lying on the bed, flipping through the picture book Qi Yue and him drew with his little hand. Seeing him come in, he immediately buried his face in his arms. He made it clear that he did not want to see Qi Mingyu.

Qi Mingyu walked over with a dumbfounded cry, “You have an attitude with your brother.”

Qi Mingyu reached the bedside and touched Qi Mingfan’s soft hair, “Mingfan, brother didn’t let you see Qi Yue is also because it is winter vacation, and he’s going home.”

Qi Mingfan’s little head moved, Qi Mingyu continued, “Didn’t brother tell you, he went back with his parents. You can’t let Qi Yue see his parents but comeback and accompany you.”

Qi Mingfan listened motionlessly. After a while, he raised his head, sat upright, and pointed out the window.

“What?” Qi Mingyu looked at Qi Mingfan puzzled.

Qi Mingfan kicked his legs, slid off the bed, went to the cabinet next to him, and pulled out a small suitcase!

Qi Mingyu really didn’t know what to say this time, he covered his forehead, “Mingfan, don’t mess around.”

Qi Mingfan hugged the suitcase and ignored his brother. He opened it by himself, hummed and started organizing his clothes.

Qi Mingyu stood up, walked to Qi Mingfan’s side, grabbed his little arm, “Is Qi Yue that good?! Why do you have to go to him! Do you know this is causing trouble for your brother! I… “

” Woo…” Qi Mingfan hugged his clothes and cried. This time he no longer shed tears, but really sobbed. He looked at Qi Mingyu aggrievedly, and his big eyes were filled with unspeakable grievance and emotions.

Qi Mingfan pushed Qi Mingyu’s arm away, resisting his approach, opened the door and ran out. Aunt Liu’s voice came from outside the door, Qi Mingyu stopped chasing out, his face was very ugly.

His peripheral swept over the sketchbook on the bed. He walked over like a ghost and picked up the sketchbook. Qi Mingyu found that he had never looked at the pictures Qi Mingfan and Qi Yue drew carefully, and didn’t even know the content was full of snacks. The little child squatted on the ground, filled with longing, and the sky is full of various foods. The lines are so immature, it can be seen at a glance that Qi Mingfan painted it by himself. Beside the child, there is a the young man, he stretched out his hand, took down the things the child wanted, and piled them all in front of the child. This young man was obviously painted by Qi Yue… Looking back, Qi Mingyu suddenly discovered that Qi Mingfan was no longer painting himself alone, but with Qi Yue, even with him…

Qi Mingyu trembled and continued to look. He suddenly thought of what Qi Mingfan had encountered when he was a child-when Qi Mingfan was only three years old, he was kidnapped for more than a month before being rescued. When he came back, he was so skinny. The kidnappers didn’t care about Qi Mingfan at all, only that he didn’t die, he was given some water every day, and a few dry pieces of bread. No one talked to him, no one paid attention to him. In a small room, except for the sunshine when someone brought water every day, Qi Mingfan could only shrink in the cold and damp room and listen to the foul language outside.

How long did it take him to pull his brother back from the brink of death? How long did it take for the younger brother to become what he is now? What is he doing now? Why does Qi Mingfan want to be so close to Qi Yue, because Qi Yue let the closed door in his heart find a cleansing outlet? The funny thing is that Qi Mingyu himself has never discovered that he has deprived him of this warmth. How cruel of him.

Which of the things in this painting is not Qi Mingfan’s desire to vent? Didn’t he see something painted by Qi Mingfan before? Isn’t he happy that his brother has a way of expression? Why did Qi Mingyu no longer think about it and observe it carefully? Qi Yue was redemption for Qi Mingfan, and it was a redemption that his family could not give. He helped Qi Mingfan to open a heart door to vent his desires and brought Qi Mingfan warmth.No wonder Qi Mingfan refused to give up Qi Yue. No wonder he felt wronged, because his brother did not understand and tried to deprive him of warmth.

Qi Mingyu looked at it, lowered his head and covered his face and smiled bitterly. After a long while, he cleared up his emotions and went out.

In the living room, Aunt Liu was holding Qi Mingfan and patted his back. Seeing Qi Mingyu coming out, she hurriedly said, “Master, come and coax the young master.”

Qi Mingyu took Qi Mingfan from Aunt Liu’s arms, regardless of how he struggled endlessly. He said “Don’t worry Aunt Liu, let me talk to Mingfan.”

“Ok, you talk.” Aunt Liu touched Qi Mingfan’s little face and left step by step.

Qi Mingyu sat on the sofa and pressed Qi Mingfan on his lap, “Mingfan, it’s brother who made the mistake, okay.”

Qi Mingfan lowered his head and wiped his tears, and he twitched.

“Do you want Qi Yue to accompany you?” Qi Mingyu asked.

Qi Mingfan raised his head and looked at Qi Mingyu and nodded.

“You like Qi Yue? Because he taught you how to draw and give you some good food?”

Qi Mingfan nodded again.

“Mingfan likes to draw? You like Qi Yue’s food, right?” Qi Mingyu asked again.

Not surprisingly, Qi Mingfan nodded again.

“Qi Yue makes you feel warm?”

Qi Mingfan looked at Qi Mingyu puzzledly. Is he cold? But he nodded hesitantly.

Qi Mingyu smiled and sighed suddenly, “Let’s do it… Brother will take you to find him.”

Qi Mingfan’s eyes lit up.

“But you have to promise your brother one thing.” Qi Mingyu looked into Qi Mingfan’s eyes, “Also try to communicate with others, try to speak.”

Qi Mingfan paused, then nodded after a while.

“If you agree, you must remember the promise and don’t regret it.”

Qi Mingyu hugged Qi Mingfan and shook his body, “Good boy.”

Qi Yue in the small town never expected that as the New Year approached, he would receive such a surprise… or present?

When he received Qi Mingyu’s call, he was playing chess with Father Qi. When he saw Qi Mingyu’s call, he was so frightened that all the chess pieces in his hand fell.

Qi Yue looked at Father Qi’s dissatisfied eyes, pointed to the phone with embarrassment, and hurried out to answer the phone.

Mother Qi was knitting a scarf in her hand while muttering, “Why is this kid so big and still jumpy, hey.”

“Hello? President.”


Qi Mingyu’s low voice came through the phone.

Qi Yue’s little heart jumped, and he hasn’t heard Qi Mingyu’s voice for several days. It’s really…

“President, are you looking for me?”

At the otherside of the call, Qi Mingfan sat on Qi Mingyu’s lap, listening attentively to the phone. Qi Mingyu sighed helplessly, and said, “It’s Mingfan…”

“Mingfan? What’s wrong with Mingfan? Is he next to you?” Qi Yue asked a few words excitedly.

Qi Mingfan stretched out his small hand and patted the phone several times.

Qi Yue listened to the noise on the phone and asked uncertainly, “Is it Mingfan?”

“Yeah.” Qi Mingyu helplessly grabbed Qi Mingfan’s little hand, “He is right next to me.”

“Oh, Mingfan is good.” Qi Yue asked with a smile.

Qi Mingfan smiled, his eyes bright, Qi Mingyu helplessly held Qi Mingfan, and then cleared his throat, “Qi Yue, I called you to say… I don’t know if it is inconvenient, I want to take Mingfan to find you.”

Qi Yue: “…” There was a silence…

“Qi Yue?”

“Ah, ah… I’m here.” Qi Yue covered his chest, “President, what did you just say? Trouble you to say it again, I didn’t understand…”

Qi Mingyu’s eyes flashed helplessly, directly Said, “We have set a departure time, and it will probably arrive tomorrow. I hope you can pick us up at that time. I will trouble you.”

“Ah? No, it’s not troublesome.” Qi Yue said happily.

“Okay, let’s do it, goodbye.”

Until Qi Mingyu hung up the phone, Qi Yue was still in a daze. He didn’t realize what was going on. Now outside, when the cold wind blew, Qi Yue spirit came back, recalling the phone call just now. Holding his face in both hands, jumping on the spot several times, screaming silently-really? No way! No way! The male god is coming? The male god is coming? The male god is coming?

Wait… Qi Mingyu didn’t seem to say where he will to stay? But he said to trouble me, did he want to stay in my house? Qi Yue looked back at his small house in disbelief—two rooms and one living room QAQ…

Uh, let’s talk about it then.

He bounced a few more times to calm his mood, and Qi Yue jumped back inside the home.

“Dad, Mom, I have something to tell you.”

Sorry I skipped a couple days. It snowed on this side of the world and when that happens, does anyone else just don’t feel like doing anything. Like just laying down reading and watching the snow is so peaceful and calming. But I was also caught up in trying to finish this story then I got caught up in reading Naruto fanfiction too. Anyway I will put out another chapter today and maybe another one after that.