Chapter 13 RWABAB

On Christmas Eve, Qi Yue received a Happy Birthday call from his parents. He received them from Xue Chengran and Yifan also along with gifts.

“You are mean, you didn’t tell me about your birthday, but Yifan told me.” Xue Chengran patted Qi Yue on the shoulder, “You don’t take me as a buddy!”

“Why, senior.” Qi Yue said hastily, begging for mercy, “I am too busy today, I didn’t have the time to say it.”

“Yes.” Xue Chengran looked at the layout of the venue, “Hey, after the venue is set up, nothing will happen with your art department in the evening, otherwise we will leave. How about we go out to celebrate your birthday?”

“That’s a good idea!” Yifan readily accepted Xue Chengran’s proposal.

“That’s not going to work.”

Before Qi Yue answered, he heard someone talking behind him. Looking back, Qi Mingyu and the two were walking from behind him, and it was Ying Jincheng who spoke.

The small flame of excitement that the three of them ignited went out with a chirp.

“At tonight’s party, all students from the student union must be present.” Qi Mingyu looked at the three of them calmly and said.

Qi Yue nodded, well, he didn’t really want to celebrate his birthday anyway.

“However, although you can’t go out and celebrate Qi Yue’s birthday, it’s the same if you spend it here.” Ying Jincheng said with a smile, “After the party is over, the students from the student union will stay alone to get together and give Qi Yue a birthday. ”

“No, no, you do not have to do that. “Qi Yue quickly waved distress – he did not want to involve so many people, it would be too overwhelming.

Ying Jincheng stretched out his hand and squeezed Qi Yue’s shoulder, “It’s okay. You are also a member of the Student Union. We can also take this opportunity to have fun. We haven’t had a chance before, so don’t care too much. “

Qi Yue still wanted to refuse, so Xue Chengran put his arms around his shoulders, “That’s great, Qi Yue, you agree so we can have fun together in the evening.”

“I asked people to prepare birthday cakes, and everyone can fun together in the evening. “Qi Mingyu said at this time.

“Look, the president has spoken, hehe, thanks to you today, our student union members will hold a party alone tonight!” Xue Chengran said with a smile.

Qi Yue raised his head and glanced at Qi Mingyu, then smiled awkwardly, “…then, okay.”

After Qi Mingyu’s group of three left, Qi Yue grabbed Xue Chengran and asked, “Will this be too much trouble for everyone?”

Xue Chengran smiled and said, “You think too much. Our student union members have been busy for the two holidays, Christmas Eve and Christmas, and there is no time to play. After the evening party is over, the student union people get together to have some fun. It’s no trouble to celebrate your birthday, so don’t be too burdened mentally.”

“Yeah.” Qi Yue nodded.

It’s no wonder that Qi Yue feels at a loss. When he grew up, he always spent his birthday with his parents, and he didn’t tell other people about his birthday. He didn’t say it and of course people did not take the initiative to ask. This time he has to let a lot of people accompany himself to celebrate his birthday, and they are all unfamiliar people. Everyone likes to party, and they don’t care who the birthday person is and just have fun. But Qi Yue still felt a little embarrassed.

When the cake was pushed in the evening, Qi Yue thought to himself, I’m afraid they don’t know who is celebrating their birthday. He thought this as he looked at the people cheering around. Sure enough, after Ying Jincheng pointed out Qi Yue, Qi Yue saw several people all suddenly realize it. Then, there were several calls of Happy Birthday’s. It was just a coincidence that his birthday was during their party. After that, it was time to divide the cake and play around.     

After the blessings, no one came to Qi Yue’s side. Everyone took advantage of this time to have fun. After all, it doesn’t matter who celebrates his birthday. The important thing is to take advantage of this opportunity to be happy.     

On the contrary, Qi Yue breathed a sigh of relief, carrying a small cake and nesting in the corner, concentrating on eating a small portion of his birthday cake.     

“Is it delicious?”     

Qi Yue raised his head with a spoon in his mouth, looking at Qi Mingyu in front of him and nodding blankly.

Qi Mingyu raised one eyebrow and didn’t realize how destructive his action was. Qi Yue sensitively discovered that several girls around him were covering their mouths and screaming quietly.

“That’s good.” Qi Mingyu said.

What do you mean?

Qi Yue blinked puzzledly, and suddenly remembered that Qi Mingyu had previously said that he would ask someone to prepare a cake. He lowered his head and looked at the cake in his hand. Is this what Qi Mingyu asked someone to prepare? Cake for himself?

Although it is not specially prepared for me, what should I do if I feel happy all at once.


Qi Yue was still immersed in the joy that Qi Mingyu prepared the cake, and found a slender hand in front of him, holding a small gift box.

Qi Yue raised his head in surprise, “This is…”

“Gift.” Qi Mingyu raised his hand and signaled Qi Yue to take the gift.

“…Thank you.” Qi Yue took the gift, pursed his lips-God knows how much he wants to laugh happily!

“I have prepared a gift too.” Ying Jincheng’s voice came from the side and said, “Yes.”

Qi Yue also accepted Ying Jincheng’s gift and said thank you.

“Don’t take a look at it?” Ying Jincheng said with a smile.

Qi Yue raised his head and glanced at Qi Mingyu, then at Ying Jincheng, “I…”

“Brother Mingyu!”

A clear and melodious voice came, and the whole venue seemed to be quiet for a moment because of this sound. High heels clattering the voice of a girl came, and Qi Yue followed the voice and looked over. The girl who walked over illuminates the whole venue. The kind of innate superior temperament makes everyone standing next to her feel ashamed and even more. Needless to say, the girl’s appearance is very good, and the friendly smile on the corners of her mouth makes it impossible to produce any jealousy.

“You are here.” The girl walked to Qi Mingyu, hugged Qi Mingyu’s arm very naturally, and then greeted Ying Jincheng, “Brother Jincheng.”

Ying Jincheng smiled and said. “Why has Shang Han came here?”

Shang Han wrinkled her nose, “Aunt Qi asked Brother Mingyu to take me back. We are going to have a party today. Did you forget Brother Mingyu?” Shang Han looked up at Qi Mingyu. “I asked a few classmates before I found you. Since the party is over, let’s go, don’t let auntie and them wait for a long time.”

Qi Mingyu was silent, and then nodded, and said to Jincheng, “You with Lu Lei…”

“Okay, the next thing will be left to the two of us. Today is the Qi family’s gathering, you should hurry over.” 

“Yeah.” Qi Mingyu nodded and let Shang Han pull him to leave.

Qi Yue’s hand holding the gift tightened. He watched Qi Mingyu’s grasped arm never pulled out from start to finish. His eyes were a bit dry, and his ears were full of other people’s gossip. He wanted to plug his ears. However, he listened to everything without missing a word.

“Who is that?”

“Don’t you know? That’s the young lady of the Shang family. She has been looking for the president these days.”

“Yes, I heard that she just came back from abroad and have been pestering around, after she transferred, our school president.”

“I heard that the two are interested in marrying.”


“Why not? You didn’t see how close the two people are, or why the lady from Shang’s family has been looking for the president for the past two days.”

“But… but the president doesn’t necessarily like her…”

“If he don’t like her, will he like you? Wake up, look at yourself, let alone your appearance, even your family background can’t match other people.”

Qi Yue felt a buzzing in his ears and his head was in confusion, but he didn’t miss a word as if he should listen. He thought, yes, wake up. He just gave a gift and thought how big he was. What are you doing so happy about this kind of thing?

After Qi Mingyu left, Ying Jincheng’s gaze was placed on Qi Yue. The joy in Qi Yue’s eyes shattered suddenly and the brilliance of the eyes dimmed. The whole person was like a dog falling into the water, softly lying down with no motivation to get up.

Ying Jincheng couldn’t help but touch Qi Yue’s head, “What are you thinking, hurry up and open the gift.”

“Ah?…Oh.” Qi Yue nodded, and took the lead to open Ying Jincheng’s gift-it was a pen. The pen is exquisite and beautiful, and it is very valuable at first glance.

“Thank you, senior.” Qi Yue held the pen, feeling a little heavy. He couldn’t afford this brand of pen.

Ying Jincheng smiled. Qi Yue didn’t intend to open Qi Mingyu’s gift, and didn’t say anything. He grabbed Qi Yue’s arm, “Shall we leave?”

Qi Yue was stunned for a moment-why are these words so familiar?

“Senior, you…”


After the two came out, Qi Yue reacted, “Senior, you said you can’t leave without permission. Now…”

“Eh? I told you that you can’t slip away. It’s okay for me, who made me the vice president.” Ying Jincheng blinked, “Besides, Mingyu is gone, it’s okay if we leave.”

Qi Yue was speechless, “Then what are we doing here?”

“Walk around and breathe in the fresh air.”

Qi Yue felt the cold and bleak wind at night, and his nose hurt a little from freezing air- he was again speechless.

Maybe because of Christmas Eve, there are no people on the campus. The night is quiet. Although it is cold, it is rare to so be quiet. Qi Yue’s heart slowly settled, walking slowly, his thoughts drifted away. It is almost half a year and he still remembered when he enrolled in school, he saw Qi Mingyu for the first time. Rushing to appreciate the beauty, watching carefully again and again, and then enjoying himself as if he was getting a great benefit. It should be the happiest time. There are no extra thoughts, pure appreciation, no approach, no intersection, and no current bitterness… The two people who originally thought that there was no intersection, they have been together for more than half a year, although not much was said, but enough so that Qi Yue’s mentality began to change. Even if Qi Yue gave himself hints and warned himself every day, he was just deceiving himself. How is his heart so easy to control?

Qi Mingyu is such a good person. How could he not like him when he came in contact with him at such a close distance. He said that he wanted to increase the distance, because he was afraid of being hurt, but what is the use of this? Qi Yue knows his mood. It’s not something he can control anymore-he really likes Qi Mingyu.