Chapter 15 RWABAB

“Qi Yue.” Qi Mingyu stopped Qi Yue, who was about to leave, “I have something to tell you, come with me to the study.”

Qi Yue paused, nodded, and followed him into the study.

“Sit.” Qi Mingyu pointed to the sofa.

Qi Yue sat on the sofa-this was his first time in Qi Mingyu’s study. There were so many books in it, the room was almost full of bookshelves.

“What’s the matter President?” Qi Yue asked.

Qi Mingyu sat on the chair opposite Qi Yue, with his legs folded, his brows frowned, and he said hesitantly, “Then I’ll just say it straightforwardly. After the vacation, you don’t need to come over to accompany Mingfan. “

“Of course during the vacation…” Qi Yue paused, suddenly registering.

Qi Mingyu took a deep look at Qi Yue, “I mean, after coming back from the vacation, you don’t have to come to accompany Mingfan anymore. Of course, I don’t mean that you don’t need to have contact, but I think Mingfan needs a new escort. I hope you can understand me.”

Qi Yue’s fingers on his knees trembled, and his heart was a little bit hurt. But he also knew that this was Qi Mingyu’s right and his freedom, so he didn’t have any say. He can’t refute it, he can only nod, “Okay, I see.”

Leaving Qi Mingyu’s villa, Qi Yue looked up at the sky. In winter, it is quite easy to darken and the sky is gray, just like his mood at this moment. In the same way, Qi Yue paced slowly, reaching out to gather his clothes.

He is a little cold.

In fact, this is nothing, but it’s just a little uncomfortable, because he really likes Qi Mingfan, and he really feels sorry for him. If another person is helpful to his condition, Qi Yue is willing to quit, and even if he is not willing, this is not something that he can choose. How to say, he is a little lost and a little confused, probably because he will have less interaction with Qi Mingyu.

Qi Yue sniffed, and sighed that he was really selfish-he liked someone and really wanted to see him every day, even if he didn’t know what he wanted.

“Qi Yue.”

The voice coming from behind interrupted Qi Yue’s pity party. Qi Yue turned around and found that Qi Mingyu’s car was behind him.

Qi Mingyu drove to the side of Qi Yue, the window was rolled down, revealing Qi Mingyu’s handsome face.

“Get in the car.” Qi Mingyu put his hands on the steering wheel, “I will take you back to school.”

Qi Yue hugged his arms and bent over to the car window, “No, I will go back by myself. Drive back by yourself…” 

“Get in the car!” Qi Mingyu interrupted Qi Yue.

For some reason, Qi Yue always felt Qi Mingyu was a little angry, so he stopped refusing, opened the door and got into the car, and then immediately put on his seat belt.

Qi Mingyu tilted his head and glanced at Qi Yue before starting the car and leaving.

No one said anything the entire way.

Under the door of the dormitory, Qi Mingyu stopped the car, did not speak, and did not turn off the engine. The heating in the car was still on, but the atmosphere was silent.

Seeing this situation, Qi Yue didn’t dare to get out of the car rashly and nestled in the front passenger seat like a quail.

After a long while, Qi Mingyu put out the fire, and only said, “Go on.”

Qi Yue glanced at Qi Mingyu inexplicably, nodded, “Then, President goodbye.” He opened the door and left.

In the corridor, Qi Yue glanced out through the corridor window. Qi Mingyu’s car hadn’t drove away. He couldn’t help but stop, standing beside the window concealedly, staring at Qi Mingyu’s car downstairs outside the window.

He doesn’t know how long it took before Qi Mingyu’s car finally drove away.

Qi Yue touched his chest, there was some random thoughts in his mind. After a long while, he dispelled these thoughts, turned and walked into the dormitory, but felt that his mood seemed much better.

In the next few days, Qi Yue has consciously extended the time of accompanying Qi Mingfan and taught Qi Mingfan more carefully how to paint. Although Qi Mingyu said that he would not be required to accompany Qi Mingfan in the future, it did not mean that he would not be allowed to contact Qi Mingfan. But Qi Yue also knew that after he ceased to accompany Qi Mingfan, they wouldn’t contact him anymore. They weren’t people from the same world. Why would they be connected again after that? Even if Qi Mingfan likes him and is willing to contact him, how long is the contact time? Feelings will always fade, and other people will appear in Qi Mingfan’s life.

Qi Yue sighed and touched Qi Mingfan’s little head-I hope you won’t forget me in the future.

Qi Mingfan raised his small head and looked at Qi Yue with his big black bright eyes.

Qi Yue smiled, “It’s nothing, come on, continue painting.”

Qi Mingfan moved his body, rubbed Qi Yue’s arm, and nestled beside Qi Yue to continue painting. Now his paintings are no longer a single line, although the form is not perfect, but the content is enriched.

Qi Yue watched Qi Mingfan’s progress from being able to paint nothing to the present, and to say he had no sense of accomplishment, would be a lie. Not to mention that he really taught him by hand.

Qi Mingfan held up the finished painting and showed it to Qi Yue-it was a doll with a big head, but it looked very similar to Qi Yue. At least he painted the characteristics of Qi Yue. Although it is ugly, it stilled amused Qi Yue.

“Mingfan’s painting is great.” Qi Yue couldn’t laugh or cry and kissed his relative Mingfan’s small face, and sighed that Qi Mingfan was really talented. Although he painted ugly, he could really tell who it was.

Next, Qi Mingfan seemed to be inspired and painted Qi Mingyu. The style of the painting is still the same, ugly. Qi Yue is even more troubled with holding a laugh. His ordinary painting looks like that. Forget it, Qi Mingyu’s appearance is so perfect that Qi Mingfan still painted him ugly. He really don’t know how Qi Mingfan painted it-is it that in his heart that his brother looks like this? Uh, saying that, I seem to have included myself.

Qi Yue was holding Qi Mingfan and his stomach hurt when he was laughing. He rubbed Qi Mingfan into his arms, “You are so cute, baby.”


At this time, the door of Qi Mingfan’s bedroom opened and Qi Mingyu was standing outside the door. Seeing the two people laughing happily, he raised his eyebrows.

Qi Yue unnaturally let go of Qi Mingfan-why is Qi Mingyu back? In the past few days, he specially selected the time when Qi Mingyu was away. Although the time spent with the two of them was slowly decreasing, he also wanted to see Qi Mingfan more, and also wanted to see Qi Mingyu more, but he felt a little awkward. So in the past two days, he didn’t think much about meeting Qi Mingyu. Generally, he would accompany Mingfan until he left and would never see Qi Mingyu. Who would have thought that Qi Mingyu would come back early today.

“What are you laughing at?” Qi Mingyu said first, as if not paying attention to Qi Yue’s embarrassment.

“Ah, it’s a painting by Mingfan, it’s very interesting.” Qi Yue lowered his head and pretended to be sorting out the paintings.

“Let me see.” Qi Mingyu walked in, sat next to Qi Mingfan, hugged Qi Mingfan’s small body, “Mingfan, show it to brother.”

Qi Mingfan obediently found the two paintings he had just painted and handed them to Qi Mingyu. Qi Mingyu took it with one hand and looked carefully.

Qi Yue looked at Qi Mingfan’s hand that Qi Mingyu stretched over, a little surprised.

“You painted this?” Qi Mingyu smiled and squeezed Qi Mingfan’s small face. “It turns out that your brother is like this in your heart, so ugly.”

Qi Mingfan wrinkled his little nose and snatched the painting.

Qi Yue smiled and watched the interaction between the two brothers. No matter when he watched it, it always felt very loving… When thinking like this, suddenly a small body snuggled in. It turned out that it was Qi Mingfan who hugged Qi Mingyu. The hand was knocked off, and he got into his arms.

The little guy is angry.

Qi Yue raised his head somewhat dumbfounded, and suddenly found that Qi Mingyu was looking at him with his eyes facing each other. Qi Yue looked at Qi Mingyu blankly, always feeling that Qi Mingyu’s eyes have an unspeakable mood.

Qi Mingyu took the lead to look away, and the atmosphere suddenly became stagnant.

Qi Yue lowered his head and touched Qi Mingfan’s head, “Is Mingfan hungry?”

Qi Mingfan touched his stomach and nodded.

“Then I will cook for you.” He let go of Qi Mingfan and hurried out of Qi Mingfan’s bedroom–wanting to escape from this suffocating atmosphere.

Although Qi Yue didn’t know why it became like this.

After Qi Yue left, Qi Mingyu suddenly sighed. He looked at Qi Mingfan obediently sorting out the paintings he and Qi Yue drew together, and suddenly murmured, “I really don’t know if this is right.”

Qi Mingfan raised his head strangely. He took a look at his brother.

Qi Mingyu smiled bitterly, “It’s nothing.”

This time Qi Mingyu sent Qi Yue away again.

But on the way, Qi Mingyu asked when Qi Yue planned to leave during the winter vacation.

Qi Yue thought about it for a while, and said, “I’ll probably go back as soon as vacation starts.”

“Yeah.” Qi Mingyu nodded, “Trouble me one thing, before leaving, can you not tell Mingfan? I’m afraid he will be emotional.”

“Ah, well, I see.” Qi Yue nodded .

“Thank you.” Qi Mingyu turned his head and glanced at Qi Yue.

Qi Yue scratched his head, “Nothing, it’s nothing.”

The day before the winter vacation, Qi Yue did not say goodbye to Qi Mingfan. Although he didn’t know if Qi Mingfan will be angry or blame him after he finds out that he left without saying goodbye. If he told him, Qi Mingyu would not be good at comforting Mingfan. Although after he left, Qi Mingyu still had to comfort Qi Mingfan, but at that time, Qi Mingyu would not face more problems with him being there. Probably like this with Qi Yue being gone matters will be more convenient.

Sitting on the train going home, Qi Yue recalled what had happened in the past six months. Suddenly he felt a little weird. Qi Mingyu and Ying Jincheng, these two are obviously not in the same world as him. He actually had a relationship with them, and had been together for such a long time, but after going back this time, they should start drifting away.

Qi Yue sighed and tried to ignore his own inner loss. He took out a notebook from his close-fitting backpack, opened it, and there were two pieces of paper in it that were obviously not from inside the notebook-they were the two ugly pictures that Qi Mingfan painted last time.

Qi Yue looked at the two people with the same style above and couldn’t help but laugh. At least in the painting, they are the same people, there will be no gaps and no separation.